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Asociacion Solac Charity In Lima Peru

Asociacion Solac

 Lima     Peru

http://www.asociacionsolac.org     << Visit Website

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Asociacion Solac Charity Profile

Asociacion SOLAC was founded in 2001, under the name "La Causa." Since then it has been directed by a group of young people, of varying disciplines, from the Facultad de Estudios Generales Letras of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

The first projects were short term, projects in which aid resources were delivered to needy communities in and around Lima. By means of small fund-raising activities, the organization gathered clothing, books, and other items of basic necessity for these communities. Simultaneously, the organization carried out small workshops and recreational activities in those areas.

Little by little, SOLAC matured and became more institutionalized. Work continued through 2004-2005 when SOLAC brought a photo exhibition, entitled "Yuyanapaq" to the University of Virginia, detailing the twenty years of political violence in Peru. This exposť was accompanied by talks and films linked to the theme of human rights in general. SOLAC brought a similar event to the College of William and Mary the following year, also yielding positive results.

The following year, SOLAC conducted a diagnostic survey in the east of Lima, with the intent of identifying populations whose basic needs were not being met, and who were living in states of extreme poverty. In this way, an exhaustive diagnostic was completed in a brick-producing area, in the district of Chosica Lurigancho, situated in the east "cone" of Lima. The duration of the study was eight months. Surveys and interviews were carried out, focus groups were implemented, as well as other techniques aimed at collecting statistics.

The results and statistics yielded by our diagnostic served as a platform for the design and subsequent execution of the project, Biblioteca Comunitaria Alto Peru.

In 2006, following the commitment to Alto Peru, SOLAC expanded to include new volunteer staff members from the University of Virginia. These volunteers have provided both on-site support and administrative and financial support for the organization from abroad.

Since, SOLAC has continued to work with international students and local organizations to support the community in Alto Peru, and to develop other projects, specifically in Santa Cruz de Flores and Tupe, areas devastated by the earthquake, which struck southern Peru in August, 2007.

SOLAC is currently in the planning stages of a collaborative micro-finance project with a group of European students.

Asociacion Solac Volunteer Information

Lastly, SOLAC is always looking for volunteers who wish to travel to Peru to support our projects.

Asociacion Solac Donation Information

SOLAC is entirely dependent upon the charitable donations of individuals who share our commitment to social justice and sustainable development. At the present time, we are fundraising to continue our support and presence in the community of Tupe, which was devastated by an earthquake in August, 2007.

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