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Living Hope Charity In Vladivostok Russia

Living Hope

 Vladivostok     Russia

http://www.livinghope.org.nz     << Visit Website

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Living Hope Charity Profile

The streets of Vladivostok, Russia, are home to countless numbers of children.

The statistics are bleak. Children as young as five years old hazard an existence alone on the cold and merciless streets of the city. This is a place where facing homes full of neglect, abuse or alcoholism from their caregivers, children have opted or are forced into a life of begging, bitter cold winters, sleeping in rubbish dumpsters and in basements of abandoned buildings and endless hunger.

The conditions are appalling. Girls and boys as young as eight become prostitutes and beggars. Turning to solvents and alcohol themselves, the endless circle continues. The children mere annoyances under the feet of the bypasser!

Here is the reality for countless children, the forgotten children of the streets of Vladivostok, Russia.

Children forgotten, with no future, no aspirations and mostly no hope!

In 1998, one woman set out to change this. Rachael Hughes efforts’ began what is now known as LIVINGHOPE, a charitable organisation that helps give the street children of Vladivostok, the life they deserve.

Through LIVINGHOPE, children are fed, clothed, encouraged, educated and given the ability to see their potential. Facilities and funds are scarce. Yet LIVINGHOPE’s Day Centre and holiday camps are making a huge difference. Thanks to the efforts of Rachael Hughes and her dedicated team in Vladivostok, hope now exists where once there was none…

In 1999, the Vladivostok Homeless Children’s Rehabilitation Society, LIVINGHOPE, was registered as a charitable organisation. Being officially recognised was the first step in making a real difference.

With a Board of Administration, five full-time Russian staff as well as local and overseas volunteers, LIVINGHOPE continues to meet an ever-increasing number of children in need of a new beginning.

Today LIVINGHOPE’s activities are numerous and diverse, and help both street children and their families in whatever way is seen to be most effective for reaching them, getting them off the streets and changing their lives.

Living Hope Volunteer Information

Living Hope accepts short term volunteers, contact our New Zealand office for further details.

Living Hope Donation Information

Funds is required for the following areas of operation:
Monthly operational costs - Russia
Includes 8 full time staff
Utilities (power and phone)
Vehicle operating costs

Refurbishment costs - Russia
Continued funds are required to finish the 24 hour shelter,
including tiling, building new walls, roofing, commercial equipment etc

Shelter daily essentials - Russia
Clothing, food, educational and medical supplies

Humanitarian aid - Russia
Assistance in costs to offer aid to families, including obtaining passports, and school fees

Income support - Rachael
Currently Rachael’s income is reliant on donors, and is only a fraction of her actual living costs.

Income support - NZ administration
Income cover for a full time administrator and team is required to help keep Living Hope’s good works going.

Donation Options:   

Checks, Money Order, Credit Card, Recurring, PayPal, Cash, Online, Assets, Vehicle, Bequest Legacy, Memorial, Pledges, Grant, Direct Debit

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