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Greenpeace calls for halt to federal coal leasing

902 days ago From The Hill    View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - A report released Monday by Greenpeace said that the environmental harm from the federal government's coal leasing program dwarfs the fees that ...

Greenpeace 'Arctic 30' ship leaves Russia

905 days ago From The Guardian   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - UNICEF Australia had welcomed its youngest National Ambassador Callan McAuliffe home to take a child rights message to music festival Splendour ...

Greenpeace, Inuit come together to fight Arctic seismic testing for oil and gas

908 days ago From Lethbridge Herald    View Archived Article

LETHBRIDGE, CANADA - OTTAWA – Greenpeace and the Inuit are joining forces to protest Arctic seismic testing, warning Ottawa that its plans to gauge oil and gas reserves ...

Greenpeace Says China's Energy Plans Exacerbate Climate Change

913 days ago From Sydney Morning Herald   View Archived Article

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Solicitor makes a splash for children's charity. Colin completes Great North Swim for The Palmer Children's Trust -> Read more at Chester Chronicle. ...

Greenpeace doubts validity of papers for Brazilian timber

915 days ago From EUWID Wood Products and Panels    View Archived Article

GERNSBACH, GERMANY - In its report “The Amazon's Silent Crisis” published in May, the environmental protection organisation Greenpeace decries what the organisation ...

Singapore logger continues peat clearance despite fire threat

922 days ago From Dominican Today    View Archived Article

PIANTINI, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Greenpeace evidence comes just a week after a new study shows ... after Greenpeace International identified links to the company in China. ...

Greenpeace Canada poll shows consumers want marine reserves

926 days ago From Undercurrent News    View Archived Article

TORONTO, CANADA - Meanwhile, 94% of Canadians want either fully or partially protected areas. Greenpeace Canada hired Stratcom earlier this year to conduct the poll. ...

Greenpeace activists block Chevron shale site in Romania

930 days ago From Planet Ark   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - The program is sponsored by the city of West Monroe, the Ewing Foundation, Entergy, Leon Miletello, Sidney Wilhite and the United Way. ...

Greenpeace: Stop use of chemicals to control 'cocolisap'

932 days ago From Business Mirror    View Archived Article

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Greenpeace: Stop use of chemicals to control 'cocolisap' ... Agriculture to address cocolisap, Daniel Ocampo, Greenpeace Philippines Campaigner for ...

Greenpeace urges Lego to end Shell partnership

937 days ago From The Guardian   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Just 10% of blind children in the U.S. learn Braille touch reading, the Nat'l Federation of the Blind says, because there aren't enough teachers. ...

Greenpeace expands supermarket scrutiny of tinned tuna

951 days ago From Click Green    View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Campaign group Greenpeace has announced a new phase in its effort to rid ... and record the brands of tinned tuna sold and the fishing method used. ...

After Greenpeace complaint, UK timber giant removes controversial Amazon wood from shelves

952 days ago From Mongabay.com   View Archived Article

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA - Even though not all of these volunteers were seeking full-time employment — with 15 million unemployed, the professional value of unpaid work could ...

French nuclear more costly than renewables by 2020: Greenpeace

953 days ago From Planet Ark    View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - St Joseph's Deputy Head Steve Hill has completed a marathon on Mount ... hero deputy head has gone to great heights to raise money for charity. ...

Greenpeace rejoices after getting huge renewable powerplant cancelled

953 days ago From Register    View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Greenpeace activists are celebrating today, after their protests led to the halting of plans to build a massive renewable powerplant which would have ...

Greenpeace expects to be granted access to northern Russian port of Murmansk

958 days ago From ITAR-TASS    View Archived Article

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Specialists and insurance representatives of international environmental campaigners Greenpeace cannot gain access to the north Russian port of ...

Greenpeace protest at Champions League final

965 days ago From Scoop.co.nz   View Archived Article

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Lisbon, May 24th 2014 -- A team of ten Greenpeace campaigners have been apprehended at the Champions League final before they were able to fix ... Flag as irrelevant Edit this alert You have received this em ...

Greenpeace ship arrives at Arctic drill site, Statoil rig just hours away

967 days ago From Planet Ark   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - “I used to be more quiet about charity work and just do it. But the more I talk about the restaurants, it helps business, and the more business I have, the ... Flag as irrelevant Edit this alert You ha ...

Greenpeace accuses controversial palm oil company and Cameroon government of illegal logging

971 days ago From Mongabay.com   View Archived Article

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA - TENNESSEE MOTORCYCLISTS TOP $105000 FOR PBTF http://pbtf.convio.net/images/content/pagebuilder/Middle_Tenn_280.jpg More... Flag as irrelevant Edit this alert You have received this email because you have subscrib ...

100 Greenpeace activists paint illegal hotel black on Spanish coast

978 days ago From allvoices   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Environmental campaigners from Greenpeace have painted the words "illegal hotel" on the fa=E7ade of a hotel on the southern coast of Spain on ... Flag as irrelevant Edit this alert You have received ...

Brazil laundering illegal timber on a 'massive and growing scale'

984 days ago From The Guardian   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Miss Universe Canada contestant Daylin Fergusson is raising money for Operation Smile through a yoga and brunch event this Saturday morning. Flag as irrelevant Edit this alert You have received this email because ...

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