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As Japan burns more coal, climate policies under pressure

Archived, 6 days ago From reuters.com 

New York, NEW YORK - Once at the forefront of the fight against global warming, Japan is now facing calls from other big economies such as China to set fresh emissions targets as Tokyo increases its use of dirty coal energy to replace nuclear.

Japan is t ...

Climate change in the Himalayas a reality

Archived, 6 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Gurgaon, INDIA - Experts have concluded that the impact of climate change in the Himalayas is being felt on the lives of people and wildlife in the region.

The observation was made in the final report of the international conference on development, bio ...

Huge swath of forest in Indonesian Borneo slated for clearing by 'sustainable' company

Archived, 8 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - A major wood fiber concession has moved ahead on developing a sizable chunk of forest in one of Indonesia’s most vulnerable provinces before a formal conservation assessment of the land could be completed, Greenomics Indonesia reports.


Air pollution causing discolouration of Taj Mahal

Archived, 8 days ago From hindustantimes.com 

New Delhi, INDIA - Air pollution is fast leading to the discolouration of the Taj Mahal, Agra’s famous white-marble monument of love, a study by two scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) has claimed.

In a year-long programme, profess ...

Chinese government investigates 'cancer village' pollution case

Archived, 8 days ago From theguardian.com 

Lodon, U K - Chinese authorities have begun investigating a shocking case of industrial pollution in central China’s Hunan province, in which runoff from an aluminium plant’s illegal landfill allegedly gave at least 10 local villagers cancer.

Pollu ...

Over 5 trillion plastic particles floating in world's oceans, finds study

Archived, 8 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Gurgaon, INDIA - Over 5.25 trillion plastic particles, with a combined weight of 269,000 tons may be floating in the world's oceans, according to a new study that collected data from all major oceans and seas in the world. Over the years waste plastic accumulates in ...

Deforestation puts cultural survival of forest-dependent peoples at risk

Archived, 8 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Forest-dependent peoples face grave threats from deforestation and other depredations, warns a new report that urges greater recognition of traditional land use and support of community-led initiatives to fight forest loss.

The report ...

The Amazon oil spills overlooked by environmental leaders in Lima

Archived, 9 days ago From .theguardian.com 

London, U K - It is a disaster hidden from the environmental leaders gathered inside the walls of a military compound in Lima on a mission to fight climate change.

Over the last few months – as Peru helped guide the United Nations climate negotiatio ...

Antarctic Ice Sheet is Losing Ice Equivalent to Mount Everest Every 2 Years

Archived, 9 days ago From techtimes.com 

New York, NEW YORK - The melting of West Antarctica's ice sheets is worse than previously believed. An analysis of 21 years' worth of data reveals that every two years, the region loses volume of ice comparable to that of Mount Everest.

By analyzing data f ...

Brazil’s taps run dry as deforestation worsens

Archived, 9 days ago From the-japan-news.com 

Tokyo, JAPAN - Vera Lucia de Oliveira looks to the sky, hoping for any sign of rain.

For weeks, the taps in her home have run dry as Sao Paulo has suffered its worst drought in eight decades, with rainfall at one-third the normal level. Without heavy ...

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Bangladesh begins oil clean-up with sponges and sacks

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Endangered juvenile sharks migrate into unprotected waters

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The movements of a young female Hammerhead Shark have been tracked for the first time, revealing vulnerable gaps in the prese ...

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