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Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone Charity In Freetown Sierra Leone

Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone

 Freetown     Sierra Leone

http://www.grm-sl.org     << Visit Website

Categories:  ChildrenCommunity ServiceHunger/Poverty, [ View All ]

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Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone Charity Profile

The idea of GRM-SL was dreamt up in late 2006 by a then 23 year old Briton Kirsty Wood and 25 year old Sierra Leonean Mohamed Jaward. They secured their first funds in June 2007 and have since been working to actively promote the rights and development of some of Sierra Leone's most vulnerable youth, women and children. Our mission is to serve the most vulnerable in society - youth, women and children.

Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone Volunteer Information

Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone. Empowering Youth, Women and Children.
Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone (GRM-SL). We like to be upfront with interested volunteers straight away. As such, we have included below all the practical things you need to consider before choosing GRM-SL.

Who we are looking for
• People who are willing to get ‘stuck in’ with any task they are given. Some days we may need help with typing, other days we may need help with ICT lessons and other days we may need you to join our project officers in conducting HIV/AIDS sensitizations or counseling for homeless youths! We need people to be flexible and understanding, willing to take on any task that comes their way
• People who are friendly and enthusiastic
• People who have no expectations
• People who have creative ideas and who can think outside the box.
• People who have vision and who truly believe in the work that GRM-SL is doing
• People who care about helping others more than simply building their CV (although you will also be able to build your CV from this experience!)
• People who genuinely want to contribute to the development of GRM-SL
• People who understand that GRM-SL is a small newly formed organization. As a young organization we have a small capacity and much to learn!

What we can offer you
• A welcoming environment
• A invaluable experience of working at the grassroots close to the beneficiaries
• First hand experiences of working on small scale development projects
• The opportunity to see the ‘real’ Sierra Leone: you will not just be stuck in an air conditioned office with lots of other expats!
• A enhancement to your CV
• A reference at the end of your placement

The work
You will be working as officers on some of our projects featured on the ‘current project’ section of the website. You will also likely be involved in doing needs assessments, writing funding proposals and assisting GRM-SL staff in the everyday running of the charity.
Some weeks you will be very busy, other weeks you may only have 2-4 days work to do so you will have plenty of time to do your own things and explore the country if you wish!

Projects are added all the time so you may find you will be working on another project when you arrive. What is important is that you are flexible and willing to get stuck in, whatever the project may be.

Global Rescue Mission Sierra Leone In The News

Kirsty realises African dream

1020 days ago From Press and Journal   View Archived Article

ABERDEEN, U K - The charity has been involved in a number of projects including helping street children find homes and establishing links between schools in Sierra Leone ...

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