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Climate Change Caused The "Great Dying," AKA The Planet's Worst Extinction

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The "Great Dying" was just as bad as it sounds. In the planet's worst mass extinction 252 million years ago, up to 80 percent of all species died out, including up to 96 percent of ocean species. Trilobites, sea scorpions, and spiny sharks disappeare ...

'There Are No Laws': Cattle, Drugs, Corruption Destroying Honduras UNESCO Site

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HONDURAS - While many people from Atlantida, Honduras, are attempting to escape desperate poverty and deepening political violence by traveling some 3,000 miles to reach the border of the U.S., a few years back, Julia* left Atlantida heading just around 100 mil ...

Amazon Indigenous Groups And Truckers Ally To Oppose Brazil's Grainrail

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BRAZIL - Dototacakire, known as Doto, spoke passionately to Mongabay about his opposition to Grainrail (Ferrograo). He is a leader of the Kayapo people from the Bau Indigenous Territory on the banks of the Iriri River in southern Para state, Brazil deep in th ...

Mosses Could Help Rapidly Detect Pollution

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CHINA - Drug-sniffing dogs are an accepted part of our modern world. In the near future, could pollution-sniffing mosses be equally common? ...

Tracing The Safeguards Against Illegal Logging In Vietnam

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VIETNAM - An agreement on legally-sourced timber imports from Vietnam to the EU that was finally signed in October is now being held up against the reality on the ground in the Southeast Asian country. ...

Over Half Of World's Tropical Forests Destroyed

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EGYPT - At least 10 more percent of land than what is currently being used to grow green crops will be required to successfully replace fossil fuels with alternatives derived from natural sources such as biofuel, biodiversity conservationists have revealed. ...

Consider The Environment When You Buy Gifts This Holiday Season

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Many San Francisco parents were grateful for the rain last week and the opportunity to let their kids out to play in the mud and splash in puddles. Keeping children inside to avoid breathing smoky air for so long was difficult, even with boxes of pla ...

Extinction By Omission: Peru's Disappearing Ancient Shihuahuaco Trees

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The first thing a tree like the shihuahuaco inspires is respect. It takes it at least 1,000 years to reach its full-grown height of 40 meters (130 feet) and diameter of 1.5 meters about 5 feet). During that millennium, it's had to compete for nutrien ...

For Kenya's Yiaku, Medicinal Herbs Are Their Forest's Blessing And Curse

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KENYA - Naisimari Lentula, 80 years old, strolls carefully along a narrow footpath through the forest. Suddenly, she stops, her eyes fixed on several aromatic shrubs with bluish flowers that are tumbled over near the path. "This is the work of encroachers," ...

Mega-Dam Costs Outweigh Benefits, Global Building Spree Should End: Experts

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BRAZIL - Large hydroelectric dams are not worth the environmental and societal costs, and their benefits will continue to dwindle further as the climate changes, analysts argue. ...

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From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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