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Shell's Arctic drilling hits a walrus-shaped wall

Archived, 3 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - An obscure wildlife protection measure put a dent in Shell’s Arctic dreams on Tuesday, as federal officials told the company it would not be allowed to prospect for oil simultaneously at two sites in nine miles apart in the Chukchi Sea, as it had re ...

Supreme Court overturns landmark EPA air pollution rule

Archived, 3 days ago From thehill.com 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Obama administration’s landmark air quality rule on Monday, ruling the Environmental Protection Agency did not properly consider the costs of the regulation.

In a 5-4 ruling, the justices ruled tha ...

Melting Arctic sea ice could be disrupting the oceans’ circulation—with major consequences

Archived, 3 days ago From washingtonpost.com 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - We already know that melting sea ice in the Arctic is bad news. Less ice means less habitat for animals like polar bears, and it also means there are fewer reflective surfaces in the North to bounce sunlight back into space, allowing the planet to ab ...

US supreme court strikes down Obama's EPA limits on mercury pollution

Archived, 3 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - The US supreme court struck down new rules for America’s biggest air polluters on Monday, dealing a blow to the Obama administration’s efforts to set limits on the amount of mercury, arsenic and other toxins coal-fired power plants can spew into the ...

Fight against deforestation failing, says WWF

Archived, 4 days ago From supplymanagement.com 

London, U K - Of the 14 nations included in a new study, by WWF and think tank Climate Advisers, only Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have set targets to succeed by 2020, the target advocated by WWF.

Papua New Guinea and The Democratic Republi ...

‘China paved paradise’ - marine expert

Archived, 4 days ago From thenational.ae 

Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Concern is mounting among some scientists that China's reclamation work in the disputed Spratly archipelago of the South China Sea has done severe harm to one of the most important coral reef systems in Southeast Asia.

China's use of d ...

Subic Bay stakeholders plant 7,000 trees on Arbor Day

Archived, 4 days ago From businessmirror.com.ph 

Makati City, PHILIPPINES - More than 500 workers here and volunteers from neighboring communities joined hands on Thursday to plant some 7,000 tree saplings in what was hailed as the first-ever celebration of Arbor Day in this free port.

Forester Patrick Escusa, ...

Brazil to boost beef productivity by 82% to protect Amazon

Archived, 4 days ago From bloomberg.com 

New York, NEW YORK - Brazil, which was overtaken last year by India as the world’s biggest beef exporter, is encouraging cattle farmers to boost productivity around the Amazon rain forest as it balances environmental protection with economic production.

Th ...

Network of cities committing to 100 per cent renewable energy planned

Archived, 4 days ago From thehindu.com 

Chennai, INDIA - The World Wind Energy Association plans to create a network of cities in different countries that are committing to go in for 100 per cent renewable energy, secretary general of the association Stefan Graenger told The Hindu here recently.

80% of India’s surface water may be polluted, report by international body says

Archived, 4 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - Even as India is making headlines with its rising air pollution levels, the water in the country may not be any better. An alarming 80% of India's surface water is polluted, a latest assessment by WaterAid, an international organization working for w ...

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Polar bears threatened by climate change

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Wilmar, Musim Mas supplier still destroying forest for oil palm in Indonesia's Leuser ecosystem

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A supplier of palm oil giants Wilmar and Musim Mas has continued to bulldoze valuable forest in Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem ...

Tell EPA to protect all bees from toxic pesticides

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The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a new rule to create temporary "pesticide-free zones" when commercial honeyb ...

Global warming destroying the marine life; scientists recommend instant control of CO2 emission

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Scientists are questioning that due to inflating levels of global warming, oceans are going to face dire consequences in the ...

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