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Pay More Attention To Forests To Avert Global Water Crisis, Researchers Urge

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AUSTRALIA - Australia's Murray Darling basin covers more than a million square kilometers, 14 percent of the country's landmass. It's the site of tens of thousands of wetlands, but increasing demand for water has stretched its resources to the limit. ...

Bold Initiative Aims To Protect Coral Reefs In The Dominican Republic

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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The islands and atolls of the northern Caribbean are home to a vast constellation of coral reefs. The region harbors 59 species of hard corals, representing about 7 percent of the world's reef-building species. Very few of these species are found out ...

Mangroves And Their Deforestation May Emit More Methane Than We Thought

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AUSTRALIA - Mangroves, the dense tangled forests that buffer land from sea in many coastal areas of the tropics, are renowned for their ability to store carbon and help fight climate change. But new research finds mangroves may emit more carbon as methane than p ...

Solution To Oceans Plastic Waste Problem Starts With Product Design?

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FRANCE - Solving the problem of the growing amount of plastic in the ocean requires rethinking how we use and design plastic products, a group of scientists said at the European Open Science Forum (ESOF18) on July 10. ...

Extractive Industries Threaten A Million Square Kilometers Of Intact Tropical Forests Around The Globe

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FRANCE - According to a recent report, mining companies currently have claims on 11 percent of all intact rainforests left in the world, meaning 590,000 square kilometers (227,800 square miles) of pristine tropical forest ecosystems are at risk. That?s an are ...

Salamanders Have Tricks Up Their Sleeves For Weathering Climate Change

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Rising temperatures and drying air pose problems for plants and animals around the planet. Amphibians, with their permeable skin and inability to travel far, are considered to be among the most vulnerable to global warming. But new research published ...

Scientists Race To Create More Resilient Coral To Survive In Warming Oceans

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In a hurricane-proof lab miles down the Florida Keys, scientists coddle tiny pieces of coral from the moment they are spawned until they are just hearty enough to be separated into specimens equipped to survive in the wild. ...

How Will Climate Change Affect Bird Migration? Our Scientists Explain

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Science Showcase: we talk to BirdLife scientists about a recent paper they have been working on that has expanded our knowledge of birds and conservation. This time, our Chief Scientist Stuart Butchart explains a study that predicts what climate chan ...

Nestle Suspended From RSPO For Failing To Pay Dues, Submit Progress Rep

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INDONESIA - Food and drinks giant Nestl? was suspended from the world?s largest association for ethical palm oil production late last month and can no longer use the group?s stamp of approval to claim its products are sustainable. ...

Tropical Forests Suffered Near-Record Tree Losses In 2017

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BRAZIL - In Brazil, forest fires set by farmers and ranchers to clear land for agriculture raged out of control last year, wiping out more than 3 million acres of trees as a severe drought gripped the region. Those losses undermined Brazils recent efforts to ...

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