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Black Leopard Soup Confirmed In Poaching Case

Archived, 44 days ago From  

THAILAND - Expert analysis has confirmed that meat and bones from a black leopard were found in a pot of soup at the illegal campsite of Premchai Karnasuta and his companions in a wildlife sanctuary in Kanchanaburi. ...

Villagers Cite Self-defense In Tiger Killing, But Missing Body Parts Point To The Illegal Wildlife Trade

Archived, 44 days ago From  

INDONESIA - Conservation authorities in Indonesia are investigating suspicions that the illegal trade in tiger parts drove the killing of one of the rare big cats earlier this month. ...

Bornean Bearded Pigs Seen Adapting To Oil Palm Habitats, Study Finds

Archived, 44 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Bearded pigs in Malaysian Borneo appear to have adapted to oil palm plantations, a key driver of deforestation in the region, but still depend heavily on adjacent forests as their primary habitat, a recent study suggests. ...

Lets Make Chinese New Year Greener: Say No To Shark Fins

Archived, 46 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Chinese New Year is just around the corner and lots of Malaysians are gearing up for the days-long festivities. The festive spirit of New Year will pay homage to the idea of renewal, yet sadly some time-honored old practices are bound to persist acro ...

Last Of Its Kind: Sole Surviving Male Northern White Rhino Is Gravely Ill

Archived, 46 days ago From  

KENYA - The world?s sole surviving male northern white rhino is gravely ill, reports Kenya?s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, which safeguards the last three individuals of the critically endangered rhino subspecies. ...

Costa Rica Prepares To Export 10 Tons Of Hammerhead Shark Fins

Archived, 48 days ago From  

COSTA RICA - Ten tons of hammerhead shark fins, stored in Inversiones Cruz S.A?s warehouses, are awaiting export approval from the Costa Rican Fisheries and Aquaculture Institute (INCOPESCA). ...

Human-Elephant Conflicts Continue To Persist, But We Shouldnt Despair

Archived, 49 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Pygmy elephants are placid creatures but they can turn violent if they feel threatened. If that happens, they can become a danger to themselves and people. ...

North Atlantic Right Whales May Face Extinction After No New Births Recorded

Archived, 50 days ago From  

Declining fertility and rising mortality, exacerbated by fishing industry, prompts experts to warn whales could be extinct by 2040. ...

Stop The Wanton Deaths Of Wild Elephants

Archived, 50 days ago From  

MALAYSIA - Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is astounded at the death of yet another wild elephant in Gerik, Perak. The incident occurred on January 3rd when a 40-year-old female elephant was electrocuted by a live wire on a roadwork construction site. ...

Five-year Sentences For Elephant Poachers In Republic Of Congo

Archived, 50 days ago From  

CONGO - A court in the Republic of Congo has convicted three men of killing elephants for their tusks, and sentenced them to five years in jail as well as fined them the equivalent of $10,000 each, according to a press release from the Wildlife Conservation ...

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