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When to Expect Hummingbirds in Your Yard This Spring

Archived, 118 days ago From Audubon 

Flowers are beginning to bloom, and hummingbirds are starting to return from their southern winter sojourns. Heres a regional guide for when they should arrive and the food theyre seeking. ...

Audubon Exclusive Watch Birds of May A New Documentary About Red Knots

Archived, 118 days ago From Audubon 

The film explores the growing debate over the environmental impact of oyster farms in Delaware Bay, an important stopover site for the threatened shorebirds. ...

Vandals Ravage Mother Nature

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

In this commentary, Fred Bercovitch, wildlife conservation biologist at Kyoto University, talks about how vandalism is affecting National Parks. This post is a commentary, the views expressed are his own. ...

Over The Bridge The Battle For The Future of the Kinabatangan

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

The bridge across the Kinabatangan River and through a wildlife sanctuary has been cancelled, succumbing to pressure from local and international conservation groups. But questions remain about the future of the area. ...

Human Wildlife Conflict is Decimating Leopard Numbers in Nne of Their Last African Strongholds

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

According to the authors of a study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science last month that seeks to shed light on the population dynamics and conservation status of leopards living outside protected areas in South Africa, the species is ...

Scientists Mull Risks of Freeing Rare Albino Orangutan in Borneo

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

A rescue center in Borneo is trying to decide what to do with an albino orangutan whose genes may pose a threat to local populations, should the animal be released into the wild. ...

Balinese Rituals Fuel Spike in Trafficking of Endangered Sea Turtles

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

Turtle meat plays a central role in religious ceremonies on the Hindu-majority island, but demand for the creatures is outpacing authorities ability to control the trade. ...

Two New Species of Tarsier Rumored To Be Inspiration For Yoda Announced On Star Wars Day

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

Just in time for Star Wars Day (May the 4th get it?) comes the announcement of the discovery of two new species of tarsier, the diminutive but surprisingly capable primates rumored to have been the inspiration for Jedi Master Yoda. ...

How Advancements In Ebola Disease Detection In Wild Apes Can Help To Prevent Dangerous Outbreaks

Archived, 118 days ago From Mongabay 

Non-invasive Ebola virus detection through the analysis of gorilla dung shows how wildlife monitoring can help protect both humans and wild apes. ...

A Deep Dive Into The Study Of Marine Wildlife Through Bioacoustics

Archived, 119 days ago From Mongabay 

On this episode of the Mongabay Newscast, we speak with Leah Barclay, a sound artist, acoustic ecologist, and researcher with Griffith University in South East Queensland, Australia, for our latest Field Notes segment. ...

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