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Scarlet Macaws Stalked By Wildlife Traffickers In Guatemala

Archived, 28 days ago From  

GUATEMALA - Travel the pathways of what was once the Mayan world, and you?ll see images of the scarlet macaw, appearing at bus stations and on advertisements for hundreds of tour operators. But for this emblematic species, its own pathways for moving and survivi ...

'A Legitimate Zoo'? How An Obscure German Group Cornered Global Trade In Endangered Parrots

Archived, 30 days ago From  

GERMANY - A secretive organisation based in a German village has amassed one of the world's largest collections of rare parrots. How did Martin Guth, a former nightclub manager, persuade governments to authorize the export of so many endangered species? ...

Seabird Populations Have Declined 70% In The Past 50 Years As They Compete With The Fishing Industry For Food

Archived, 32 days ago From  

U K - Seabird populations have fallen continuously over the past seven decades . ...

World's Strangest Sharks And Rays 'On Brink Of Extinction'

Archived, 32 days ago From  

Some of the world's most unusual sharks and rays are on the brink of extinction because of threats such as commercial fishing, scientists have said. ...

We Finally Know What Killed Sea Life In The Deadliest Mass Extinction In History

Archived, 32 days ago From  

Around 252 million years ago, Earth experienced catastrophic devastation an extinction event so severe that it wiped out almost all of the life on Earth. ...

Poachers Pushing Endangered Pangolin Towards Extinction

Archived, 32 days ago From  

INDIA - According to a National Geographic report, around 11,22,756 pangolins hunted between 2006 and 2015 in the world. ...

Leopard Death Triggers Hunt For Traps To Stop Animal Poaching

Archived, 32 days ago From  

INDIA - The forest department has launched a drive to detect traps laid by poachers to catch wild animals in the jungles near Aamby Valley and the surrounding Visakhar and Devghar villages near the hill station of Lonavla. ...

Human Hand In Rising Elephant Death Toll In Odisha

Archived, 32 days ago From  

INDIA - Wildlife conservationists feel that mitigation measures need to be devised to provide elephants a free and safe passage when they move through human-dominated areas. ...

Alaska Man Fined $100,000, Sentenced To Jail For Poaching Moose, Wasting Meat

Archived, 32 days ago From  

39-year-old Rusty Counts shot 3 moose under legal size limit, some with young nephew, and left them to rot. ...

Tanzania Launches 300-Man Force To Fight Poaching, Trafficking

Archived, 32 days ago From  

TANZANIA - Tanzanian Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan on Saturday presided over the inauguration of the paramilitary group tasked with combating poaching and illegal trafficking of wildlife organs and products. ...

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