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Crossroads Rescue Mission Charity In Shelby North Carolina

Crossroads Rescue Mission

 Shelby     North Carolina

http://crossroadsrescuemission.org     << Visit Website

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Crossroads Rescue Mission Charity Profile

Crossroads Rescue Mission was begun in 2001 By Brother Rocky Shelton, A man who had experienced firsthand the devastating effects of drug addiction in his life. In the 1980ís, in a desperate need to support his addiction, he committed an armed robbery of a drug store to obtain drugs. Arrested for this crime, charged with armed robbery and several counts of kidnapping, he was facing Life + 40 years in prison.

Awaiting trial for these charges, he began reading the Bible and when encountering the scripture in Isaiah 53:7 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. After this, he went forward and pled guilty for the crimes he had committed and was convicted. By Godís mercy he was sentenced to three years in prison. While in prison, he devoted himself to Bible study and when he was reunited with his family at the end of his sentence, became a member of a local church and has been serving God faithfully since.

When Brother Rocky was legally able, he returned to the same prisons where he had spent his time to witness to the men he knew to be lost. After several years of prison ministry, he was invited to the Durham Rescue Mission in Durham, NC. After seeing the work done by Reverend Ernie Mills and his wife Gail in Durham, talking and spending time with the residents and learning what the ministry of the Mission entailed, he knew that God had called him to provide a similar service to the people of Cleveland County, NC.

Brother Rocky Shelton and his wife of 30+ years, Mrs. Deborah Shelton have worked tirelessly to provide a warm welcome environment for men who are seeking to change their lives and heal their families. Sometimes the going is tough, but real change in a life only comes about with hard work and dependence upon God for his strength in carrying us through the process of change.

By removing the stresses of the outside world for even a brief time, we help our residents focus on that ever so important relationship with God. Based on the principles laid out for us in the Bible, we are able to restructure our lives in a manner where drugs and alcohol have no place. We begin to value the important and lasting relationships with God, family and true friendships.

Not only are the men of our region suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, but many women struggle with this battle as well. We have been working to establish women's mission on a two acre property in Gaffney, SC. We continue with renovations to this property and are trusting in the Lord to allow us to open this facility in the coming year.

Crossroads Rescue Mission is a 45 bed, faith based, long-term residential recovery center for people with addictions. We believe in treating the whole man, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.
Clients are accepted ďas they are;Ē frequently homeless or about to become homeless, some with only the possessions they are wearing or carrying.There is never a charge to our residents for the services provided here at the Mission. We are supported by the generosity of individuals, churches, businesses, and partly through the operation of our two thrift stores.Crossroads Rescue Mission is a working Mission. That is we believe that a man needs to be contributing to his own care and upkeep, and part of that responsibility is to contribute his talent and labor to the Mission while he is a resident here. The therapeutic value of this acceptance of responsibility is beyond measure as a man is able to gain his self esteem by accepting Gods purpose and will for his life. Please read on for further information about Crossroads and how we can help you or a loved one find the will of God for your life and introduce you to a loving savior who can DELIVER YOU FROM YOUR SINS and destructive, weary lifestyle.

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