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The Atlantic Ocean is acidifying at a rapid rate

Archived, 5 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Over the past 10 years, the Atlantic Ocean has soaked up 50 percent more carbon dioxide than it did the decade before, measurably speeding up the acidification of the ocean, according to a new study.

The paper published Saturday in the ...

Corals grown in labs help restore critically endangered reefs

Archived, 5 days ago From natureworldnews.com 

Jacksonville, FLORIDA - For the first time, researchers have successfully raised laboratory-bred colonies of a Caribbean coral species to sexual maturity. The hope, they say, is to restore and repopulate threatened reefs.

This revolutionary initiative was led ...

EU-funded deforestation clampdown in Africa ‘flawed’

Archived, 5 days ago From climatechangenews.com 

Toronto, CANADA - Germany, Norway and bodies like the World Bank are using a model dating back to the creation of the US’ Yellowstone National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Liberia.

That might work for uninhabited wilderness, an NGO t ...

Good news on rain forests: they bounce back strong, storing more carbon than thought

Archived, 5 days ago From theconversation.com 

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - When you cut and burn a tropical forest, you’re left with a barren plain of cracked red mud, incapable of supporting life – the opposite of the teeming, hyperdiverse array of life that was destroyed. Once the trees are gone, the nutrients wash away a ...

China tackles smog with help from the World Bank

Archived, 6 days ago From dailymail.co.uk 

London, U K - China's capital has become notorious for its smog but the biggest contributors to local air pollution are industrial furnaces, district heating systems, residential fires and trucks rather than power plants.

Industrial firms, heating p ...

New deforestation hotspot threatens southern Peru’s tremendous biodiversity

Archived, 6 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - The lower Las Piedras River, in the far west Amazon rainforests of the Madre de Dios region of southern Peru, is an incredibly biodiverse area — but it’s also the site of an increasing amount of deforestation.

The headwaters of the Las ...

Reducing HS2 train speed would cut emissions and noise, report finds

Archived, 6 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - A small reduction in the top speed of trains on the planned high-speed line between London and Birmingham would increase journey times by just 4.5 minutes, but would massively reduce carbon emissions and noise, independent analysts have told MPs scru ...

Community and environmental groups sue the EPA to remove refineries' “Free Pass To Pollute”

Archived, 6 days ago From earthjustice.org 

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - Community and environmental groups, represented by Earthjustice, filed a lawsuit on Feb. 1, 2016, against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, charging the agency with allowing unlawful regulatory loopholes that will expose communities to unnece ...

Climate change will remove birds' control over hatching eggs

Archived, 6 days ago From smh.com.au 

Sydney, AUSTRALIA - It's an odd quirk of nature that birds - even chickens - typically lay just one egg a day, and many species rely on all the eggs in the clutch hatching on the same day.

Parent birds control incubation by modifying the temperature that ...

India could be experiencing warmest ever winter

Archived, 7 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - With temperatures remaining above normal since November, this winter could well be the warmest ever recorded not only in North India, but across the country.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) director general Laxman Singh Rathore s ...

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Undersea noise from container ships, oil tankers, and cargo ships may be drowning out communications among the endangered orc ...

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