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Care2 success! Ohio endangered animals sent to sanctuaries

10 hours ago From care2.com  View Original Article

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - Last year, Amanda Whelan launched a Care2 petition to save endangered animals threatened with death by an Ohio “sanctuary” owner who was refusing to upgrade his facilities to bring them into legal compliance.

Kenny Hetrick threatened t ...

South Africa jails Mozambican rhino poachers

11 hours ago From news.yahoo.com  View Original Article

Sunnyvale, CALIFORNIA - South Africa has jailed two Mozambicans for 11 years for rhino poaching, police said Wednesday, as latest tallies revealed slaughter of the iconic animals climbing to a new high.

A court in the eastern province of Mpumalanga found Phin ...

PETA, fair disagree over treatment of elephant

11 hours ago From news.wsiu.org  View Original Article

Carbondale, ILLINOIS - Animal rights activists say a display at the DuQuoin State Fair showcases an aging and mistreated elephant, and they want the animal retired.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Counsel Rachel Matthews says Nosey the elephant s ...

These rescued South American circus lions are heading back to Africa

11 hours ago From globalpost.com  View Original Article

Boston, MASSACHUSETTS - After the shocking death of Cecil the lion this summer, here’s a rare piece of good news for Africa’s biggest cat. A total of 33 lions rescued from miserable lives in circuses in South America are heading home next month, back to Africa, in what’s be ...

Entrepreneurs joins WCS to save wildlife

12 hours ago From newindianexpress.com  View Original Article

Chennai, INDIA - A group of entrepreneurs under the banner Wild Tiger Foundation (WTF) have joined hands with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), India Program, to mobilise funds and get greater support of the Indian corporate sector for wildlife research and co ...

Wildcats come roaring into Sandstone after four year custody battle

13 hours ago From northlandsnewscenter.com  View Original Article

Duluth, MINNESOTA - After living in a cramped backyard in New York state four large wild cats are finally experiencing the space they need.

After a four year long custody battle, three Bengal tigers and a Leopard have finally arrived at the Wildcat Sanctu ...

Crowds voice opposition to Taiji dolphin hunts at Japanese embassy

15 hours ago From us.whales.org  View Original Article

Plymouth, MASSACHUSETTS - WDC supporters and volunteers were amongst the crowd of protesters who attended an event at the Japanese Embassy in London on Sept. 1st to mark the start of the dolphin drive hunt season in Taiji. Events were also held to mark the occasion in Taiji i ...

Top surfers support rhinos

34 hours ago From grocotts.co.za  View Original Article

Grahamstown, SOUTH AFRICA - On a lay day during the recent 2015 J-Bay Open, top surfers Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion from the US, and Australian WSL title contender Owen Wright joined renowned wildlife veterinarian Dr William Fowlds and the Chipembere Rhino Foundation o ...

Animal advocates take on trapping in New Jersey

34 hours ago From care2.com  View Original Article

Redwood City, CALIFORNIA - More than three decades ago lawmakers in New Jersey acted to protect furbearing animals by banning cruel leghold traps in the state. Now animal advocates are fighting a vote that took place earlier this summer that could bring the cruel traps back.

Whales face a new threat from the melting arctic

34 hours ago From takepart.com  View Original Article

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Climate change is hurting whales but not in the way you’d expect.

For the first time, an Icelandic whaling vessel traversed the Arctic’s Northeast Passage this week, carrying 1,800 tons of frozen endangered fin whale meat to be sold in ...

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Whales face a new threat from the melting arctic

Action: Save Our Oceans

Climate change is hurting whales but not in the way you’d expect.

For the first time, an Icelandic whaling ves ...

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