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Reserve with rare gorillas finally protected

10 hours ago From news.mongabay.com  View Original Article

Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA - The calamitous civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has killed more than five million people. It has also nearly wiped out populations of the world’s largest primate — the Grauer’s gorilla. From an estimated 17,000 individuals in 1995, ...

Trade sanctions sought against Mexico in fight to save vanishing porpoise

11 hours ago From biologicaldiversity.org  View Original Article

Tucson, ARIZONA - The Center for Biological Diversity today urged the Obama administration to immediately impose trade sanctions against Mexico to halt the country’s illegal trade in totoaba, a giant endangered and endemic fish. Mexico’s illegal totoaba fishery is als ...

Florida black bears are safe from another hunt this year

11 hours ago From care2.com  View Original Article

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Hundreds of black bears will be spared from senseless deaths, thanks to a recent decision by wildlife officials to not hold another hunt this year.

Last fall, wildlife officials scheduled the first hunt in decades with a quota of 320 b ...

Hong Kong proposes ban on ivory trade by 2021

11 hours ago From international.thenewslens.com  View Original Article

Taipei, Taiwan - The Hong Kong government on June 27 proposed a plan to the Legislative Council to phase out the ivory trade in the region within five years. The plan would first seek to close existing loopholes that have allowed traffickers to smuggle illegal ivory ...

Half of Borneo’s carnivorous cats could go extinct

11 hours ago From care2.com  View Original Article

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Many carnivorous, wild cats can only be found in the island of Borneo. But new research shows that we’re losing them at an alarming rate: half of these majestic cats are expected to go extinct — unless we act now.

A Roadmap to Hope?

Canada to release salmon to help feed endangered killer whales

12 hours ago From takepart.com  View Original Article

Los Angeles - A group of anglers on Vancouver Island has received permission from the Canadian government to release 200,000 young chinook salmon into local waters to boost the food supply for critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales.

T ...

China lab and Humane Society International collaborate to promote animal-free testing for cosmetics

33 hours ago From hsi.org  View Original Article

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Global animal welfare leader Humane Society International signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Guangzhou CHN-ALT Biotech Co. Ltd. to collaborate on a number of educational projects focused on cosmetic safety testing to promote modern, non-animal ...

Andy Murray teams up with Kevin Spacey to back tiger conservation drive

34 hours ago From independent.ie  View Original Article

Dublin, U K - While Murray's predecessor Tim Henman had the "tiger" nickname, the Scot is a WWF global ambassador and was joined by keen tennis fan Spacey at Wimbledon as they gave their backing to the charity's campaign.

Ahead of his latest tilt to ...

Wildlife advocates file federal lawsuit to protect endangered species from cougar trapping

34 hours ago From humanesociety.org  View Original Article

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Arguing that the New Mexico State Game Commission violated the federal Endangered Species Act by authorizing cougar trapping that will harm endangered Mexican wolves and jaguars in New Mexico, The Humane Society of the United States, Animal Protectio ...

Buenos Aires to close 140-year-old zoo, saying ‘captivity is degrading’

34 hours ago From ecowatch.com  View Original Article

New York, NEW YORK - Buenos Aires is shutting down its zoo to give the animals a better life.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, mayor of Argentina’s capital city, said keeping wild animals in captivity and on display is degrading, The Guardian reported. The zoo’s ...

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Chasing survival: Many species face climate change's ultimate test

Action: Climate Change

Roughly half of the world's species are currently on the move. As global warming drives ocean and air temperatures higher, th ...

Half of Borneo’s carnivorous cats could go extinct

Action: Wildlife Conservation

Many carnivorous, wild cats can only be found in the island of Borneo. But new research shows that we’re losing them at an al ...

South Sudan forest cover shrinks by 1.5 per cent annually

Action: Stop Deforestation

South Sudan’s forests, currently covering 33 percent of its total land area, shrink by 1.5 percent annually due to logging an ...

Air pollution linked to 6.5 million deaths a year, study says

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Air pollution contributes to about 6.5 million deaths each year, the International Energy Agency warned in a report released ...

Protect marine wildlife from devastating ocean noise

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Industrial noise pollution from navy sonar, seismic oil and gas exploration and commercial shipping harms and can even kill w ...

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