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Protecting Proboscis Monkeys From Deforestation

Archived, 11 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - A 10-year study of proboscis monkeys in Borneo has revealed that forest conversion to oil palm plantations is having a significant impact on the species. ...

Every Sea Turtle In Global Study Found To Have Synthetic Fibers And Microplastics In Their Guts

Archived, 11 days ago From  

U K - A recent study found microplastics in the intestines of humans around the globe, and new research has now done the same for sea turtles. ...

Indonesia Confiscated Some 200 Pet Cockatoos. What Happened To Them?

Archived, 13 days ago From  

INDONESIA - In May 2015, a wildlife smuggler was arrested at an Indonesian port. He had attempted to transport nearly two dozen yellow-crested cockatoos, stuffed in plastic water bottles, aboard a passenger ship. ...

Readers Respond: Ashamed Of the Oregon Department Of Fish And Wildlife

Archived, 14 days ago From  

I am so ashamed of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. I thought its job was to protect our fish and wildlife. Instead, they are working hard to destroy it. ...

Toads Riding A Python: Australia's Wildlife Continues To Terrify The World

Archived, 14 days ago From  

AUSTRALIA - The horror story that is Australia's wildlife continues to terrify the world with relentless new sights and sounds. And while there have probably already been some bowel-loosening new incidents since 2019 began, which we still are to hear of, but the ...

AI-Equipped Cameras Will Help Spot Wildlife Poachers Before They Can Kill

Archived, 14 days ago From  

TANZANIA - A new camera developed by nonprofit Resolve uses Intel technology to keep watch in the Serengeti ...

Habitat Loss, Pigs, Disease: U.S. Salamanders Face A 'Tough Situation

Archived, 14 days ago From  

More than 40 percent of U.S. salamander species are already threatened with extinction. Will an inbound pathogen finish them off? ...

Elephants Are Still The Most Poached Species, Says New AWF Study

Archived, 15 days ago From  

KENYA - Elephants are still the most poached species for international trade in Sub-Saharan Africa?s U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserves despite intense conservation efforts, a three-year project by the African ...

AWF Launches New Kennel Facility To Strengthen The War Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Archived, 15 days ago From  

KENYA - On Dec. 17, 2018, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) in collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) launched a new kennel facility in Mombasa, Kenya. Under the Canines For Conservation program, Dr. Charles Musyoki, KWS Director General, alongs ...

Vietnam's Illegal Ivory Market Continues To Thrive, Report Finds

Archived, 15 days ago From  

VIETNAM - Vietnam's illegal ivory markets are still thriving, according to a new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. ...

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