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Chile Renews Contract With Lithium Company Criticized For Damaging Wetland

Archived, 20 days ago From  

CHILE - In the heart of the driest desert in the world, a company currently sanctioned for half a dozen environmental infractions continues to mine reserves of one of the most coveted commodities on Earth. ...

After The Loss Of A Ship, Deep Sea Mining Plans For PNG Founder

Archived, 20 days ago From  

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - An ambitious plan to mine precious minerals from the ocean floor off the coast of Papua New Guinea looks to have run aground due to the developer?s financial problems. ...

As Seas Warm, Galapagos Islands Face A Giant Evolutionary Test

Archived, 20 days ago From  

ECUADOR - When the clouds break, the equatorial sun bears down on the crater of this steaming volcano, revealing a watery landscape where the theory of evolution began to be conceived. ...

Social Media, E-Commerce Sites Facilitate Illegal Orchid Trade

Archived, 23 days ago From  

Reports of illegal trafficking in elephant ivory or rhino horn abound, but plants are actually more frequent victims of the illicit trade than wildlife. In fact, roughly 30,000 of the 35,000 species covered by the Convention of International Trade in ...

Land Trafficking In Peru: Officials Arrested For Falsifying Documents

Archived, 23 days ago From  

PERU - The Ucayali region, one of the Peruvian Amazon?s most deforested areas according to the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP), has an ever-growing land trafficking problem. There is increasing evidence that business owners, illegal loggers, ...

Amazon Forests Not Changing Fast Enough To Keep Up With Climate Change: Study

Archived, 25 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Frequent droughts are changing the assortment of trees in Amazon basin ecosystems, with water-loving varieties slowly being replaced by more drought-resistant species. However, the forests are not adapting fast enough, and are failing to keep pace wi ...

Deforestation And Mining Threaten A Monarch Butterfly Reserve In Mexico

Archived, 25 days ago From  

MEXICO - ?As long as the butterflies keep coming, we?ll still have work here,? says Javier Ambrocio, looking out over the Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. A cold breeze blows across the steep hillside, over 8,000 feet above sea level. ...

Amazon Soy Boom Poses Urgent Existential Threat To Landless Movement

Archived, 25 days ago From  

BRAZIL - The roughly written sign beside the road, with its defiant message, made us brake sharply. We were exploring the region to be opened up by Ferrogrāo (Grainrail). The newly planned rail line in a few years could carry much of the harvest produced ...

Illegal Mining In The Amazon 'Not Comparable To Any Other Period Of Its History'

Archived, 25 days ago From  

BRAZIL - Illegal mining has become an "epidemic" in the Amazon rainforest, destroying naturally protected areas and threatening indigenous territories, according to a new joint study by six Amazonian countries. ...

China's New National Forest And Grassland Administration Seeks Quality And Good Performance

Archived, 27 days ago From  

CHINA - In 2018 China has consolidated the governance of the protected areas estate through the formation of the new National Forest and Grassland Administration (NFGA). The NFGA will oversee a process of revision and standardisation or protected and conserv ...

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