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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Charity In Boyd Texas

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

 Boyd     Texas

http://www.bigcat.org/     << Visit Website

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Charity Profile

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Inc. ( IEAS) was founded in Boyd, Texas in 1988 as a 501(c)(3), nonprofit tax-exempt corporation. IEAS's current mission is the care and welfare of its animal inhabitants, as well as educating the public about their needs. The inhabitants include bobcats, cougars, jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers, and bears among other species. As of April 2007, 58 felines and seven bears call IEAS home, with spacious habitats, pools and houses. The employees and volunteers who care for the animals give of their time and talents to ensure the quality of life to which they are entitled.

Our Mission: The purpose and goals of IEAS are to provide a permanent sanctuary for exotic animals that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, confiscated, or previously owned by people unwilling or unable to provide for these magnificent beings. Additionally, IEAS educates the public through school programs, tour lectures, support for conservation programs, and public appearances about the value and worth of these sensitive, intelligent and perceptive animals, so that their future, as an important part of our world, is insured. We are committed to strengthening and promoting conservation education and other avenues to foster conservation in which we can participate.

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Volunteer Information

Volunteering for the IEAS can be a very unique opportunity for individuals both helping onsite at the facility as well as virtually. We require all volunteers to commit to at least eight hours of volunteer work per month for at least a one year; the average tenure of volunteers on our current roster is three years.

Onsite work is real work; regardless of whatever temperature the weather chooses to throw at us. You name it…IEAS volunteers do it; from washing the animals’ dishes, to cleaning their enclosures, to mowing, raking, painting, giving tours and helping out with the daily feeding routine. Onsite responsibilities are commensurate with the volunteer’s overall experience and/or commitment. Onsite volunteers are able to help out seven days a week between the hours of 7am and 3pm.

Virtual or offsite volunteers help the IEAS out in many ways; our website is currently managed by a volunteer in Tennessee; we have a volunteer in New Jersey helping out with in-kind photography matting and framing services. Grant proposals, fund-raising, and writing for both internal training documents as well as our external newsletters can be perfect opportunities for virtual volunteers.

Approximately one out of twelve applications for volunteer opportunities at the IEAS are accepted; but there is not one active IEAS volunteer who would ever want to trade the experience and opportunity that the IEAS has given them.

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Donation Information

In keeping with our commitment to a quality life for the animals here at the sanctuary, we provide a diet created specifically for each animal's needs, the best veterinary care, enrichment programs for the animals, and maintain their spacious, safe habitats. Annual food costs for the 61 residents are more than $104,000. Our animal care, veterinarian care and medication costs are $70,000 annually. Providing each animal at the sanctuary with a habitat, pool, landscaping and maintenance on the habitats is $50,000 annually.

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