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WWF urges govt to promote geothermal energy

1398 days ago From Jakarta Post   View Archived Article

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - With international community facing the imminent impact from the global energy crisis, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is warning the Indonesian ...

Persian Leopards to be Released into Reserve near Sochi

1399 days ago From RIA Novosti   View Archived Article

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - At the end of June, reserve officials and scientists together with representatives from the World Wildlife Fund chose a site for the construction of a temporary open-air cage. =93After the direct study of landscapes and fauna of the area, about three ...

Students support WWF initiative

1403 days ago From Gulf Times   View Archived Article

DOHA, QATAR - The students of Park House English School took part in a fund-raising campaign for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to mark the World Environment Day. During the event, the children raised QR9,700 and opted to 'sponsor' some 55 rare and endanger ...

Russian Loggers Put Survival Of "Sacred" Siberian Tiger At Risk

1405 days ago From Worldcrunch   View Archived Article

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - VLADIVLASTOK - The conflict between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and logging companies in the Russian Far East is reaching a new boiling point. ...

Protecting The Heart Of Borneo

1405 days ago From RedOrbit   View Archived Article

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - ... regional and global services and benefits,=94 said Anna van Paddenburg, Sustainable Financing and Policy Strategy Leader for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ...

High-flying Surveillance Drones Protect Wildlife from Poachers

1408 days ago From Audubon Magazine   View Archived Article

DALLAS, TEXAS - Scientists working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have created conservation drones=97unmanned aerial vehicles that can monitor remote areas for ...

Wild Siberian tiger photos captured in Jilin

1420 days ago From Xinhua   View Archived Article

BEIJING, CHINA - Funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Wangqing County Forestry Bureau has set up more than 100 automatic infrared cameras in the forest to capture ...

Saving the endangered, one step at a time

1422 days ago From Jakarta Post   View Archived Article

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Courtesy of WWFForty years after the world's first World Environment Day on June 5, 1972, the Indonesian government, in partnership with several conversation organizations including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Union for .. ...

Grant boosts Saint John River preservation plans

1425 days ago From CBC.ca   View Archived Article

TORONTO, CANADA - The Royal Bank is awarding a grant worth $500000 to the World Wildlife Fund's Living Rivers Initiative. The WWF said a few years ago that the Saint John River was in poor condition, mainly because of the way flows are managed. ...

Year Of The Rhino Aims To Save The Last Of The Species

1428 days ago From iScienceTimes.com   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - The World Wildlife Fund supports the initiative and said on their website, "There is an urgent need to decrease pressures on habitats and to establish a second Javan rhino population in a safer and suitable location." The government of Indo ...

More fears as poaching rises

1430 days ago From The Citizen Daily   View Archived Article

DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has urged Tanzania and other African countries to act urgently against increased poaching of endangered animals for their trophies. The call is being made amid revelations that elephant poaching in Tanzania is high ...

Tribals can help in forest conservation: Expert

1431 days ago From Times of India   View Archived Article

NEW DELHI, INDIA - COIMBATORE: Tribals living in the forests must not be compelled to leave their abode, AJT John Singh, well-known conservationist associated with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), said at a seminar organised in KCT college here on Saturday. ...

New Movie Boosts Campaign to Save Polar Bears

1450 days ago From Voice of America   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Suzanne Apple is with the World Wildlife Fund. "This area we are working on is called the last ice area in northern Canada, Greenland and Denmark. Our research shows this is the ice that will stay the longest" she said. "So we are hopi ...

Facing oblivion, our creatures great and small: WWF warns word risks losing tigers and dolphins

1451 days ago From Daily Mail   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - The World Wildlife Fund claims that the Earth's capacity for supporting life is being outstripped at such a rate that we will need the equivalent of a second planet to meet our needs by 2030. By 2050, close to three planets would be needed to mai ...

Hanging out for forest conservation

1458 days ago From New Straits Times   View Archived Article

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - But how many of us are willing to bungee jump for charity? ... an initiative under the World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with three countries -- Brunei, ...

We're failing on Maui's dolphin

1459 days ago From TVNZ   View Archived Article

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - To conservation groups like Forest and Bird and the World Wildlife Fund, the solution here is simple - set nets should only be allowed in water more than that crucial 100 metres deep. The NGOs would also like to see the current safety zone extended . ...

Whiz Kids Raise Money for Endangered Animals

1464 days ago From Patch.com   View Archived Article

WESTBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - Six students at Hastings Elementary School established a school-wide Animal Appreciation Day, raising over $500 for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help protect endangered animals. =93These girls set an example for other students that you don't ...

Mannville students help clean up the village

1464 days ago From Vermilion Standard   View Archived Article

VERMILION, CANADA - The students placed containers in each of the elementary classrooms and in the school office to collect spare change for the World Wildlife Fund. They collected $150 and were able to adopt six animals. The students chose the following animals to adop ...

New research to save Irrawaddy dolphins from extinction in Mekong

1464 days ago From Xinhua   View Archived Article

BEIJING, CHINA - ... conducting a new research with foreign experts on conservation of the Irrawaddy dolphin in the Mekong River, both in Cambodia and the trans- boundary dolphin population shared with Laos, the World Wildlife Fund said in a statement released Monday ...

Westborough students help to raise funds for World Wildlife Federation

1468 days ago From Community Advocate   View Archived Article

WESTBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS - By Bonnie Adams, Government Editor Young animal advocates (front, l to r) Clara Buttiglieri, Jhaymie Tungol and (back, l to r) Meghan Kincaid, Sophia Stilla, Julia French and Cynthia Zhang organized a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Federation at t ...

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