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Backfire: How Misinformation About Wildfire Harms Climate Activism (Commentary)

Archived, 36 days ago From  

When large wildfires in the forests of the western United States generate dramatic headlines, it can be particularly tempting for climate activists to adopt negative messages about wildfire and link them with global warming as a means of building pub ...

Paper Giants Ex-staff Say It Used Their Names For Secret Company In Borneo

Archived, 36 days ago From  

INDONESIA - An investigation by Mongabay has uncovered new evidence suggesting one of the world?s biggest paper producers, Indonesia?s Asia Pulp & Paper, took deliberate measures to disguise its ownership of a controversial company engaged in deforestation. The ...

Rainforest Trust Partner Helps Stop Bauxite Mine

Archived, 37 days ago From  

SOLOMON ISLANDS - You probably have never have heard of bauxite. But you almost certainly use bauxite-derived products every day. ...

Palm Oil Firms Using Shadow Companies To Hide Their Links To Deforestation: Report

Archived, 37 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Major agribusiness firms are using opaque corporate structures to gain access to palm oil sourced from plantations operating in violation of their sustainability commitments, according to an investigation into the practice by a leading research group ...

Brazils Political Storm Driving Amazon Deforestation Higher

Archived, 37 days ago From  

BRAZIL - "We feel as if we're combatting an organized criminal gang," said Everton Barros Dias, head of forest monitoring for the Environment and Sustainability Secretariat (SEMAS) in the Amazonian state of Para. He explained how "impotent" he feels, as his a ...

Cerrado: Traditional Communities Win Back Land From Agribusiness Firm

Archived, 38 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Traditional communities in Western Bahia state, Brazil, have won a major legal victory, allowing them to remain on a tract of land claimed by Agroneg?cio Estrondo, a large agribusiness firm. ...

Nearly Four Decades Of Cycling Race Video Reveals Climate Changes Effects

Archived, 40 days ago From  

BELGIUM - Scientists in Belgium have used 36 years of footage from an annual bicycle race to pinpoint the time each year when leaves and flowers appeared on trees and shrubs, allowing them to chart the effects of climate change. ...

New Research Calculates Full Carbon Cost Of Oil Palm Cultivation In Indonesias Forests

Archived, 40 days ago From  

INDONESIA - New research comparing the carbon costs of oil palm plantations with those of rubber production finds that while oil palm cultivation is the more efficient process in terms of land use, it?s also responsible for much higher emissions and those losses ...

How Chocolate Saved A Community And A Protected Area From The Drug Trade

Archived, 40 days ago From  

PERU - Augusto Sangama confesses that, twenty years ago, his life was worth nothing. He believes others in the community of Huicungo in the San Mart?n region in northern Peru felt the same way, saying that if any of them had been killed, no one would have a ...

Irrigation And Development Pose Threat To International Status Of Narran Lakes

Archived, 42 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - A long-term UNSW Sydney study shows the impact of irrigation and development on the breeding of colonial waterbirds in Narran Lakes. ...

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