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Alaska Refuge Cant Protect Its Wildlife From Climate Change

Archived, 40 days ago From  

Plummeting populations in a huge Alaska wildlife refuge might be caused by climate change and plastics. ...

Humans Are Pushing The Earth Closer To A Climate Cliff

Archived, 40 days ago From  

A new study examines potential climate feedbacks that could push Earth into a ?hothouse? state. ...

Women Lead The Charge In Healing Scars Of War In Mozambique Wildlife Park

Archived, 40 days ago From  

MOZAMBIQUE - Decimated by the civil war, Gorongosa national park is being coaxed back to life, and with it comes the promise of a brighter future for the area?s young girl. ...

How Land Is Stolen In Colombia

Archived, 40 days ago From  

COLOMBIA - Carmelo Marquez always has a reason to fight. Every day, he fights tirelessly to defend his rights and the rights of his territory: Montes de Maria, a subregion comprised of 15 municipalities within the departments of Sucre and Bolivar in northern Co ...

A Brazilian Mourns What Was Lost In The National Museum Fire

Archived, 40 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Forty years ago, in July 1978, neglect of Brazil?s culture and heritage by Rio de Janeiro?s public officials and business entrepreneurs resulted in the destruction of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM). Struck by a fire, it lost more than 90 percent of i ...

'Diaper Brigade' Fights A Chemical Crisis In Java's Rivers

Archived, 40 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Dressed in a hazmat suit with boots, gloves and a mask, Prigi Arisandi waded into a river north of Yogyakarta, a city in the center of the island of Java. The toxic mess he was planning to clean up from a river that locals still rely on for their wat ...

A Civic Outcry In Malaysia Forces A Chinese Builder To Live Up To Its Eco Friendly Tag

Archived, 41 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - On Jan. 1, 2014, fishermen near Kampong Pok, a village on Malaysia?s southern shore, were alarmed to find a fleet of barges and dredgers dumping sand on their fishing ground. Up until that moment, they?d heard nothing about land reclamation planned f ...

Fires Tear Through East Java Park, Threatening Leopard Babitat

Archived, 41 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Wildfires are sweeping across a savanna and protected rainforest in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in Java, home to one of the world?s rarest leopard subspecies and other threatened wildlife. ...

Diverse Family Of Algae Could Help Corals Survive Warming Seas

Archived, 41 days ago From  

Some corals stand a chance of surviving the current rise in global sea temperatures, a team of scientists recently reported, thanks to the diversity of their algal counterparts. ...

UN Treaty Would Protect High Seas From Over Exploitation

Archived, 43 days ago From  

The first significant steps towards legally protecting the high seas are to take place at the UN in New York. ...

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Climate change will bring more and more heat waves

Action: Climate Change

The heat in Malaysia often feels next to unbearable. For days on end, the sun is scorching and the heat is sweltering. That, ...

End Phosphate Mining in Manatee County

Action: Wildlife Conservation

The expansion of phosphate mining in Manatee County would threaten freshwater resources in the Myakka and Peace River watersh ...

Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection

Action: Stop Deforestation

The ongoing deforestation around the fringes of the Amazon may have serious consequences for the untouched deeper parts of th ...

Stop coal mining assault on this roadless forest

Action: Stop Pollution

President Trump has been clear since day one that he’s turning over the nation’s public lands and environment to King Coa ...

Defend our wildlife from the search for Atlantic oil

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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