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Phuket Project: Tsunami Relief In Southern Thailand Charity In Phuket Thailand

Phuket Project: Tsunami Relief In Southern Thailand

 Phuket     Thailand

http://www.phuketproject.org     << Visit Website

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Phuket Project: Tsunami Relief In Southern Thailand Charity Profile

The Phuket Project is an international volunteer organization based in New York and Bangkok, committed to helping the people affected by the tsunami disaster in Thailand.

Our goal is to support local Thai communities in Phuket and other southern provinces who may not receive the sort of high profile attention most familiar to the international media. We intend to find the small projects that will directly improve the lives of the local people - the long-term rebuilding of schools, homes, temples, and community centers. We believe that children are especially important in this recovery and therefore we are focusing on rebuilding their schools and homes.

We are starting in Phuket. The following represents our initial coordinating efforts with charitable organizations in Thailand and the United States:

The Kamala Pre-School (in partnership with the Bangkok Phuket Hospital) (learn more)
Art therapy for local children (in partnership with The ArtReach Foundation)
Rebuilding family homes
Building boats to help restart the fishing economy
Building playgrounds for children
Painting murals to improve the appearance of schools and community centers
We welcome proposals for additional projects that are consistent with our goal of supporting the families and children of Phuket and southern Thailand.

Our goal is to send teams of volunteers to southern Thailand for a minimum of 2 weeks each. Volunteers pay their own way but will have access to any discounts we have available as members of a not-for-profit organization.

100% of the donations we receive go towards the direct cost of our projects, including building materials and transportation to the building sites. We invite people of various experience to join this effort and believe we can all play a part in Southeast Asia's recovery. However, we ask volunteers to pay their own costs, and unlike most non-profit organizations, we have absolutely NO overhead. We believe we are unique in that respect, and we hope to honor the contributions of our donors by making sure that they go DIRECTLY to help the people affected by this disaster.
The goal of the Phuket Project was to support the recovery efforts of everyday people affected by December 2004 tsunami in southern Thailand. With a specific emphasis on helping children and families, the Project worked alongside local communities to help rebuild homes, schools, businesses, temples and community centers. We endeavored to find projects that lived beneath the traditional media spotlight and upheld our commitment to making sure our phyiscal and financial efforts reach those truly in need.

Phuket Project: Tsunami Relief In Southern Thailand Volunteer Information

We need people who care. It's really that simple. People who know that the recovery and rebuilding effort will last longer than the attention of the media and who want to make a difference.

Although our goal is to find people willing to travel to Phuket in the late spring and summer, we also need people who can help coordinate the program locally. We need people with experience in fundraising, media relations, corporate outreach, and marketing.

Our commitment to helping the people of Phuket means that we operate with minimal overhead and volunteer our time, energy, and efforts in support of these volunteer initiatives. We continue to solicit corporate sponsorship and support, but volunteers should be prepared to potentially cover the cost of airfare to Bangok and accommodations for two weeks in Phuket. Although we hope to secure discounted airfare and accommodations, volunteers are also encouraged to fundraise in their local communities and encourage support from friends, family, and co-workers.

Be creative. Do something that is consistent with who you are, and the sorts of communities you support. Someone had a bake sale in Kansas City; someone else is selling greeting cards in Massachusetts.

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