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World’s forests will collapse if we do not learn to say ‘no’

Archived, 2 days ago From morungexpress.com 

Dimapur, INDIA - An alarming new study has shown that the world’s forests are not only disappearing rapidly, but that areas of “core forest” — remote interior areas critical for disturbance-sensitive wildlife and ecological processes — are vanishing even faster.

Illegal gold mining pushes deeper into protected Peruvian reserve

Archived, 2 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Illegal gold mining is ravaging vast swaths of Peruvian Amazon.

In November 2015, a report released by the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Project (MAAP) showed that illegal gold mining operations had entered Peru’s Tambopata National ...

UN agency proposes greenhouse gas emissions rules for planes

Archived, 2 days ago From phys.org 

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - A U.N. panel on Monday proposed long-sought greenhouse gas emissions standards for airliners and cargo planes, drawing praise from the White House and criticism from environmentalists who said they would be too weak to actually slow global warming.

Antarctic ice safety band at risk

Archived, 2 days ago From phys.org 

Douglas, Isle of Man, U K - Antarctica is surrounded by huge ice shelves. New research, using ice velocity data from satellites such as ESA's heritage Envisat, has revealed that there is a critical point where these shelves act as a safety band, holding back the ice that flows ...

Court says regulators must protect Keystone species from giant trawlers

Archived, 3 days ago From earthjustice.org 

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - The massive nets of an industrial midwater trawling fleet comb through the water above the ocean floor in search of Atlantic mackerel and herring, leaving little in their wake. Among the casualties are millions of river herring and shad, both forage ...

More than two million oppose Arctic and Atlantic ocean drilling

Archived, 3 days ago From earthjustice.org 

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - Earlier this month, about a block from the White House, activists from across the U.S. shared their stories and delivered more than two million comments to the Obama administration calling for an end to new offshore drilling.

In Januar ...

New rainforests absorb 11 times as much carbon as old-growth, study finds

Archived, 3 days ago From sciencealert.com 

Kirkland, WASHINGTON - The largest ever study of tropical forest regrowth has discovered that new-growth rainforests can sequester as much as 11 times the annual amount of atmospheric carbon as old-growth forests.

New-growth forests - also called secondary f ...

France’s road of the future is paved with solar panels

Archived, 3 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Known for its historic cobblestone paths and traffic-jammed streets, France forgoes traditional bricks and pavement for shiny solar panels with its new roadway project.

French officials announced plans to construct a 1,000-kilometer-lo ...

Chlorine trains pose an even deadlier threat than oil trains

Archived, 3 days ago From takepart.com 

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Much has been said about the dangers of oil trains following several high-profile accidents, including a fiery 2013 crash in Quebec that killed 50 people. Now a report from Greenpeace points to another potential hazard that could be even deadlier: ch ...

Climate change’s frost harms early plant reproduction

Archived, 4 days ago From eurasiareview.com 

Albany, OREGON - Climate change may harm early-flowering plants not through plant-pollinator mismatch but through frost damage, a Dartmouth College-led study shows.

The findings appear in the journal Global Change Biology.

Climate change ...

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Climate change fuels bushfire fears

Action: Climate Change

Expect longer and more severe bushfire seasons due to climate change caused by carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution.

Stop cruel gassing of Texas wildlife

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Texas state officials are considering a ban on "gassing," a barbarous hunting technique used to drive snakes out of their und ...

Save Alaska's ancient trees

Action: Stop Deforestation

Anyone who's spent time in an old-growth forest knows what it means to stand in awe -- of time and mass on another scale, lif ...

Air pollution raises risk of death 'for decades after exposure'

Action: Stop Pollution

Air pollution raises the risk of death for many decades after exposure, according to the longest-running study to date.

Noise pollution may be harming the world’s most endangered killer whales

Action: Save Our Oceans

Undersea noise from container ships, oil tankers, and cargo ships may be drowning out communications among the endangered orc ...

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