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Kids Of Africa Charity In Lachen Switzerland

Kids Of Africa

 Lachen     Switzerland

http://www.kids-of-africa.com     << Visit Website

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Kids Of Africa Charity Profile

Kids of Africa is about providing a sense of belonging, a home to come back to and creating friendships to help kids grow. Why it takes a village to raise a child. Chances are - a kid that is welcomed at our village at Kids of Africa - has looked death in the eye before the age of 3. The kids in our family come from the bleakest and most despairing situations imaginable. All of them come malnourished and ill, and some of them have been marked for life by HIV. Our kids have either lost their parents and natural families or have been abandoned by desperate parents or relatives.Their start in life could not possibly have been grimmer or more challenging.

Kids of Africa has set out to better their lives and give them a fair second chance at what most of us would consider "normal"/ god-given: to grow up peacefully with enough to eat, the right to an education and health care in order to become a self reliant, functional part of society.

Visitors to our village at the beautiful and peaceful shore of Lake Victoria willfind that the place bursts with joyfulness, laughter and play. Our mothers and in fact all members of the Kids of Africa family at the village receive our kids with open arms and give them the kind of love and warmth they need to grow strong and to flourish. They apply themselves - as only mothers can - to transforming inevitable misery and despair into happiness and hope.

We aim to support our mothers and their little families as best as we can by adopting our core principle in everything we do: "We are family"!

Families are the oldest and most universal building blocks of any human society. Families share resources and provide a sense of belonging, a home to come back to and friendship and support to help everyone to grow and develop. This is the inspiration that started Kids of Africa in 2003.

Kids Of Africa Volunteer Information

Become a volunteer
To apply for the position as a volunteer you should send a short curriculum vitae in English which explains where you have gone to school and where you have worked before. You should also write up a short “letter of motivation” that explains a little bit why you want to go and what you hope to achieve. Your hobbies could be an important bit of information for us as we might find some skills useful that you might not even think about – in the context of our village.
If you plan to spend most of your time working, playing and caring for our kids and our mothers, we will ask you to stay at least for 6 month at our village. Most children will feel very attached to you very quickly and it is very confusing for them to make friends who leave again after too short a time.
You might plan and carry out a special project - based on your skills as teacher, an engineer, a doctor, a biologist, agriculture specialist, craftsperson etc. In this case the minimum amount of time would be the time needed to finish this project. And, you would still get lots of time with our kids!

Our volunteers have achieved a lot for us:

They have built our fantastic playground

They have educated us in children and adult fitness

They have trained our staff in "management by objective" and set up an administrative system

They helped set up our organic farm and start milk production
and they have given lots and lots and lots of love and hugs to all of our children!
Volunteers have to be able to cover all costs related to their stay at our village – including cost of travel, cost of insurance, vaccinations, other medical bills etc. Kids of Africa will provide room and board at the village and will be responsible to apply for an official work permit for each volunteer. Kids of Africa reserves the right to terminate any volunteer ship at any time

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