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Ganga water unfit for bathing at Allahabad, Varanasi

Archived, 12 days ago From Times of India 

New Delhi, INDIA - The water quality of Ganga river at Allahabad and Varanasi, two holy places where millions take a dip, is most unfit for bathing purposes, the Centre informed the Supreme Court.

Water becomes unfit for bathing if the biochemical oxygen ...

Mining threatens to eat up northern Europe’s last wilderness

Archived, 13 days ago From The Guardian 

London, U K - Great stretches of Europe’s last wildernesses risk being damaged and polluted as the international mining industry gears up to develop northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway in search of uranium, iron ore, nickel, phosphorus, and valuable rare earth mi ...

Abbot Point port developers to ditch Great Barrier Reef seabed dumping plan

Archived, 14 days ago From The Guardian 

London, U K - A plan to dump 5m tonnes of seabed sediment into the Great Barrier Reef marine park is set to be ditched following an outcry from environmentalists and some scientists.

The developers of the Abbot Point port, near the Queensland town o ...

Join Bid to Save Mt Elgon Forest

Archived, 14 days ago From All Africa 

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - The Devolution and the Special Programs ministries have partnered with World Bank to launch an initiative to save the Mt Elgon water tower. The forest is facing imminent destruction.

Speaking during the launch of a tree-planting ceremo ...

Realtor builds road through 'sacred' Mangar forest near Delhi

Archived, 15 days ago From Times of India 

New Delhi, INDIA - A real estate company has allegedly built a road in the forest near the sacred grove of Mangar Bani off the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway, felling at least 45 trees in the process and dumping mounds of soil in the ecologically sensitive Aravali zone.

Rehabilitating Mangroves in the Philippines

Archived, 15 days ago From zsl.org 

London, U K - Mangrove forests are one of the most severely threatened and undervalued ecosystems on Earth. They provide a wide variety of ecosystem services currently valued globally at US$1.6 billion. For many coastal communities, mangrove ecosystems provide liv ...

Thailand plans highway expansion through World Heritage Site

Archived, 17 days ago From Mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Spanning 230 kilometers (143 miles) and comprising more than half a million hectares westward from the Cambodian border lies Dong-Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex (DPKY-FC), the largest tract of surviving forest in central Thailand. Renowned for its ...

More trouble with tar sands: oil extraction leading to big forest loss in Alberta

Archived, 17 days ago From Mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - In a YouTube video posted Monday, Leonardo DiCaprio challenged Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper to the Ice Bucket Challenge. While helping to fund research efforts for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), DiCaprio’s video seemed to also have an ...

Authorities stop 'greatest destroyers of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest'

Archived, 18 days ago From Mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - A criminal organization involved in the illicit deforestation of large portions of Brazil's forests has been stopped. At least six members of the organization, described by authorities as the “the greatest destroyers of the Brazilian Amazon rainfores ...

New coal power stations threat to EU’s emissions target

Archived, 18 days ago From The Guardian  

London, U K - New coal power stations designed to burn Europe’s massive deposits of lignite pose a serious threat to the continent’s decarbonisation efforts, according to figures released on Wednesday.

Analysts from Greenpeace’s Energydesk compiled ...

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Tibet's glaciers at their warmest in 2,000 years: Report

Action: Climate Change

The Tibetan plateau, whose glaciers supply water to hundreds of millions of people in Asia, were warmer over the past 50 year ...

Six suspected poachers arrested in Mozambique dawn raid

Action: Wildlife Conservation

Six suspected poachers were arrested in Marrupa, Mozambique on Sunday 7 September in a joint operation conducted by the Mecul ...

Brazil's planned Tapajós dams would increase Amazon deforestation by 1M ha

Action: Stop Deforestation

A plan to build a dozen dams in the Tapajós river basin would drive the loss of an additional 950,000 hectares of rainforest ...

99 per cent of Sweden's waste is now reused

Action: Stop Pollution

Around 99 per cent of Sweden's garbage is now recycled and the country is so efficient at managing waste they are importing i ...

Japan leads opposition to establishing marine sanctuary for whales

Action: Save Our Oceans

The fate of a proposed 50m sq miles sanctuary for migratory whales was hanging in the balance on Monday night after objection ...

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