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Majority of Chinese public wants Yulin dog meat festival shut down

Archived, 11 days ago From hsi.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Just days ahead of China’s annual Yulin dog meat festival on June 21, a new poll has found that most Chinese citizens want to see an end to the festival, saying it blackens China’s image.

The poll was conducted by Chinese polling compa ...

After mass die-off, saiga antelope numbers go up in Kazakhstan

Archived, 12 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - Last year, catastrophe hit saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan. About 200,000 of these critically endangered antelopes died in Betpak-Dala in May, deeply worrying conservationists. The deaths, scientists eventually found, were most likely caused by bacteri ...

Yulin government pledges to ban public slaughter of dogs as festival nears

Archived, 12 days ago From examiner.com 

Denver, COLORADO - Under tremendous social pressure which has spread worldwide, the Yulin government has promised to ban the public massacre of dogs during the controversial dog meat festival early next week, reports the South China Morning Post.

In Marc ...

Eight captive dolphins are going from Baltimore to a first-of-its-kind ocean sanctuary

Archived, 12 days ago From fusion.net 

Doral, FLORIDA - Eight dolphins that have spent their entire lives within the confines of the National Aquarium in Baltimore will soon be headed to North America’s first seaside dolphin sanctuary.

In an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, John Racanelli, CEO o ...

After being abused in illegal Peruvian circus, rescued tiger finally tastes freedom!

Archived, 12 days ago From onegreenplanet.org 

New York, NEW YORK - The world’s tiger population is in grave danger. With the wild population of this species teetering around 3,000 individuals, the future for tigers remains uncertain in the face of rampant deforestation and poaching. Unfortunately, despite this dire ...

Malaika Arora teams up with PETA to end horse-drawn carriage rides

Archived, 12 days ago From indiawest.com 

San Leandro, CALIFORNIA - The 42-year-old actress has been keeping herself busy championing the cause of animal rights. Malaika Arora has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals India in a new campaign, calling for an end to horse-drawn carriage rides.

Oil exploration threatens Georgia state marine mammal

Archived, 12 days ago From savannahnow.com 

Savannah, GEORGIA - Exploration for oil and gas deposits under the sea floor threatens the existence of an official symbol of Georgia, the North Atlantic right whale, according to leading marine scientists.

They cite other increasing dangers to this speci ...

Taking pangolins off the menu

Archived, 12 days ago From bloomberg.com 

New York City, NEW YORK - The latest poster mammal in the struggle against environmental crimes is something called a pangolin. Cute and scaly, it is no match for the criminal gangs that have made it one of the most trafficked animals for bogus medicines and gourmet meals.

Peter Egan speaks out on Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Archived, 12 days ago From animalsasia.org 

Hanoi, VIETNAM - Peter is an Ambassador for Animals Asia and has recently returned from the animal welfare charity’s bear sanctuary in Chengdu, China.

He said: “The Yulin festival has become a huge focus for animal lovers and the media for a month each ...

On the road: Rhino translocation in Nepal

Archived, 13 days ago From news.mongabay.com 

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - With one palm above the rhino’s nostril to check its breathing and another under its head to make sure it wasn’t slumping, an anxious official yelled over the sound of metal wheels grinding against stones on a dirt road inside Chitwan National Park, ...

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