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Groups call for global shark protection

875 days ago From UPI.com   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The Wildlife Conservation Society and more than 35 government agency and NGO partners issued the call at the International Union for Conservation of Nature's World Conservation Congress in Jeju, a WCS release reported Tuesday. They say they want ...

Conservation Group Sounds Alarm for Asian Species

875 days ago From Our Amazing Planet   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - The Wildlife Conservation Society released a list of animals in danger of extinction, including tigers, orangutans, Mekong giant catfish, Asian rhinos, Asian giant river turtles and Asian vultures. The group said the problem could be solved by ...

New model to help coral reef conservation planning

878 days ago From Summit County Citizens Voice   View Archived Article

SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO - Heat-tolerant species living in areas with continuous background temperature variability have the best chance of surviving climate change, according new studies by the Wildlife Conservation Society and other researchers. These corals should be the .. ...

Madagascar Gets Biggest Lemur Park

894 days ago From LiveScience.com   View Archived Article

OGDEN, UTAH - Named Makira Natural Park, the area is larger than the state of than the state of Rhode Island, and it provides a habitat for the highest diversity of lemurs on the planet, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced. The park stretches over 14 ...

Flamingo Hatchling Takes First Steps At Bronx Zoo

896 days ago From Huffington Post   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - If you notice, mother and child are different colors. As the Wildlife Conservation Society explains, "Flamingos are hatched with white downy plumage but develop trademark pink coloration from pigments in the algae, crustaceans, and other inverte ...

Microbes, Sponges, and Worms Add to Coral Reef Woes

904 days ago From EP Magazine   View Archived Article

DALLAS, TEXAS - Microbes, sponges, and worms -- the side effects of pollution and heavy fishing -- are adding insult to injury in Kenya's imperiled reef systems, according to a recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Azores. The a ...

Taking Up a Mission to Protect the Birds and the Beasts

910 days ago From New York Times   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Well, how about one who runs the Wildlife Conservation Society, with its four zoos, an aquarium and conservation programs in 65 countries? =93My stature with the kids went up dramatically,=94 Dr. Samper said jokingly on Wednesday, his first day of wo ...

Rescued sea lion pup is given a new home

931 days ago From Hudson Valley Press   View Archived Article

NEWBURGH, NEW YORK - BRONX, NY - The Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo is now home to a young California sea lion that was rescued on the California on the coast of Avilla Beach, Calif. The female California sea lion showed up on the deck of a seaside bar dur ...

Pakistan's National Mammal Makes Comeback

939 days ago From Science Daily   View Archived Article

ELDRED, PENNSYLVANIA - ... National Mammal Makes Comeback. ScienceDaily (July 3, 2012) =97 The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced July 3 that the markhor -- a majestic wild goat species -- is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to conservation efforts. ...

Conservationists successfully hatch world's fourth most endangered turtle

961 days ago From Mongabay.com   View Archived Article

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - Dubbed the fourth most endangered turtle by a list of the top 25 endangered turtles by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Turtle Conservation Coalition, the northern river terrapin is currently found in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and .. ...

Elephant numbers halved in Central Africa in 5 years

965 days ago From Mongabay.com   View Archived Article

ELDRED, PENNSYLVANIA - Elephant numbers in areas surveyed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Central Africa halved between 2006 and 2011, hinting at the carnage wrought by the surging commercial ivory trade and demonstrating a need to boost protection efforts, . ...

Campaign aims to make bison official national mammal

977 days ago From KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News   View Archived Article

KALISPELL, MONTANA - The Wildlife Conservation Society, Intertribal Buffalo Council and National Bison Association are launching a campaign to make the North American bison the national mammal of the United States. The announcement coincides with the introduction of the ...

3 river otters born in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Zoo, first since 1956

986 days ago From New York Daily News   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - The Wildlife Conservation Society says the North American river otters were born in February. The proud parents are mom Dixie and dad Oogie. The pups are the first North American river otters born in a New York City zoo or aquarium since 1956. ...

Rare gorillas captured on video

995 days ago From Washington Post   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Wildlife Conservation Society researchers have captured video footage of the world's rarest gorilla using camera traps, providing a stunning look at animals that usually flee at the first sight of humans. Eight Cross River gorillas traveling acro ...

Africa's Rift Valley Saved by Parks

1000 days ago From Newswise   View Archived Article

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA - Newswise =97 NEW YORK (May 3, 2012) =96 A new book produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Albertine Rift Conservation Society documents how well-managed protected areas with good law enforcement have saved wildlife in Africa's Albertin ...

Bigger gorillas better at attracting mates and raising young

1002 days ago From EurekAlert   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Conservationists with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have found that larger male gorillas living in the rainforests of Congo seem to be more successful than smaller ones at attracting mate ...

Run held at Bronx Zoo in support of lion conservation

1005 days ago From 7Online.com   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NEW YORK (WABC) -- More than 5200 ran, jogged, and walked through the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo Saturday in support of lion conservation, at the fourth annual WCS Run for the Wild. The race is a 5K event to raise money to save lio ...

Baby Giraffe Now At Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo

1017 days ago From Long Island Press   View Archived Article

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK - By Jessica Sinclair on April 16th, 2012 A baby giraffe was welcomed into the official giraffe enclosure at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo! The female Baringo giraffe calf born in March at the Bronx Zoo and was just welcomed into th ...

Russian reserve created for Amur leopard and tiger

1018 days ago From BBC News   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) says it combines existing wildlife refuges and previously unprotected land along the Chinese border. But one expert said it was "too little, way too late" to save the Critically Endangered leopard. ...

Rescue Planned for World's Most Endangered Turtles

1022 days ago From Environment News Service   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Based at New York's Bronx Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society has developed a new strategy to prevent the extinction of at least half of the species in a 2011 report by WCS and other groups that lists the world's 25 most endangered turtles ...

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