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The Arctics Oldest, Thickest Ice Is Breaking Up

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At the start of August, for the second time this year, a corridor of open water developed along the north shore of Greenland, this one more than 100 kilometers (over 62 miles) wide. The ice very nearly melted out enough to make the island country cir ...

Community Run Trading Posts Help Amazon Forest People Reverse Rural Exodus

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BRAZIL - ?We used to go into the forest to tap copaiba oil but we had no good way of selling it. The regatao [traveling river trader] paid us whatever he liked and took ages to give us the money. How could we survive like that?? asks Pedro Pereira de Castro, ...

Brazil Hits Emissions Target Early, But Rising Deforestation Risks Reversal

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BRAZIL - The government of Brazil has announced that it has cut its climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions to the point that it has met a long-established goal three years ahead of time. ...

Thinning Forests Resulting In Fuelwood Shortage

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U K - Fifty years ago, the Earth was annually losing forests the size of England. Today, the world loses 14 hectares of tropical forest every minute, mostly due to agriculture to support growing populations and fuelwood for cooking fires. ...

Murder Of Activist In India Highlights Growing Risk To Environmental Defenders

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INDIA - Ajit Maneshwar Naik, a 57-year-old environmental activist, was killed last month in Dandeli, a city on the banks of the Kali River, in the Indian state of Karnataka. He is survived by his wife and two sons. ...

Scientists Discover Coral Reefs That Could Withstand Warming Waters

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The Coral Triangle is a large swath of the Pacific Ocean that's often called the "Amazon of the seas," due to its staggering amount of coral (600 species), fish (over 2,000 types), and marine turtles (all but one species lives there). With coral reef ...

Indian Ocean Tsunami: Nicobar Islands Lost 97 Percent Of Mangrove Cover, Uncovered Unknown Species

Archived, 59 days ago From  

INDIA - The 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake followed by the catastrophic tsunami gobbled up landmass and stripped the coast of trees in the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean. Mangroves, which flourish where land and water meet, bore the brunt of the natura ...

Bay Of Plenty: Warning Issued Over Toxic Algal Bloom

Archived, 60 days ago From  

NEW ZEALAND - Beachgoers are being warned to avoid the water in a Bay of Plenty estuary where potentially toxic algae are blooming. ...

Climate Change Cant Be Ignored Any Longer, Says Sydney Woman

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Thanks to Jim Merkley for pointing out (?Right-wing politicians? need to acknowledge climate change, Cape Breton Post letter to the editor, Aug. 11) the total absence of discussion regarding the dire environmental situation we are facing at Thursday? ...

Mt Everest Threatened By Mountain Of Human Waste

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NEPAL - Since Edmund Hillary first conquered the summit of Mount Everest 65 years ago, many have followed in his footsteps - or at least tried - but all of them have left something of themselves behind: their poo. ...

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