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Wolf Forest Protection Movement Charity In Tulcik Slovakia

Wolf Forest Protection Movement

 Tulcik     Slovakia

http://www.wolf.sk     << Visit Website

Coverage:  International

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Wolf Forest Protection Movement Charity Profile

Biosphere consists of large amount of living species and individuals of various organisms. They live here long before human, they had created communities, societies and acquired colective memory to live over various life traps. During bilions years, there arised immense life net on the Earth, where organisms communicate each other, cooperate, fight against one another and so create one – biosphere.

That all happened without any credit of man. Man hasn't construct the biosphere, he don't understand it nor repair it. He can only accept it and cooperate with it. That Something, built and present without man contribution, is called wildness.

Something man didn't form, he shouldn't even destroy. First of all, wildness has its own value, for its beauty, persistence to live, for its perfection growing for bilions of years.
Wildness is the cultural heritage of the Earth, its like portrait of old master with no one to paint it again.

The survival of humankind depends on the appropriate functioning of natural ecosystems, including forests, in both the near and distant future. Forests are the evolutionary home for the evolutionary heritage of the majority species on Earth. Saving this heritage is the only people will be able to face their future with dignity.

Since there are no such protected areas in Slovakia, where any human activity would be excluded, and hunting and logging take place in each national park and reserve, WOLF is creating a network of private reserves, in which plants and animals have the possibility to evolve their environment towards maximum stability without any human intervention and to live their own proper and undisturbed lives. We call this network Evolution forests®. Our long-term vision is a network of an area of 4,000 km2 (1,500 square miles).

Wolf Forest Protection Movement Volunteer Information

You can make regular monitoring of forests and reserves, to take part in brigády in the woods, collect signatures under a petition, to assist infostánkoch whether to lend a hand in the office. May be particularly helpful and your work, knowledge, contacts. We welcome the logistical and material support in organizing summer camps, lectures, events. Last but not least, are important to us information with which to us can go at any time.
In Slovakia, there is no effective protection of urban green. We urge legislators to the law on the protection of nature and landscape introduced the obligation of towns and villages to declare part of urban greenery as a protected green. Exclude a particular area protected the security greenery from such a regime could be the obecním referendum.
Slovakia is currently can take advantage of all forests. Even in the forests, which are in national parks and reserves the most severe. We urge legislators to the law on forests and the law on the protection of nature and landscape protection ensuring the protection of forests in such a way that created the territory of Slovakia, which will not benefit under any circumstances. This rule may not be possible exceptions and the exclusion of the territory of such a protection regime would be possible only by changing the law.

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