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Wild African Monkeys Infected With The Bacterium Causing Yaws In Humans

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GERMANY - An international research team, led by scientists from the German Primate Center, the Robert Koch Institute, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, McGill University, Masaryk University, the University of T?bingen and the Max Planck ...

India Probes Death Of 12 Endangered Lions

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INDIA - Indian authorities Friday ordered a probe into the deaths of a dozen endangered wild Asiatic lions, half of them cubs, over the last 10 days, officials said. ...

Beyond Ivory Championing The Neglected Victims Of Illegal Wildlife Trade

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The many threats to our planet's biodiversity posed by illegal wildlife trade are as varied as they are daunting, and you could be forgiven for feeling deflated after reading the first installment of this two-part blog. But that was only half the sto ...

Wildlife Detectives Link Smuggled African Elephant Ivory To 3 Major Cartels

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KENYA - Around 40,000 African elephants are illegally killed for their tusks every year. But catching ivory poachers, and successfully convicting them, has remained incredibly hard. ...

1984: The Meeting That Changed Everything For Sumatran Rhinos

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SINGAPORE - It?s hardly the most likely place to meet a Sumatran rhino. But as you enter Zimmer Hall at Cincinnati University, deep in the heart of the Midwestern United States, there he is: Ipuh. A one-ton, taxidermed behemoth, a prehistoric relic who only pass ...

Global Wildlife Trafficking Still A 'Lucrative Criminal Activity,' Expert Says

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When it comes to the multi-billion dollar global illegal wildlife trafficking market, security experts note a "threat convergence" where trafficking and organized crime meet. Because of that convergence, trafficking in illegal natural resources is a ...

S/African Police Nab Rhino Poaching 'Kingpins'

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SOUTH AFRICA - Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi said police found and confiscated luxury vehicles and motorbikes, trucks, an undisclosed amount of money, animal skins and properties during the swoop. ...

Elephant Tusk DNA Helps Track Ivory Poachers

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Researchers are examining the genetic data in seized elephant ivory to trace it back to the animals? homelands and connect it to global trafficking crimes. ...

Stop Buying Pangolin Scales - You're Killing Them Off

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There are alternatives to pangolin scales that have similar medicinal qualities, Chinese medicine professors say, urging the public not to believe the exaggerated effects touted by illegal vendors. ...

5,510 Plastic Bottles Saved During The First Month In Ly Son MPA

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VIETNAM - ?I was appalled by the level of litter and rubbish that is spoiling the island. This problem needs to be addressed to attract foreign tourists. They will not come here if rubbish of all kinds, plastic bottles, paper, polystyrene are just thrown into ...

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