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Watch the Awkward Balancing Act of Seagull Mating

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

When seagulls mate, the male will discharge his sperm in a female's cloaca, where it will eventually fertilize her eggs.With the exception of a few species, most male birds don't have penises.WATCH: Seagulls perform a balancing act while mating.In a ...

This Small Island Nation Makes a Big Case For Protecting Our Oceans

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

Two years ago, Palau created one of the largest marine reserves on the planet?and it's paying off. ...

The Insiders Guide to Birding in Central Park New York City

Archived, 178 days ago From Audubon 

It won?t be your typical birding experience?but that?s what also makes it so special. We asked the experts for tips to make the most of your visit. ...

Working Lands

Archived, 178 days ago From Audubon 

Working lands represent one of the best hopes for conservation.Audubon collaborates with landowners, land managers, government agencies, and private industry across the hemisphere to increase the quality of habitat on privately managed lands to benef ...

Photo of the Day

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

Your Shot is truly a global community, with photographers and explorers participating from every corner of the earth. With this year's Travel Photographer of the Year contest in full swing, editing through each day's submissions was an immersive expe ...

Speak Up to Save Pacific Walruses

Archived, 178 days ago From Center for Bio Div 

Pacific walruses need Arctic sea ice for resting, socializing, and giving birth and nursing their young. Their survival depends on ice -- but it's melting out from underneath them due to climate change. Summer Arctic sea ice has shrunk by 40 percent ...

What Do Animals See in the Mirror

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

Asian elephants, magpies, and great apes are among the species that can self-recognize. ...

Stop The Sugar Industrys Assault On Ugandas Chimpanzee Forest

Archived, 178 days ago From Rainforest Rescue 

The habitat of 500 chimpanzees in Uganda's Bugoma Forest Reserve is in danger. Conservationists and local residents are fighting to stop a company that has begun clearing trees in the protected area for a sugar plantation. Please call on the Ugandan ...

Inside the Quirky World of Competitive Pigeon Seduction

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

The urban pastime of Scottish ?doomen? is filled with avian attraction, obsession, and the thrill of the chase. ...

Watch a Strange Walking Fish That Has Experts Stumped

Archived, 178 days ago From National Geographic 

This "Walking" Fish Has Scientists StumpedDuring a recent night dive off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, a diver named Emeric Benhalassa noticed something odd.)But experts are less sure about its species, in part because it's so difficult to tell the d ...

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Climate change will bring more and more heat waves

Action: Climate Change

The heat in Malaysia often feels next to unbearable. For days on end, the sun is scorching and the heat is sweltering. That, ...

End Phosphate Mining in Manatee County

Action: Wildlife Conservation

The expansion of phosphate mining in Manatee County would threaten freshwater resources in the Myakka and Peace River watersh ...

Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection

Action: Stop Deforestation

The ongoing deforestation around the fringes of the Amazon may have serious consequences for the untouched deeper parts of th ...

Stop coal mining assault on this roadless forest

Action: Stop Pollution

President Trump has been clear since day one that he’s turning over the nation’s public lands and environment to King Coa ...

Defend our wildlife from the search for Atlantic oil

Action: Save Our Oceans

From Maine to Florida, people along the East Coast strongly oppose offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean -- yet ...

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