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Expert: Conservation, Indigenous Rights At A Crossroads

Archived, 2 days ago From  

A recently published paper has added to a body of evidence showing that indigenous peoples can be powerful allies for protecting nature. ...

Ecology Monks In Thailand Seek To End Environmental Sufferin

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THAILAND - As development in Thailand is increasing, so is deforestation. Acres of forests are cleared for contract farming, habitats are torn down to make room for new factories, and soil is eroded, causing massive flooding during the rainy season. ...

Top Forestry Official Out In Malaysia

Archived, 5 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - A top official is out of his post as head of Sabah's forestry department, which oversees forests in the Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. ...

Death Foretold? A courageous Amazon Peasant Couple Resists Illegal Loggers

Archived, 5 days ago From  

BRAZIL - "I'm only leaving here when I'm dead. And I hope it won't be after a gunman has killed me," said peasant farmer Osvalinda Maria Marcelino Pereira, speaking to Federal Prosecutor Paulo de Tarso Oliveira in June when he visited her Amazon settlement. A ...

Indonesia's 'One-Map' Database Blasted For Excluding Indigenous Lands

Archived, 5 days ago From  

INDONESIA - International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples was marked on Aug. 9 in Jakarta by musical performances and traditional cuisine. ...

Rare Mountain Dwelling Nilgiri Tahr Could Lose 60% Of Habitat As Climate Warms

Archived, 5 days ago From  

INDIA - A new study paints a precarious picture for the rare Nilgiri tahr, an endangered goat-like species that lives in the mountains of the Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot in India. ...

A 3,000-Mile Trip Reveals Alaska Natural Wonders In Trouble

Archived, 6 days ago From  

Retracing a famous environmentalist's journey almost 120 years ago, an author discovers a very different Alaska. ...

In Ecuador, A Pipeline Cuts A Trail Of Misery Through Indigenous Land

Archived, 6 days ago From  

ECUADOR - One morning in November 2015, one of the elders, or taitas, of the Siona indigenous community in San Jose de Wisuya, in Ecuador?s Sucumb?os province, heard strange noises in the rainforest near his home. When he went to see what was happening, he fou ...

This Island Nation Is Banning Plastic

Archived, 6 days ago From  

DOMINICA - Dominica plans to become the world's first climate resilient nation, and banning single-use containers is one step they're taking to get there. ...

'High Risk' That China's Timber From PNG Is illegal: New Report

Archived, 6 days ago From  

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Papua New Guinea's timber industry is plagued by illegality, including lax enforcement of forestry laws, the misuse of logging licenses and the sidelining of local communities, according to a new report by the watchdog NGO Global Witness. ...

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Climate change will bring more and more heat waves

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Action: Wildlife Conservation

The expansion of phosphate mining in Manatee County would threaten freshwater resources in the Myakka and Peace River watersh ...

Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection

Action: Stop Deforestation

The ongoing deforestation around the fringes of the Amazon may have serious consequences for the untouched deeper parts of th ...

Stop coal mining assault on this roadless forest

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President Trump has been clear since day one that he’s turning over the nation’s public lands and environment to King Coa ...

Defend our wildlife from the search for Atlantic oil

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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