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Islamic Help Charity In Birmingham England

Islamic Help

 Birmingham     England

http://islamichelp.org.uk     << Visit Website

Categories:  Hunger/Poverty, [ View All ]

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Islamic Help Charity Profile

Islamic Help is a UK registered charity and international NGO established in 2003 by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering. Enthusiastic, dedicated and visionary the group took their ideas to older and wiser members of the community and were pleased to get their support and to launch an initiative that a few years later would become the globally recognised charity that is Islamic Help. A truly grassroots initiative a spate of international disasters provided the impetus for the group to launch into the work. Whilst barriers to participation were difficult to overcome for so small a group the determination of the group was such that only a little while after launching the charity was able to play a significant role in the delivery of aid and assistance after major crises like the Pacific Ocean Tsunami, the Bam Earthquake and the Pakistan Earthquake. Characterised by its involvement with young people and its ability to inspire, motivate and mobilise young people Islamic Help now works in over 20 countries and has offices in Birmingham, London, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Tanzania. Islamic Help remains a youth led and youth driven organisation but has at its helm experienced and dedicated leaders in the field of international development work. Islamic Help prides itself too on its unique ability to marshal young people, many of whom are still in full time education, into the field of development work. Having grown exponentially over the last seven years Islamic Help has still maintained its unique grassroots and community led ethos allowing it to engage with and engage the services of the UK community so as to make a difference to the lives of those in need ( a million miles away). The Charity remains dependant on its dedicated and active volunteers who provide the grassroots input into its work. Islamic Help remains a youth led and youth driven organisation but has at its helm experienced and dedicated leaders in the field of international development work. This unique collaboration lends to the organisation its unique character and its appeal to the conservative and the radical.

Islamic Help Volunteer Information

Volunteers form a cornerstone of Islamic Help and are fundamental to the work of the organisation. Islamic Help values its volunteers and their willingness and enthusiasm to donate the most precious of resources, namely, their time. As such we are able to provide a whole gamut of volunteering opportunities and experiences based on volunteers’ interests, desires and skills. We are committed to making the volunteering experience a truly reciprocal one and work hard to ensure that whilst benefiting from the contribution volunteers make we provide volunteers with a rewarding and beneficial experience of volunteering with us. Volunteering with Islamic Help takes any form that the volunteer wishes it to take – yes, we start by asking about your skills and interests and then try to provide you with the most appropriate of volunteering experiences. Of course, fundraising remains the most popular form of volunteering but there are many other ways in which our volunteers contribute. Many assist with office and administrative support duties, others steward at events that the organisation holds, and others organise events. Once completed, return your application form by email: info@islamichelp.org.uk or send it by post to: Islamic Help, Volunteers Department, 19 Ombersley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 8UR.

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