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Australia allocates multi-billion massive plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef

Archived, 5 days ago From Imelda V. Abano 

Quezon City, PHILIPPINES - In a bid to keep the Great Barrier Reef out of the World Heritage "in danger" list, the Australian government over the weekend released its massive long-term sustainability plan to secure the health and resilience of the reef, one of the natural wond ...

Records melt across inland Australia in unusual March heat

Archived, 5 days ago From smh.com.au 

Sydney, AUSTRALIA - A prolonged burst of heat across inland Australia earlier this month set late-season records at dozens of weather sites and will probably have worsened drought conditions, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Australia posted its second hot ...

Pollutants created by climate change are making airborne allergens more potent

Archived, 6 days ago From time.com 

New York City, NEW YORK - If you think your seasonal sneezing, wheezing and sniffling is getting worse, you aren’t simply imagining it.

Currently, some 50 million or so Americans suffer from nasal allergies, but the number is going up, and researchers from the ...

China declares war on pollution

Archived, 6 days ago From nationalinterest.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The air in China is so bad that it is impossible to ignore. It is the first thing one notices upon landing in most Chinese cities when arriving from abroad. It determines whether or not people are willing to go outside. It is something that is moni ...

37,000 million litres of sewage flows into rivers daily

Archived, 6 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - Events around World Water Day, which is marked every year on March 22, may remind everyone about the implications of dwindling water reserves due to population pressure and pollution but the message is, somehow, lost in absence of adequate action on ...

Brazil’s deforestation rates are on the rise again

Archived, 6 days ago From newsweek.com 

New York, NEW YORK - In a world hungry for environmental success stories, Brazil has been the closest thing we have to a golden child. The nation, Latin America’s largest economy, has been growing at an impressive clip, weathering the global financial crisis while cuttin ...

The clean-energy project that could harm endangered killer whales

Archived, 6 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Energy generated by underwater turbines can replace power created by burning gas, coal, and oil, which is the leading cause of global warming. But could it also harm marine wildlife even as its helps to save them from the effects of climate change?

Smog-choked Metropolis kicks half of cars off the road

Archived, 6 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Thanks to noxious air pollution, the City of Light isn’t exactly living up to its nickname these days. A thick blanket of smog has been obscuring views of famous Paris landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and clogging the lungs of inhabitants and touri ...

Tony Abbott unveils plan to save Great Barrier Reef

Archived, 6 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Australia has submitted its long-term plan to arrest the decline of the Great Barrier Reef, with Tony Abbott stressing to the international community that the government is “utterly committed” to the reef’s preservation.

The Reef 2050 ...

Obama administration puts out fracking rules for us federal lands

Archived, 8 days ago From smh.com.au 

Sydney, AUSTRALIA - The Obama administration issued its first major fracking rules Friday with standards for wells on US federal and Indian lands, requiring disclosure of chemicals and covered storage of waste.

While the vast majority of hydraulic fractur ...

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