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St Wilfrid's Hospice Charity In Chichester England

St Wilfrid's Hospice

 Chichester     England

http://www.stwh.co.uk     << Visit Website

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St Wilfrid's Hospice Charity Profile

Since the Hospice opened in 1987 we have cared for over 8000 local people. At any one time, we care for around 210 people in our community and offer support to their families and friends. We hope you find the details about our services and organisation interesting and informative. All our services are provided free of charge, we are not a part of the NHS and rely on public support to raise 89.5% of our annual running costs of £4.3 million. Enjoy taking a look around our website and we are always grateful to receive your feedback. Thank you for visiting.
St. Wilfrid's Hospice provides a range of services to patients and families. We care for patients at home, in our Day Hospice and on our Inpatient Unit, and offer support to families in a variety of ways.

Our multi-disciplinery team of clinical and caring professionals are on hand to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered where it is needed.

Our Inpatient unit consists of 14 individual bedrooms with en-suite facilities and accommodates patients with a range of needs. A team of nurse specialists provide Community Care to our patients at home and many of those make use of our Day Hospice facilities. We continue to work with patients through our Rehabilitation Service and help them remain at home and achieve as much as possible. Hospital Support is provided by our professional medical team. Our Patient and Family Services offer a range of support for families and carers with regular Support for Carers meetings. Patients and families are further supported through our Complementary Therapies and Spiritual Care.

St Wilfrid's Hospice Volunteer Information

Patients and their families meet volunteers at many different stages of their time under our care. They may not even know how many volunteers have been involved in the care they have received.

When a patient is referred to the Hospice it may be suggested that they should attend the Day Hospice. Thanks to our team of volunteer drivers we are able to offer transport to and from the Hospice even if the patient needs to travel in a wheel chair. The first volunteer a patient or relative meets may well be the driver who arrives to pick them up on a Day Hospice morning. All our drivers are trained to be aware of problems patients might experience getting in and out of a car and do not mind if it takes a while. Over the weeks that a patient attends Day Hospice they often get to know their driver very well.

When they arrive they will be met by another volunteer who will welcome them, make sure they have a comfortable chair and a nice cup of tea or coffee. During a day at the Day Hospice they will meet at least four volunteers who will serve lunch and more cups of tea and coffee and even a pre-lunch drink of sherry or wine. They are always happy to sit and chat to the patients and hear their stories. There is a team of volunteer complementary therapists who off a range of therapies to patients and their carers.

Through the windows the patient will see a beautiful garden and if they come on a Tuesday there will be a team of volunteers working there. Around fifteen gardeners will be mowing, planting and weeding to keep the garden looking its best.

If a patient or relative needs to ring St Wilfrid’s, the first person they will speak to will probably be a volunteer working on reception. The front reception desk is manned from 9.00am to 5.00pm each week day by volunteers who put the calls through to the right extension and run the kiosk selling sweets, drinks and all sorts of things that help to raise money for the Hospice. As well as the volunteers the patients meet there are a number who are working in the back ground raising funds through the support groups or the hospice shops or helping with administration in the Hospice offices.

Sometimes patients need help with doing the shopping or a lift to a hospital appointment and once again volunteers come to the rescue. Occasionally someone is needed to sit with a patient while a carer goes out and some of our volunteers are happy to help out.

Any patient who comes in to St Wilfrid’s to stay will find volunteers on duty from 9.00am to 8pm serving meals and plenty of cups of tea and coffee to them and their visitors. If the patient would like a newspaper or they fancy a drink that is not available it will be the volunteer who will pop out to the local shops to get it. A volunteer is available most days to offer the in-patients a hand or foot massage. There are flower arrangements to brighten up corners of the in-patient area and these are cared for by another team of volunteers who come in each week day.

Volunteers are also an essential part of the bereavement service provided for relatives and friends of our patients. Susie Norton our Family Care Specialist trains a team of volunteers to support people through bereavement. They visit relatives at home, if asked, and help with group support at our Open House meetings.

St Wilfrid's Hospice Donation Information

A small regular gift allows us to plan ahead more effectively, knowing that we have funds coming in each month to help support our services. Even just £2 a month can make a huge difference to our patients, their families and carers.

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St Wilfrid's Hospice In The News

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BOGNOR REGIS, U K - In July, lottery canvassers Barbara Bartsch, Nicholas Hodge and Alan Vawdrey began work visiting homes across St Wilfrid's catchment area to help boost support for the Local Hospice Lottery scheme and received comprehensive training from Local Ho ...

Selsey garden trail raises £5,700 for charities

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