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Hope for the Hungry Charity In Belton Texas

Hope For The Hungry

 Belton     Texas

http://hopeforthehungry.org     << Visit Website

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Hope for the Hungry Charity Profile

Hope for the Hungry is an interdenominational ministry focusing on assisting children worldwide, and serving missionaries who have responded to God’s call to “Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World.” Hope for the Hungry was founded in 1982 by Dan and Kandy Kirkley as a result of Christ’s command to “Feed My Sheep.” The Kirkleys responded to the fact that an average of 40,000 children around the world were dying daily of malnutrition. PURPOSE STATEMENT Hope For The Hungry exists to make a substantial contribution toward “Sharing the Bread of Life with a Starving World.” That entails meeting both the spiritual and physical needs that exist among the people God has called us to serve. We stress that while physical assistance is scripturally mandated, feeding the body without feeding the spirit, ultimately, leads only to death. We also stress that it is essential to the process of world evangelization to work through Christian leaders within the group of people we are striving to reach for Jesus. A good portion of our energies, therefore, is spent in developing and encouraging promising foreign-national Christian leaders. In meeting the challenges before us, we will not be guided by “organizational affiliation,” but by “affiliation with Christ.” Also, we will endeavor to create an attitude of cooperation between mission organizations, churches, and individual Christians. We emphasize that in order for an organization to be the viable entity God intends for it to be it must be composed of the body of Christ, functioning as God intends the body to function. There must not exist a “one-man” team!. We promote and encourage recognition of our own place and the place of others in the body. We practice praying and caring for each other as two of the many privileges that accompany membership in the body of Christ. We emphasize the practice of intercessory prayer by our actions and through encouraging others in the practice of it. This is especially true of world evangelization and for those involved in that effort. The Law of the First Fruits is a principle by which we are pleased to abide. As an organization, we give a tithe of all non-designated funds to Christian work which is not necessarily directly related to Hope For The Hungry. God has blessed us financially in our efforts to “Share the Bread of Life.” It is, therefore, our intention and goal to remain debt free. We also believe that the Biblical admonition to do all things “decently and in order” particularly applies to Christian organizations. We, therefore, welcome opportunities to demonstrate scriptural accountability. While we stress that each employee of Hope For The Hungry will be responsible for raising his or her own support, we believe that it is the responsibility of the organization to provide spiritual as well as physical assistance in obtaining that support. Additionally, it is appropriate for the organization to provide the necessary tools for that person to properly perform the task at hand. We also diligently endeavor to establish appropriate minimum and maximum support levels for each geographic area and work responsibility in order to assure a moderate living for each employee. As we minister in other parts of the world, we believe it to be essential that virtually all programs be directed by the men and women from the host country who have a vision to win their lost to Christ. As much, therefore, as possible, Hope For The Hungry will own no property in other countries and will endeavor to work through indigenous leadership. When we, as Americans, go to other countries we must go as servants! We cannot take our cultural baggage and deposit it on other’s doorsteps. We must be willing to adapt to their culture, not vice versa. Those who are sent by Hope For The Hungry will be trained to be sensitive to other cultures. We believe that physical assistance which produces long-term dependence on man is inappropriate. Undertaking projects to help people will, therefore, include means of assisting them to establish their own support systems. We believe a sound planning process to be an essential part of being successful in our endeavors. The scriptures reveal God to be a wise planner: we are, also, encouraged to be wise planners. And yet, we must never forget that God must be able to “Direct our steps.” (Proverbs 3:6) At Hope For The Hungry, we strive diligently to be sensitive to God’s voice and direction.

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