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Back into the wild: Healed bald eagle released in Potter Township

Archived, 12 days ago From timesonline.com 

Beaver, PENNSYLVANIA - A bald eagle spread its wings in the wild once again Thursday near Raccoon Creek after a surgery and months-long recovery.

The bird, who was nicknamed Namaste, had help from a group of people ranging from FirstEnergy Corp. workers to a ...

Organizations rescue dogs from Korean meat farm

Archived, 12 days ago From publicopiniononline.com 

Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA - More than 150 dogs are getting new homes thanks to several local and national organizations whose members rescued them from a Korean dog meat farm.

Approximately 250 dogs were taken from the farm - with 171 being dogs were flown into t ...

Chester zoo calls for halt to illegal trade

Archived, 12 days ago From cheshire-today.co.uk 

Macclesfield, U K - World leading conservationists are launching a global campaign to combat the illegal trade in wildlife – and are calling on members of the public to help solve the crisis.

Chester Zoo are leading the initiative in Europe in a battle to ...

Vietnam told - take a lead and retire your elephants

Archived, 12 days ago From animalsasia.org 

Hanoi, VIETNAM - Each spring the Buon Don Cultural Festival in Vietnam sees elephants playing football, racing each other and providing rides for tourists - but each animal participates only through fear of pain.

A mahout with a bullhook is the differe ...

Taiwanese humpback dolphin moves toward endangered species act protection

Archived, 13 days ago From biologicaldiversity.org 

Tucson, ARIZONA - The National Marine Fisheries Service today took a step toward protecting rare Taiwanese humpback dolphins, finding that listing the species under the Endangered Species Act may be warranted. The decision comes in response to a petition from the Anim ...

Anna Ryder Richardson is trying to rescue lionesses from the 'world's saddest zoo'

Archived, 13 days ago From walesonline.co.uk 

Cardiff, U K - Manor Wildlife Park owner Anna Ryder Richardson has stepped in to offer homes to three lionesses, left depressed and starving in tiny cages at an abandoned zoo in Armenia.

The animals living in what has been described as “the world’s s ...

Bear who was forced to dance finally has something to smile about

Archived, 13 days ago From thedodo.com 

New York, NEW YORK - As police closed in on the people forcing Suma to dance on the streets of Nepal, her captors fled, carelessly leaving the abused sloth bear tied to a tree in the hot sun.

Rescuers from International Animal Rescue (IAR) brought Suma to ...

Bill to improve animal protection in Canada introduced

Archived, 13 days ago From hsi.org 

Montreal, CANADA - Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has moved Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act, to debate today with the strong backing of animal protection groups.

The bill would make common sense improvements to the animal cruelty ...

India moves international convention seeking higher protection for endangered pangolin species

Archived, 13 days ago From scroll.in 

Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS - India has moved the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora seeking more protection for the Chinese pangolin and the Indian pangolin, which are medium-sized nocturnal mammals also known as scaly anteaters. The ...

Anti-hunters pushing trophy import bans in NJ and surrounding states

Archived, 13 days ago From americanhunter.org 

Fairfax, VIRGINIA - Last year the NRA successfully led the charge to defeat New York Senate Bill 4686, one in a stream of trophy import-ban proposals in several states following the killing of “Cecil the lion” in Zimbabwe last summer—the taking of which anti-hunters hyp ...

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