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Beyonce Criticised By Animal Rights Activists For Super Bowl Outfit

537 days ago From Contact Music   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Beyonce Criticised By Animal Rights Activists For Super Bowl Outfit. Beyonce has been criticised by animal rights activists for sporting an outfit made from python and iguana at her half-time Super Bowl show on Sunday (03Feb13). The Crazy in Love ...

PETA promoting getting animals spayed, neutered

540 days ago From WACH   View Archived Article

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA - "They're about 8 million unwanted animals being dumped into our shelters every year, and about half of them have to be euthanized because we don't have room for them." PETA says just one unspayed dog and her offspring can produce 67 ...

PETA wins fight to end Possum Drop

541 days ago From Charlotte Observer   View Archived Article

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - Barring a change in state law, the annual New Year's Eve Possum Drop in the mountains of North Carolina will have to carry on without a live animal. The North Carolina Wildlife Commission filed for dismissal Thursday from a pending court fight ov ...

Chief Saunooke Bear Park Shut Down, Fined For Animal Cruelty Following PETA Campaign

543 days ago From Huffington Post   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - For years, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has vocally condemned what it said were cruel practices carried out by staff at the Chief Saunooke Bear Park. PETA members publicly protested the private zoo's treatment of its bea ...

PETA angered by Iranian monkey space launch

545 days ago From Digital Spy   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - Metro reports that PETA claims it was "appalled" by the images of the "visibly terrified monkey" in the Iranian state TV footage. The animal rights organization also added that the scenes harked back to the "darkest days" ...

Boxing kangaroo leaves circus for Connersville stop after PETA outcry

547 days ago From Indianapolis Star   View Archived Article

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - CONNERSVILLE, Ind. =97 A circus that became the target of animal rights activists over a plan to have a kangaroo box with a clown says its show will go on, but without its star marsupial. =93Rocky=94 the boxing kangaroo won't appear this weekend ...

Egyptian Surgeons Will No Longer Practice on Sheep, Thanks to PETA

549 days ago From Motherboard   View Archived Article

CAIRO, EGYPT - That is until August, when PETA donated three human-like "TraumaMan" chest dummies to the Egyptian Life Support Training Center in Cairo. Not only will the new mannequin-esque replacements help physicians prepare for the real deal, they are ...

Maggie Q Goes Naked for PETA and Climate Change

549 days ago From Ecorazzi   View Archived Article

MIAMI, FLORIDA - =93Nikita=94 star Maggie Q is partnering with PETA and stripping down to her skivvies to show how we eat can better the planet, save animals and battle climate change. As a vegan, Maggie feels she can protect the environment, and so can you. She is a ...

Florida Python Hunt Challenge 2013 Racks Up 21 Kills; PETA Not Happy

554 days ago From Latinos Post   View Archived Article

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Florida has its share of problems like any state, but there's one slithering menace that seems to rear its constricting head more often than not - Burmese pythons. In response to this invasive species, Florida is currently sponsoring a python hun ...

PETA protests bear zoos in Cherokee on heels of undercover video

557 days ago From Waynesville Smoky Mountain News   View Archived Article

WAYNESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - fr petabear Despite being warned not to return to Cherokee without tribal permission, animal rights activists gathered once again last Saturday in front of Chief Saunooke Bear Park waving signs and even donning a bear costume to protest the allegedly ...

PETA begs Obama to include hunting ban

558 days ago From Washington Examiner   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Wondering if the administration is "against senseless violence and slaughter, or it isn't," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is making an 11th hour pitch to President Obama to include a hunting ban in his gun control measures ...

PETA Offers Santa Barbara Residents Urgent Information for Safeguarding Animals During Winter Weather

558 days ago From Santa Barbara Independent   View Archived Article

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA - ... Offices and Increase Benefit Ceiling to Qualifying Families · Wilding Museum Gift Shop Grand Opening · more Releases ... Press Release Guidelines. Every year, PETA receives thousands of complaints about people who leave dogs outside ...

Gospel Singer DeWayne Woods Teams With PETA For New Ad

560 days ago From Singersroom News   View Archived Article

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Gospel Singer DeWayne Woods Teams With PETA For New Ad (Video). Njai Joszor 1/13/2013 10:29:39 AM. Gospel Singer DeWayne Woods Teams With PETA For New Ad Video. Stellar Award winning Gospel recording artist DeWayne Woods, best known ...

Patton Oswalt: A Stand-Up Guy for Chained Dogs

565 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - As harsh winter weather rages across the country, some of those facing the greatest risk are the dogs forced to live outdoors at the end of a chain, where they must endure some of the worst conditions that nature has to offer. Now, comedian and actor ...

Victory! United Airlines Stops All Shipments of Primates to Laboratories

565 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - Earlier this week, a representative from United Airlines phoned PETA to say that the airline will no longer transport primates for use in experiments anywhere in the world! In order to ensure that animal experimenters get the message loud and clear . ...

Dave Navarro Goes Bloody Nude for PETA

566 days ago From Celebuzz   View Archived Article

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - The Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist is the latest to go nude for the animal advocacy group's edgy new campaign. And Celebuzz has the exclusive first look at Navarro's ad and on-set behind the scenes video. ...

PETA objects to method of killing pythons

566 days ago From St. Augustine Record   View Archived Article

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA - PALM BEACH =97 Decapitating Burmese pythons =97 an approved method for killing the invasive snakes in the upcoming Python Challenge contest =97 is =93despicably cruel=94 and may violate state animal-cruelty laws, animal-rights activists say. People f ...

Victory! Obama Signs Defense Bill That Will Save Animals' Lives

569 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - Last year, people were outraged when PETA released disturbing, never-before-seen undercover footage showing live goats as they were stabbed, had their organs yanked out, and had their limbs broken and cut off with tree trimmers during a military ...

Bills DE Merriman teams up with PETA

570 days ago From Wall Street Journal   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Associated Press. BUFFALO, N.Y. =97 Buffalo Bills defensive end Shawne Merriman is showing off his tattoos as a model for PETA to encourage people not to wear natural fur coats. The animal rights group is unveiling an ad campaign Thursday featuring a ...

Bret Lockett Shows Some Skin for PETA

576 days ago From WebWire   View Archived Article

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE - Los Angeles =97 Former New England Patriots safety and current Las Vegas Locomotives defensive back Bret Lockett has been known to put some pretty mean hits on opponents, but he recently called a timeout to come to the defense of animals used for fur ...

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