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Botswana praised for dramatic switch to protect elephants

Archived, 13 days ago From independent.co.uk 

London, U K - Conservationists around the world have praised Botswana’s dramatic switch to support a total ban on ivory trading.

The move was announced by Tshekedi Khama, Botswana’s Minister of Environment, at a global wildlife conference in Johanne ...

Kentucky flower becomes latest Endangered Species Act success

Archived, 13 days ago From biologicaldiversity.org 

Tucson, ARIZONA - In the latest Endangered Species Act success story, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today declared that Kentucky’s white-haired goldenrod has recovered, and has removed it from the endangered species list. The flower, found only in the Red River G ...

Hounds hot on the heels of poachers in rhino country

Archived, 14 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - “I am ready to die for conserving the rhino,” says Wisdom Makhubele. But the brave young ranger now has another weapon in the war against rhino poaching: the extraordinary nose of tracking hounds.

The trained dogs can run poachers to g ...

Sharks and rays win new protections at global wildlife summit

Archived, 14 days ago From theguardian.com 

London, U K - Silky sharks, thresher sharks and devil rays all won new protections at a global wildlife summit late on Monday.

Sharks are the ocean’s top predators and play a vital role in many ecosystems but many species have been decimated by unco ...

72 dogs rescued from slaughter in Central China

Archived, 14 days ago From hsi.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Last month, HSI-supported China Animal Protection Power worked with other local groups to rescue 72 dogs from a dog meat restaurant, a roadside slaughter operation and two other slaughterhouses in Henan Province in Central China--a supply center for ...

The Humane Society of the United States deploys animal rescue team to South Carolina

Archived, 14 days ago From humanesociety.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The Humane Society of the United States and Greenville County Animal Care are relocating South Carolina shelter animals before Hurricane Matthew strikes the Southeast coast.

The HSUS’s Animal Rescue team is en route in an animal trans ...

The World votes to keep rhino horn sales illegal

Archived, 14 days ago From news.nationalgeographic.com 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Some conservationists are breathing a sigh of relief: The prohibition of sales of rhino horns across borders that has been in force since 1977 will remain in place.

A proposal that would have lifted the ban was rejected Tuesday by the ...

Thailand acts to protect vulnerable seahorses

Archived, 14 days ago From care2.com 

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Conservationists are celebrating a win for seahorses with an announcement from Thailand that it’s going to suspend exports over concerns that they’re being overexploited.

The move was announced by Thailand officials just before the 17t ...

PETA urges govt to shut down ‘equine-abusing facilities’

Archived, 15 days ago From timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - After a series of inspections revealed widespread abuse and neglect of thousands of equines in India which are being used as living factories to produce antitoxins and antivenins, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has urged the ...

Trade in wild African lion bones banned

Archived, 15 days ago From biologicaldiversity.org 

Tucson, ARIZONA - Countries from around the world today banned all commercial trade in wild African lion bones and parts in response to growing evidence that lion parts are increasingly being substituted for rare tiger parts in Asian markets. The huge demand for thes ...

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