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Rhino collar with GPS and spy camera designed to hunt poachers

Archived, 8 days ago From irishexaminer.com 

Cork, U K - Rhinos wearing satellite tracking collars with spy cameras implanted into their horns could help turn the tables on poachers, experts believe.

The system incorporates a video camera, GPS, and a 24-hour heart-rate monitor that triggers ...

3800 critically endangered turtles rescued from shipping crate

Archived, 8 days ago From care2.com 

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Turtle experts used to believe there were fewer than 3,000 Philippine Forest Turtles left in the world.

So imagine their surprise and horror when on June 18 they stumbled across 3,800 of these turtles stacked on top of each other in a ...

Animals in Europe making a comeback

Archived, 8 days ago From dw.com 

Bonn, GERMANY - Some of Europe's endangered and disappeared animals are returning to the continent's diverse habitats with a little help from conservationists.

When people think of endangered animals, images of fluffy pandas munching on bamboo in Asia ...

Raveena Tandon's plea to Narendra Modi

Archived, 8 days ago From dnaindia.com 

Mumbai, INDIA - Raveena Tandon Thadani has always been part of campaigns against animal cruelty. She expressed her displeasure on Twitter over the environment ministry who will be soon changing rules to nullify a Supreme Court ban on animal performance in religious ...

'Treat your dog like someone you love': Cardinals player locks himself in a 90F car without air to show owners the effects it has on their pets

Archived, 8 days ago From dailymail.co.uk 

London, U K - An NFL player locked himself in hot car parked in the Arizona sun to show what dogs go through when careless owners leave them outside to roast in the summer.

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu sweated it out in a car on a 90-degree day f ...

South African rhino orphanage nurses young survivors of poaching

Archived, 10 days ago From sfgate.com 

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - They are the most vulnerable victims of South Africaís rhino poaching scourge, the baby rhinos that survive the shooting deaths of their mothers.

Many probably die of dehydration or other perils in the wild, but some lucky ones end up ...

Tanzanian poachers jailed in Niassa

Archived, 10 days ago From allafrica.com 

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA - The Niassa provincial court, in northern Mozambique has sentenced three poachers, two of them of Tanzanian nationality, and the third a Mozambican, to ten years imprisonment for hunting and killing elephants in the Niassa National Reserve, the countr ...

Brian May hails victory for Britain's wild animals

Archived, 10 days ago From belfasttelegraph.co.uk 

Belfast, U K - Rock star and animal rights activist May recently spoke out against a massive pig farm in Co Antrim.

The controversial vote, scheduled for today, means the law stays the same and just two dogs can be used to flush out a fox to be shot ...

From victims to protectors

Archived, 10 days ago From humanesociety.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - When Krishna Thompson got a call from Debbie Salamone asking him to help sharks, he didnít hesitate to say yes. It didnít matter that he had lost his left leg several years earlier to a bull shark while celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary in the ...

Rehabbed reptiles race back to the sea

Archived, 11 days ago From delmarvanow.com 

Salisbury, MARYLAND - Seven Kempís Ridley turtles returned to the Atlantic July 16.

Hundreds came out to see the turtles being released by the National Aquarium. The surf was choppy, but the turtles didnít show any hesitation. It was a race into the ocean.< ...

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