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East Coast Greenway Alliance Charity In Wakefield Rhode Island

East Coast Greenway Alliance

 Wakefield     Rhode Island

http://www.greenway.org/     << Visit Website

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East Coast Greenway Alliance Charity Profile

Walkers, cyclists, and other trail advocates have joined forces around an audacious project, a 3,000 mile traffic-free path linking East Coast cities from Maine to Florida. Launched 14 years ago, this vision for an urban alternative to the highly popular Appalachian Trail is now 21% built as an off-road route. In 2007 we will unveil our continuous route, with on-road routing linking completed off-road sections. The East Coast Greenway is the nation's first long-distance urban trail system; a city-to-city transportation corridor for cyclists, hikers, and other non-motorized users. By connecting existing and planned trails, a continuous, safe, green route 3,000 miles long is being formed linking Calais, Maine at the Canadian border with Key West, Florida. It incorporates waterfront esplanades, park paths, abandoned railroad corridors, canal towpaths, and highway corridors, and in many areas it it temporarily follows streets and roads to link these completed trail sections together.

Already, 21% of this route is along off-road trail and the aim is for it to be entirely off-road and traffic-free. The East Coast Greenway Alliance will continue to work toward that end until it is 100% off-road. Obviously, that will take many years, much as the Appalachian Trail has taken decades to be moved off-road. Many people are surprised to learn that the Appalachian Trail was largely on road too in the beginning!

Our route will be an urban alternative to the Appalachian Trail, located in the flat coastal plain instead of up on the ridgeline of the Appalachains, and going through the heart of the 25 major cities along the eastern seaboard. It will offer a varied landscape, passing at times in the shadows of skyscrapers, at times winding through suburban neighborhoods, but also will often take the user into the surprisingly rural areas that still exist within our east coast Megalopolis. It will enable residents to travel short distances from their homes to local points of interest, and tourists to travel for a few days or even weeks to explore the rich history and culture within the East Coast region.

East Coast Greenway Alliance Volunteer Information

People are helping to create the East Coast Greenway in many ways. Here are a few ways you can help, too:
Become a member of the East Coast Greenway Alliance. We always welcome new members. A larger constituency gives us a louder voice when calling for creation of new trails along our route.
Become an ECG Ambassador in New England.Get active with your state committee. At the forefront of the East Coast Greenway project are our 16 state committees. They're taking the lead in orchestrating trail projects all along the ECG corridor, and they're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers! .

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