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US Congress urged by victim of horrific attack to pass bill banning trade in primates

Archived, 6 days ago From Wildlife Extra News 

Hereford, U K - A Captive Primate Safety Act is currently being considered by the US Congress. If passed, the Act will ban the interstate commerce of monkeys, apes and other primates for the exotic pet trade.

Currently, there is a patchwork of state l ...

Volunteers ensure protection of wadi wildlife in Fujairah

Archived, 7 days ago From Gulf News  

Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - More than 400 dragonflies in the Wadi Wurayah National Park of Fujairah have been tagged and studied for the past year to ensure the health of the biodiversity in the area.

The invasive Tilapia that are destroying the balance in the wa ...

The Wildlife Center of Texas Cares for a Baby Bobcat

Archived, 7 days ago From Chron 

Houston, TEXAS - It’s Wildlife Wednesday! When this bobcat kitten was admitted to the Wildlife Center of Texas, he was emaciated and dehydrated. Upon his arrival, he could barely stand up on his own.

He was found in a concerned citizen’s yard after a ...

Scottish wildcat sanctuary created on west coast

Archived, 7 days ago From Wildlife Extra News 

Hereford, U K - A Scottish wildcat sanctuary has been created on the Ardnamurchan and Sunart peninsula on Scotland’s west coast in a bid to save the endangered species, which experts believe could number as few as 35.

The species is threatened from hy ...

Golden eagles could return to southern Scotland

Archived, 7 days ago From Wildlife Extra News 

Hereford, U K - Improvements to habitats in the south of Scotland could lead the area to become a stronghold for golden eagles.

A study carried out by the Scottish Natural Heritage showed that the area could potentially support up to 16 pairs, almost ...

Stacey drums up cash for animal charity with Thetford to Calais cycle ride

Archived, 7 days ago From edp24 

Norfolk, U K - A student has shown she has a flair for fund-raising after recreating a Thetford to Calais cycle ride for charity.

Stacey Morris, from Weeting, organised the 175-mile ride to raise funds for Paws2Rescue, with six cyclists saddling up o ...

Smuggled endangered iguanas fly back to the Bahamas

Archived, 7 days ago From Wildlife Extra News 

Hereford, U K - Twelve critically endangered San Salvador rock iguanas seized from smugglers at London’s Heathrow Airport have been returned home to the Bahamas.

The reptiles were discovered stuffed inside socks in the baggage of Romanian nationals An ...

USAID Aims to Fight Wildlife Trafficking, Support Biodiversity

Archived, 7 days ago From All Africa 

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - The USAID Biodiversity Policy lays out the agency's strategy to effectively support biodiversity worldwide.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will spend more than $210 million to conserve nature in more than 50 coun ...

Protect Animals From Summer Heat

Archived, 7 days ago From WMKY  

Morehead, KENTUCKY - Dogs left in hot cars are an all too common summertime sight. Animal experts say it's extremely dangerous for animals, and could land their owners in hot water.

Courtney Thomas, president and CEO of Great Plains Society for the Prevent ...

Coastal wildlife paradise declared biosphere reserve in Argentina

Archived, 7 days ago From Mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Conservationists are celebrating the announcement that UNESCO has dubbed Argentina's Península Valdés a biosphere reserve under the Man and Biosphere Program (MBA). A hatchet-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Southern Atlantic Ocean, the world' ...

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