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Save Kosi river corridor, save tigers: WWF

1077 days ago From Times of India   View Archived Article

NEW DELHI, INDIA - (AP Photo) NEW DELHI: Highlighting the importance of the Kosi river corridor in the Corbett tiger reserve in Uttarakhand, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said Sunday that the crucial pathway is facing a threat from upcoming resorts and hotels. ...

Earth Hour Reaches Space to Swaziland

1081 days ago From Scoop.co.nz   View Archived Article

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - The human population is consuming resources at a faster rate than ecosystems can regenerate them, ... need to believe they can make a difference, and act. ...

Climate talk for all involved

1083 days ago From Fiji Times   View Archived Article

SUVA, FIJI - THE Northern Division has welcomed initiatives that develop measurable climate change adaptation activities such as the Building Resilience Project by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) South Pacific Program. The two-day consultation on Building Resilienc ...

Brazil's forests at risk under proposed law, critics say

1087 days ago From Monsters and Critics   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Late last year, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) said that even if no changes are made to the current version of the bill, the new code will pave the way for the destruction of 76.5 million hectares of rainforest, a surface equivalent to ...

Clackamas school stepping up for the environment

1088 days ago From Oregon City News   View Archived Article

PORTLAND, OREGON - This entire week of activities and lesson plans begins on Monday, March 26, and leads up to a big =93Flip the Switch=94 celebration on Friday, March 30, at 10 am, a day before the global Earth Hour event hosted by the World Wildlife Fund. ...

Singapore top carbon emitter in Asia-Pacific: WWF

1091 days ago From Straits Times   View Archived Article

SINGAPORE CITY, SINGAPORE - SINGAPORE (AFP) - Singapore had the largest carbon footprint per head in the Asia-Pacific in 2010, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said on Monday. The environmental advocacy group said Singapore's 2010 per capita gross domestic product of more than ...

World's Children to Mexico: Protect Marine Reserve

1093 days ago From Fox News   View Archived Article

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO - EFE More than 12000 schoolchildren from 111 countries signed a petition urging Mexican President Felipe Calderon to safeguard marine life in the Gulf of California's Cabo Pulmo reserve, global environmental advocacy group World Wildlife Fund said ...

Environmentalists urge Mexico to cancel huge resort planned near coral reef

1094 days ago From Washington Post   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The World Wildlife Fund brought schoolchildren bearing the flags of 70 countries on Thursday to present almost 13000 signatures from around the world asking President Felipe Calderon to cancel permits, now held by a regional Spanish bank, ...

Rhino census to be held in Assam from March 15

1096 days ago From Zee News   View Archived Article

NOIDA, INDIA - The Assam forest department, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and International Rhino Foundation (IRF) have started a joint ptogramme for trans-location of the rhinos to Manas National Park in Assam aiming to attain a population of 3000 rhinos in ...

Nowhere to Hide: Tigers Threatened by Human Destruction of Groundcover

1096 days ago From Science Daily   View Archived Article

ELDRED, PENNSYLVANIA - 28, 2012) =97 The elimination of ground-level vegetation is bringing another of the world's tiger subspecies to the brink of extinction, according to Virginia Tech and World Wildlife Fund researchers. The Sumatran tiger, native to Indonesia, ...

WWF says reef too fragile for dredge spoil

1097 days ago From ABC Online   View Archived Article

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - World Wildlife Fund (WWF) spokesman Sean Hoobin says while he may support a price on dumping in the future, authorities first need to determine the potential impact of dredge spoil on the reef. "The most recent science, government science on Gla ...

WWF Says European Union is 'Failing the Forests'

1102 days ago From Hardwood Floors   View Archived Article

MADISON, WISCONSIN - The European Union is coming up short in stemming the flow of illegal and unsustainable timber into the confederated countries, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The criticism comes in anticipation of March 3, 2013, when the EU will enact t ...

Volvo Construction Equipment Commits to Reducing Carbon Emissions

1103 days ago From For Construction Pros   View Archived Article

FORT ATKINSON, WISCONSIN - Volvo Construction Equipment is the latest member of the Volvo Group to partner with the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Climate Savers program, an initiative that requires participating corporations to commit to cutting their operations' CO 2 em ...

Paper Industry Decimating Indonesia's Tigers

1104 days ago From Inter Press Service   View Archived Article

ROME, ITALY - ... of Sumatra's tigers, elephants, orangutans, rhinos, as well as indigenous communities, is threatened by the "world's fastest deforestation rate", caused by none other than the pulp and paper industry, according to the World Wild ...

Four Kaziranga rhinos to be released in Manas

1105 days ago From TwoCircles.net   View Archived Article

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - The IRV 2020 is a joint programme of Assam forest department, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and International Rhino Foundation (IRF) with the goal of attaining a population of 3000 wild rhinos in seven protected areas of Assam by 2020. ...

Kalimantan's forests are doing OK: NGO

1108 days ago From Jakarta Post   View Archived Article

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - In a recently released report, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia said that most types of forest in the Heart of Borneo were in good or very good condition, although several areas were under threat from businesses. Illegal logging, an excessive ...

President pledges to walk 30km

1109 days ago From Fiji Times   View Archived Article

SUVA, FIJI - Ratu Epeli made the comment during the official launch of the 2012 Earth Hour at the World Wildlife Fund office in Suva yesterday. Earth Hour is a global grass-roots movement encouraging individuals, businesses and governments around the world to tak ...

Elusive snow leopards thriving in Bhutan

1110 days ago From News24   View Archived Article

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - Washington - The elusive, endangered snow leopard is apparently thriving in a park in Bhutan, as seen in camera trap images released on Tuesday by the government of Bhutan and World Wildlife Fund. Over 10 000 pictures of the snow leopards were captur ...

Elusive snow leopards seen thriving in Bhutan park

1110 days ago From Chicago Tribune   View Archived Article

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The elusive, endangered snow leopard is apparently thriving in a park in Bhutan, as seen in camera trap images released on Tuesday by the government of Bhutan and World Wildlife Fund. Over 10000 pictures of the snow leopards we ...

Mexican Experts Push for More Renewable Energy

1110 days ago From Latin American Herald Tribune   View Archived Article

CARACAS, VENEZUELA - ... the private sector and civil society have unveiled the Mexican Initiative for Renewable Energy, or IMERE, which seeks to reduce subsidies for fossil fuels and shift public spending toward renewable energy sources, the World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, ...

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