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Orphan Hope Charity In Leavenworth Washington

Orphan Hope

 Leavenworth     Washington

http://orphanshope.org     << Visit Website

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Orphan Hope Charity Profile

Today, Orphan's Hope is caring for orphans with critical needs on a daily basis. While working with the charity ships Doulos and Logos II for 10 years, and in my travels since, I have been impressed by the tremendous needs of orphans around the world. It is estimated there are over 143 million orphans today. All of us are needed to care for these children.

While in Asia in 1997, I saw beautiful children who didn't know where their next meal was coming from and suffered from easily treated medical issues. I saw how a small amount of money could so significantly improve their lives and thought, "Who would not help such an orphan, if they only knew what they could accomplish for the money?"

One night, at a key point in my life, I was in the mountains praying and said to God that I would love to spend my life for Him, caring for orphans. I was two days away from taking another job and there didn't seem any way for my vision for orphans to happen, except for God to do a miracle. The next morning I received a call from someone I had not talked to in five months, who is a Partner of the advertising agency DKY Inc. in Minneapolis. He said God kept putting me on his heart that month and that morning, it was like a light bulb went on in his head that He should call me and offer me a job. Without my saying anything about orphans to that point, he said they were excited about my vision for orphans, and that the job could include starting the charity to help these children. He then said in addition, their company was willing to donate $50K of their resources towards helping make it happen! I had never talked with them about a job or coming to Minnesota, and he called on the very day I needed a miracle. It is a clear and wonderful expression of God's compassion for these children in need and His desire to bring Orphan’s Hope into being.

Since then God has opened many doors moving Orphan's Hope ahead. We have been able to significantly help many children and see them come to know the love of God in Christ. We are praying every day for partners like you who will help us make a difference in these children's lives.
About Us

Orphan's Hope is made up of Staff, volunteers, and partners who have compassion for orphans who are hurting, and a commitment to see their lives transformed. At the heart of all we do is our love for and faith in the Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus who demonstrated God's love by giving his life on the cross to take away our sins, freely offering restored relationship and eternal life to all who receive him. Click for Orphan's Hope statement of faith.

We have very wonderful and dedicated staff in our international locations. Steve Cassidy serves full time as the President of Orphan's Hope. We also have a great network of volunteers to whom we are very grateful, in addition to a few companies who generously assist us with their services and resources. In the right hand column you also see other ministries we have worked with.

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