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Ihh - Humanitarian Relief Foundation Charity In Istanbul Turkey

Ihh - Humanitarian Relief Foundation

 Istanbul     Turkey

http://www.ihh.org.tr     << Visit Website

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Ihh - Humanitarian Relief Foundation Charity Profile

The Glass Furnace is an international glass center built in the green fields of Black Sea Region. The Glass Furnace was established by Y?lmaz Yalç?nkaya to deliver primary goals such as to provide a high standard of education to its students, to form a common meeting group for local and international artists who are interested in glass art, and to contribute to the development of contemporary Turkish glass and fine arts.

The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was opened, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world during its two days workshops and two week intensive courses, and bringing the glass friends together through exciting activities.

Our visitors have the opportunity to observe glass production – the income of which contributes to education expenses – to participate in some of the applications, to see the works by world-renowned artists and to shop at the store where hand-made glass products are sold.

The participants of two day workshops of glsss blowing, fusing, kilncasting and beadmaking, have the opportunity to apply the techniques they choose and to make their first objects out of glass.

During the two week courses taught by world renowned artists, students experience two weeks of art, glass and nature, and form new friendships. The location of the Glass Furnace also gives international students the opportunity to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of ?stanbul.

The Glass Furnace welcomes artists who wish to form training groups of their own, glass producers who need to rent a studio and individuals or corporations who wish to conduct trainings and meetings in a completely different and beautiful environment.

The Glass Furnace, as a non-profit organization, continues to encounter different cultures, experiences and backgrounds and improve the art of glass.

Ihh - Humanitarian Relief Foundation Volunteer Information

The IHH tasks and expects from its volunteers to understand the mission of the IHH and disseminate it to the society even to the entire world. IHH volunteers assume and disseminate the responsibility to work for their oppressed and aggrieved brothers and sisters rather than for the IHH in the name of brotherhood, charity and solidarity; to stand against injustice and help the aggrieved.

IHH volunteer should explain the mission of the IHH rather than praising the IHH and put emphasis on the voluntary nature of the mission. In other words, people should be urged to move in the direction of “charity and good deeds.” Because IHH volunteer is someone who utilizes his/her assets (mental or physical effort, time, value in cash, all kinds of movable and immovable properties) for the benefit of public. Volunteers are at the core of foundation’s works. Any kind of value created by volunteers is valued. Therefore, every IHH executive and personnel attach importance to and protect value and thought created by IHH volunteers.

IHH volunteer:

is “Charity and Goodness Volunteer”

acts to fulfill his/her conscientious, religious and social responsibilities against the society.

stands against any kind of oppression and injustice.

is merciful and virtuous, and calls on people to be merciful and virtuous.

sets it as an objective to extend a hand to aggrieved and needy people in his/her immediate environment and worldwide.

makes any kind of contribution (with his/her effort, abilities, any kind of movable-immovable properties, physical power, writing or saying) in the course of help and solidarity.As part of campaigns we initiate, you can bring about needs and problems of needy people in your region and urge charitable people or organizations to take action. To contribute to our activities like performing cataract operations, boarding orphans, drilling water wells, financing educational activities and providing health services, you can:

Take active part in our activities,
Make financial or in kind donations,
Organize fund-raising fairs or support such fairs,
Organize seminars, conferences, panel and other information or awareness-raising meetings or support such meetings,
Organize art exhibitions,
Help with translation works,
Distribute our campaign posters, banners and brochures in your district,
Give link to our web page on yours and help it improve.

Ihh - Humanitarian Relief Foundation In The News

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY - Upon a question on whether international aid campaigns initiated after the flood were sufficient, Azizuddin said the number of campaigns continues to ...

Turkish charity organizations campaign for Pakistan

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