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Voices From A Melting World Maptia

4 hours ago From Maptia  View Original Article

Tomorrow we will have to pack up and go home. Just a few short hours and then for this year it will be all over. Gutted, I am ready for defeat. Today, the temperature isn?t actually that bad ? it?s minus 35?C / 31?F even with wind chill. ...

Deafening Blasts Kill These Ocean Animals For Miles

4 hours ago From National Geographic  View Original Article

These seismic blasts penetrate miles into the seabed and reflect information about any valuable deposits buried below.These blasts are deafening to animals underwater and are already known to have consequences for marine mammals, many of which depend ...

Finally We Now Know Why Sharks Travel Thousands of Miles to the White Shark Cafe

19 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

The White Shark Cafe sounds like a place great whites might sit around sipping lattes. But do researchers really think sharks are taking a coffee break when they gather in one of the most remote areas of the Pacific Ocean? ...

Twitter Is Obsessed With This Sea Lions Fabulous Posing

19 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

It helps, though, to have a sea lion nearby thats ready to do some straight stuntin.But it couldve just as easily ended violently (like this poor girls encounter with a sea lion that went viral earlier this month).Case in point: Dont say you would ex ...

This Bone Eating Snot Flower Worm Is The Freakiest Foodie in The Ocean

19 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

Don?t let the fancy Latin naming system fool you ? scientists love a good joke as much as anyone else. For proof, look no further than the Osedax mucofloris. It seems like a highfalutin name for a little deep-sea worm, but the translation shows that ...

We Found the Best of Shark Weeks Lineup So You Dont Have To

19 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

If you didn?t realize how quickly Discovery?s Shark Week snuck up on you, you?re not alone. It came out of nowhere! Thankfully, we all still have just about a month to arrange watching parties, plan shark-themed snacks and decide which specials we?ll ...

3 Marine Animals That Surprisingly Mate for Life

19 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

Whether its for love, mating efficiency or something else, here are some of the marine animals that mate for life.Watch two albatrosses do their courtship dance in the video below these two lovebirds will mate for life!Swans are one of the more well ...

Sea Creatures That Can Survive on Land

20 hours ago From Azula  View Original Article

They use their pectoral fins to clamber across rocks and reefs in order to find new sources of food.And it can survive on land this way for about a year, if necessary.But what if you need to survive on land too?In these puddles, small fish, crustacea ...

Blue Herons Jellyfish and Other Animals With Daily Commutes

20 hours ago From Oceana  View Original Article

Golden JellyfishThe golden jellyfish of Palau's Jellyfish Lake are, in a sense, solar-powered animals.View Images The millions of golden jellyfish that pack Palaus Jellyfish Lake spend much of their lives on the move during a daily migration that fol ...

Whats a Batnado See it in Action

20 hours ago From Bat Conservation International  View Original Article

The worlds largest bat colony can be found in Bracken Cave, just 20 minutes outside the city of San Antonio.In June, the Mexican free-tailed bats at Bracken Cave give birth to one pup each, bringing the total population up to about 20 million bats.Th ...

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