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Saving forests is more effective than planting new trees

Archived, 4 days ago From environmentalresearchweb.org 

Bristol, U K - Reducing deforestation is much more effective at climate-change mitigation than afforestation. That's according to researchers who have, for the first time, estimated the net carbon uptake from deforestation or afforestation by accounting for both ni ...

Forests are shrinking

Archived, 4 days ago From timesofmalta.com 

Valletta, MALTA - Farms, roads and towns are fast slicing up the world’s wilderness, leaving 70 per cent of the world’s remaining forested land less than one kilometre from a forest edge, a US-led study showed.

The report, by two dozen researchers on fi ...

Paris emergency measures to combat smog hailed as a success

Archived, 4 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Emergency measures introduced in Paris to halve the number of vehicles on the roads after a noxious smog descended on the French capital have been hailed as a success.

Police said the measures had reduced traffic jams in and around Par ...

The Great Barrier Reef is under siege

Archived, 4 days ago From washingtonpost.com 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef may become irreparably damaged in the coming decades due to traumas caused by both nature and humans, leading scientists say.

The dire warning comes in response to plans by the Australian governmen ...

Australia provides $78m to protect the Great Barrier Reef

Archived, 4 days ago From mining-technology.com 

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - Australia has announced an additional A$100m ($78m) of funding for the Great Barrier Reef Trust in a bid to support the implementation of the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan.

This latest funding will be used to tackle key chall ...

The oceans are filling with plastic, profoundly affecting sea life

Archived, 5 days ago From afr.com 

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - For the first time, scientists have estimated how much of the plastic in the ocean comes from the land, as opposed to that from ships and fishing vessels. A study recently published in the journal Science calculates that 8 million tons of plastic tra ...

Fracking gets federal controls at last

Archived, 5 days ago From sfchronicle.com 

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - The oilfield drilling process known as fracking churns up angry reactions in an instant. That’s why the Obama administration’s four-year hunt for the right mix of controls is both important and delicate.

The result is a cautious and wo ...

Beijing to shut all major coal power plants to cut pollution

Archived, 5 days ago From bloomberg.com 

New York, NEW YORK - Beijing, where pollution averaged more than twice China’s national standard last year, will close the last of its four major coal-fired power plants next year.

The capital city will shutter China Huaneng Group Corp.’s 845-megawatt powe ...

The great Arctic decline: another sea ice record broken

Archived, 5 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Every winter, sea ice in the Arctic expands, providing vital habitat for birthing seals, hunting polar bears, and foraging walruses. But as the Arctic has warmed faster than any place on the planet—due climate change caused by burning fossil fuels—se ...

World's fragmented forests are deteriorating

Archived, 5 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - The world's forests are fragmented and deteriorating, states a new paper published in Science Advances. After analyzing satellite imagery and compiling data from long-term fragmentation studies, the authors conclude that 70 percent of remaining fores ...

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