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Tropical Deforestation Risks Undermining 1.5 Degree Warming Limit

Archived, 39 days ago From  

POLAND - The world has just 12 years left to halve greenhouse gas emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change, but hopes that a solution will come from saving the last great tracts of tropical rainforest are dimming. ...

Khat Farming Threatens Food Security, Biodiversity, Women, And Agroforestry

Archived, 40 days ago From  

ETHIOPIA - Agroforestry has been the major agricultural farming system in southern Ethiopia?s Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) regional state for millennia, passed on from generation to generation. ...

An Indigenous Community Rejects, Then Accepts, A Protected Area

Archived, 40 days ago From  

GUATEMALA - Riding in a small motorboat along the Atlantic coast of Guatemala, Francisco Cuz Acal looked over his left shoulder at the lush forest cover whizzing by. To his right lay nothing but open water. Straight ahead, far off in the distance, he could just ...

Trump Administration To Strip Pollution Protections, Harming Vital Wildlife

Archived, 41 days ago From  

List of waterways land users must obtain permits to pollute to be scaled back, which could also allow pollution in drinking water. ...

COP24: Trumpers Tout Clean Coal; Protesters Call It 'Climate Suicide'

Archived, 41 days ago From  

POLAND - Trump Administration representatives, impossible to embarrass and weirdly courageous, braved mocking laughter, blatant disrespect and even a walk-out on Monday as they reprised their surreal public performance of a year ago by promoting coal burning ...

Brazilian Regulators Deny French Oil Giant Total License To Drill Near Amazon Reef

Archived, 41 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Brazil?s environmental regulatory agency, Ibama, announced last Friday that it was denying French oil company Total license to drill for oil near the Amazon Reef. ...

Scientists Team Up With Indigenous, Faithful To Fight For Forests

Archived, 41 days ago From  

COLOMBIA - An alliance of scientists, development experts, indigenous peoples and religious leaders met late last month in Colombia to determine how church leaders can help drive environmental public policy in the largely Catholic country. The meeting was under ...

Climate Change Caused The "Great Dying," AKA The Planet's Worst Extinction

Archived, 43 days ago From  

The "Great Dying" was just as bad as it sounds. In the planet's worst mass extinction 252 million years ago, up to 80 percent of all species died out, including up to 96 percent of ocean species. Trilobites, sea scorpions, and spiny sharks disappeare ...

'There Are No Laws': Cattle, Drugs, Corruption Destroying Honduras UNESCO Site

Archived, 44 days ago From  

HONDURAS - While many people from Atlantida, Honduras, are attempting to escape desperate poverty and deepening political violence by traveling some 3,000 miles to reach the border of the U.S., a few years back, Julia* left Atlantida heading just around 100 mil ...

Amazon Indigenous Groups And Truckers Ally To Oppose Brazil's Grainrail

Archived, 46 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Dototacakire, known as Doto, spoke passionately to Mongabay about his opposition to Grainrail (Ferrograo). He is a leader of the Kayapo people from the Bau Indigenous Territory on the banks of the Iriri River in southern Para state, Brazil deep in th ...

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