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Pollution Risk to Lake Nakuru

38 hours ago From allafrica.com  View Original Article

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - Lake Nakuru National Park is facing increasing pressures from pollution, the KWS acting director general William Kiprono has said.

Speaking in Nakuru on Saturday during the 10th edition of the Cycle with Rhino, Kiprono said the lake ha ...

Ions help forecast toxic mine leakage

38 hours ago From phys.org  View Original Article

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - Curtin University and CSIRO researchers have found elevated electrical conductivity in creek water to be a reliable predictor of toxic seepage from a nearby mine's tailings pond.

"It's a common problem in mine seepage to have a very hi ...

A weed by any other name: remnant shrubs and trees play vital role in regenerating forests

40 hours ago From news.mongabay.com  View Original Article

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Tropical forest restoration projects are exciting research sites for scientists studying factors that affect ecosystem recovery. Here, scientists are trying to understand plant community succession, i.e. the process of recovery after cleared lands ar ...

Coal mine has heavy impact in Indonesian Borneo

Archived, 2 days ago From Mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Baharuddin should be happy. The rambutan and durian trees flanking his home are heavy with fruit. Two hectares of chilies stretch before his house. The price of chili — a staple commodity in Indonesia — has been stable for six months. From his 2,000 ...

Why Ice Sheets Will Keep Melting For Centuries To Come

Archived, 2 days ago From science20.com 

Reno, NEVADA - Ice sheets respond slowly to changes in climate, because they are so massive that they themselves dominate the climate conditions over and around them. But once they start flowing faster towards the shore and melting into the ocean the process takes ...

Tanzania refuses to sign environment protocol

Archived, 2 days ago From eturbonews.com 

Orlando, FLORIDA - Environmentalists in particular but basically a broad cross-section of the East African business community and civil society promptly condemned Tanzania when news emerged that the country refused to sign the East African Community’s environmental and ...

Locals push for change at climate march

Archived, 2 days ago From pressrepublican.com 

Plattsburgh, NEW YORK - Days before world leaders gathered in New York for the United Nations Climate Summit, 400,000 people took to the streets, intending to show their concern over climate issues.
Some local faces were among the crowd at the People's Climate March, ...

Lummi concerned for environment; oppose proposed coal terminal

Archived, 2 days ago From bellinghamherald.com 

Bellingham, WASHINGTON - Thousands of years ago, canoes hand-carved from cedar trees skimmed across the waters of the Puget Sound and its tributaries, powered by the paddles of fishermen whose skills were passed from generation to generation. Below them swam an abundance of ...

Switzerland to help India cut down greenhouse emissions

Archived, 2 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Gurgaon, INDIA - As India strives for a low carbon inclusive growth — even as it facilitates speedy clearances for infrastructure projects — the government is looking at Switzerland to cut down its construction induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ‎

Floods, forest fires, expanding deserts: the future has arrived

Archived, 2 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Climate change is no longer viewed by mainstream scientists as a future threat to our planet and our species. It is a palpable phenomenon that already affects the world, they insist. And a brief look round the globe certainly provides no lack of evid ...

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Antarctic sea ice set for record high as Arctic heads for sixth lowest extent

Action: Climate Change

The extent of sea ice in Antarctica is set to reach a record high, scientists said on Tuesday, as they announced that Arctic ...

Joint force uses Google Earth to find elephant poaching camps in Mozambique, captures poachers in raid

Action: Wildlife Conservation

On Monday, September 22, two ivory poachers were arrested in Mozambique during a late-night raid near Niassa National Reserve ...

Leaders pledge to end deforestation by 2030

Action: Stop Deforestation

Dozens of companies, non-profit organizations, and governments pledged to work together to halve forest loss by 2020 and end ...

Coal mine has heavy impact in Indonesian Borneo

Action: Stop Pollution

Baharuddin should be happy. The rambutan and durian trees flanking his home are heavy with fruit. Two hectares of chilies str ...

Ocean acidification could lead to collapse of coral reefs

Action: Save Our Oceans

An expedition from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Carnegie Institute of Science has measured a roughly 40% reduct ...

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