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New anti-poaching project will help preserve endangered African elephants and rhinos using drones

Archived, 6 days ago From digitaljournal.com 

Toronto, CANADA - Two of the most important species on the planet continue to remain endangered despite decades of anti-poaching efforts. The Black rhinoceros and the African elephant have suffered enormous losses over the past decades because of their considerable va ...

Thai wildlife authorities using camera traps to combat tiger poaching

Archived, 6 days ago From chiangraitimes.com 

Chiang Rai, THAILAND - Police in Uthai Thani nabbed several tiger poachers, thanks to evidence that turned up on a camera trap.

It all started when tiger skins and body parts were found at a police checkpoint in Mae Sot District in Western Thailand.
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CLAW helps bust dog fighting ring saves dogs

Archived, 6 days ago From ifaw.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - His name was Brute*: a champion in the dog-fighting world, a feared fighter, the proud property of a ring-leader in that dark underworld. And yet he spent most of his life locked up in a tiny dark cage, only being brought out for one of the fights th ...

United for Wildlife, Google.org and ARM unite to launch conservation technology network

Archived, 7 days ago From 3blmedia.com 

Northampton, MASSACHUSETTS - United for Wildlife, with support from Google.org and ARM, today launched a conservation technology network to close the information-sharing gap in the fight against illegal wildlife trade and other pressing issues facing our planet. The online netwo ...

Overwhelming majority of Massachusetts voters favor ban on ivory and rhino horn ban

Archived, 7 days ago From humanesociety.org 

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - As legislators convened to hear testimony, The Humane Society of the United States released survey data demonstrating that an overwhelming majority of Massachusetts voters favor the proposed ban of ivory and rhino horns, also known as S.440.
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Victory! Kikkoman ends animal tests

Archived, 7 days ago From peta.org.uk 

London, U K - Animals dying for soy sauce? When reports emerged that well-known soy sauce brand Kikkoman had been attempting to back up health claims by conducting sick experiments in which animals were force-fed soy sauce, were blasted with radiation, had muscles ...

A victory for WDC. A victory for whales and dolphins

Archived, 7 days ago From us.whales.org 

Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS - Georgia Aquarium has decided not to appeal a recent court decision that refused permission for the facility to bring wild-caught beluga whales from Russia to the United States.

The Aquarium had been trying to import 18 whales captured ...

Two lovely little lions get a second lease on life thanks to goodwill, serendipity and Jukani

Archived, 7 days ago From cxpress.co.za 

Plettenberg Bay, SOUTH AFRICA - Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, part of the SAASA (South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance) group, welcomed two rescued lion cubs on a bright Saturday late last month.

After a pretty abysmal start to their lives, these cubs are the lucky on ...

Birds rescued from White Center cooking oil spill released Wednesday

Archived, 7 days ago From whitecenterblog.com 

Burien, WASHINGTON - A flock of mallard ducks were the first rescued birds to complete cleaning and treatment after becoming oiled in early November.

Sixty-one more – 27 ducks and 34 geese – remain in treatment.

Sadly, two additional mallard ...

This orphaned baby elephant lost his family – but now he has a new one in his sanctuary home

Archived, 8 days ago From onegreenplanet.org 

New York, NEW YORK - The team of staff and volunteers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) are, without a doubt, conservation superheroes. They work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate ill, injured, and orphaned animals throughout East Africa, in addition to ta ...

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Preservatives from cosmetics build up in the bodies of far-flung marine mammals

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