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Indigenous Amazonian Women Demand End To Extraction

Archived, 65 days ago From  

ECUADOR - Nearly 100 indigenous women of the Ecuadorian Amazon spent five days protesting outside the country?s Presidential Palace last week. They were demanding a meeting with President Lenin Moreno and to personally deliver their political mandate. Authorit ...

Cities Need Forests Too: A call For Forests Amid Our Concrete Jungles

Archived, 66 days ago From  

CHINA - Human beings evolved among trees. Even today, hundreds of millions of people live in and around forests, and depend upon them directly for their food, fuel, and livelihoods. ...

Climate Change Is Shrinking Mountain Hares Alpine Habitat

Archived, 67 days ago From  

SWITZERLAND - Global warming is making life difficult for the mountain hare in the Swiss Alps. As a result, they are becoming increasingly rare, an international study headed by Swiss scientists has revealed. ...

A Real Surprise?: Study Reveals Low Phosphorus Doesnt Hinder Rainforest Growth

Archived, 67 days ago From  

PANAMA - Scientists have long believed the lack of nutrients in tropical forests soils meant that they weren?t very productive when it came to plant growth. But at the same time, trees didn?t seem to grow any taller when fertilizer was added to increase soil ...

Zambia Endorses Its First Ever Climate Change Framework And Action Plan For A Protected Area

Archived, 68 days ago From  

ZAMBIA - Nsumbu National Park is located across the districts of Mpulungu and Nsama in Zambia?s Northern Province and falls within the biodiverse Albertine Rift region of East-Central Africa, covering an area of approximately 2,020 km2. Nsumbu NP hosts patche ...

New Kind Of Insurance Protects Coral Reefs At Risk

Archived, 68 days ago From  

MEXICO - A new type of insurance to protect coral reefs introduced at the 2018 World Ocean Summit in Mexico earlier this month has raised hope once again for the survival of coral reefs devastated by hurricanes and bleaching due to climate change. ...

Fears For Wildlife As Migratory Birds Fly In To UK Snowstorm

Archived, 69 days ago From  

U K - Second unseasonal cold snap could also harm insect and amphibian populations. ...

Climate Change Is Shrinking Mountain Hares Habitat In The Alps

Archived, 69 days ago From  

A warming climate will shrink and fragment mountain hare habitat in the Swiss Alps. Populations are likely to decline as a result, concludes an international study led by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) and t ...

For Climate Action To Take Hold, Activists Need More Than Just Polar Bears

Archived, 72 days ago From  

Type climate change into any search engine and the results aren?t difficult to predict: you?ll probably see a woeful polar bear on a shrinking patch of ice. Either that or cracked, parched earth. But a new paper published in Global Environmental Chan ...

Climate Change Risk For Half Of Plant And Animal Species In Biodiversity Hotspots

Archived, 73 days ago From  

ECUADOR - Up to half of plant and animal species in the world's most naturally rich areas, such as the Amazon and the Galapagos, could face local extinction by the turn of the century due to climate change if carbon emissions continue to rise unchecked. ...

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Defend our wildlife from the search for Atlantic oil

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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