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Anjelica Huston Named PETA Person Of The Year

474 days ago From Contact Music   View Archived Article

LONDON, U K - A Peta spokesperson says, "The actor sent her video to agency chiefs across the country, showing them exactly how great apes are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth and frequently beaten during training to perform in ads for compani ...

Harb accepts PETA award for his efforts to stop 'inhumanity' of the seal hunt

475 days ago From Ottawa Citizen   View Archived Article

OTTAWA, CANADA - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals presented the award to Harb Thursday morning for his efforts pushing legislation that would ban the hunt. Harb said that he initially opposed the seal hunt for economic reasons =97 many of Canada's ...

PETA takes on Pfizer and Merck for their animal testing policies

476 days ago From Independent Press   View Archived Article

SPARTA, NEW JERSEY - The national animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants stockholders of four major U.S. companies, including two headquartered in New Jersey, to end what PETA sees as animal abuse by getting their boards of directors to ...

Mass Graves Discovered at Marineland

481 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - PETA has been campaigning against Marineland for years, citing the park's abysmal conditions and the high mortality rate among young whales and dolphins. The park also has a long history of obtaining wild-caught beluga whales, dolphins, and orcas ...

Victory: Air Canada to Ban Shipments of Primates to Laboratories!

481 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA - Following pleas from PETA, other organizations, and members of the public, Air Canada first sought the CTA's permission for the ban last year, stating that the proposed ban was "both to align our policies with those of many other major inter ...

PETA and ALF take opposite strategies in anti-fur fight

483 days ago From Toronto Star   View Archived Article

TORONTO, CANADA - PETA will distribute 30 fur coats to women from four homeless shelters at John Innes Community Centre Thursday, hoping to send the message that only Toronto's most needy citizens should ever wear fur. =93We can't bring the animals back, but w ...

More Cities Banning Bullhooks!

483 days ago From PETA-press release   View Archived Article

DALLAS, TEXAS - Circuses are running into more and more places where they can't force elephants and other exotic animals to perform, as localities ban the use of bullhooks=97sharp metal weapons that resemble fireplace pokers=97and other cruel devices. Trainers u ...

PETA files complaint against SeaWorld San Antonio

491 days ago From San Antonio Express   View Archived Article

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - PETA submitted a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture against SeaWorld San Antonio after PETA said a visitor sent the organization photos, including this one provided to the media Tuesday Dec. 11, 2012, of a dolphin PETA says has ...

Evelyn Lozada reveals 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' PETA ad

491 days ago From Examiner.com   View Archived Article

DENVER, COLORADO - Evelyn Lozada has unveiled her first ad with PETA for the "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign. Revealing the winter themed ad Tuesday, which features her posing nude, Lozada says this is an important cause and she encourages ev ...

Baldwin's wife fronts PETA's 'Cruelty-Free Shopping' campaign

496 days ago From Times of India   View Archived Article

NEW DELHI, INDIA - Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria used her high profile image to promote PETA's 'Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide' campaign and fronted the launch event in New York on Wednesday. The 28-year-old yoga instructor wanted everyone to know where they ...

PETA squawks at Glendale circus

503 days ago From Glendale News Press   View Archived Article

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA - The smaller-scale operation doesn't have the big animal draws, such as elephants, but PETA pointed to the brief escape last week of a camel from the circus across from Glendale Community College in calling for immediate action. =93The potentially ...

Miley Cyrus celebrates her birthday supporting animal rescue

506 days ago From Examiner.com   View Archived Article

DENVER, COLORADO - Miley Cyrus celebrates her birthday supporting animal rescue. Miley Cyrus and animal rescue wishes for her birthday presents; November 26, 2012; By: Cheryl Hanna · Subscribe. Miley Cyrus recently encouraged her followers on Twitter to boycott ...

Miley Cyrus Gets Pig Named Nora From PETA For 20th Birthday

509 days ago From GossipCop   View Archived Article

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - =93PETA knew that sponsoring a rescued pig was the perfect birthday present for a young woman who spends so much time encouraging others to help animals,=94 executive vice president Tracy Reiman in a statement. She added, =93From promoting animal ...

Courtney Stodden's Sexy Thanksgiving Photo Shoot For PETA

511 days ago From International Business Times   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - It seemed that posing with the PETA T-shirt the most covered-up Stodden has appeared since she shot to infamy in 2011 for marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. In some of the pictures where Stodden is wearing the =93don't eat turkey=94 shirt ...

Paul McCartney Appears In Non-Turkey-Eating PETA Campaign

516 days ago From Ology   View Archived Article

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Less than a week away from Thanksgiving, a new PETA advertisement featuring Sir Paul McCartney appeared online, featuring the famously vegetarian former Beatle in an "Eat No Turkey" t-shirt with the message: "Say 'No, thanks' t ...

Wendy Williams to Strip Naked for PETA

516 days ago From The Root   View Archived Article

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Well, you knew Wendy Williams wasn't afraid to speak her mind. The only difference is that now, the outgoing talk show host will be doing it using her body instead of words. She's reportedly the latest celeb to participate in PETA's " ...

PETA Says No To China's Animal Testing

516 days ago From Global Animal   View Archived Article

MAINEVILLE, OHIO - Earlier this year, it was discovered that beauty powerhouses Avon, Estee Lauder, and Mary Kay had been secretly paying for Chinese officials to test their products on animals. Although companies in China are required by law to pay for tests on animal ...

PETA leads campaign to stop airlines from shipping research monkeys

517 days ago From Toronto Star   View Archived Article

TORONTO, CANADA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been spearheading a campaign to convince major airlines such as Lufthansa, American Airlines and British Airways, to stop the transportation of monkeys destined for laboratory experiments. The .. ...

Animal rights activists call popular horse carriage rides 'antiquated'

519 days ago From Medill Reports: Chicago   View Archived Article

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - The animal rights group opposes all horses in cities =97 that includes mounted units for police departments, said Ryan Huling, a representative from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Huling said mounted police units pose similar problems. ...

PETA Thanksgiving Billboard Asks Kids If They Would Eat Their Dog

520 days ago From Paw Nation   View Archived Article

DULLES, VIRGINIA - If your children are students in Reno, Nevada, they have probably seen PETA's latest campaign, which has been placed outside public schools. According to Fox News, PETA's billboard, which features a picture of a dog head on a turkey body, rea ...

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