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Waikato Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Charity In Hamilton New Zealand

Waikato Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

 Hamilton     New Zealand

http://waikato.spca.net.nz     << Visit Website

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Waikato Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Charity Profile

Our mission is to advance the welfare of all animals in New Zealand by:

Preventing cruelty to animals
Alleviating suffering of animals
Promoting our policies through education and advocacy
Despite generous donations of goods from the public and hundreds of volunteer hours, it takes more than half a million dollars a year to operate the Waikato SPCA and it's services to the community. And although our animal welfare inspectors are government appointed, we do not receive government funding. We have all the normal costs of running a business, like wages, power, communications, vehicle running costs, security, repairs & maintenance, and stationery. But unlike other businesses, most of our services are provided free.

The Waikato Inspectorate
Based in Hamilton, the Waikato branch of the SPCA covers a huge area, from Huntly to Cambridge, Raglan to Te Aroha, and everywhere in between. Our inspectors cover the whole region responding to reports of animal abuse, neglect, injury, and endangerment. They rescue stuck and injured animals, give advice to pet owners, issue warnings and make follow up visits to check compliance, and sometimes they need to uplift animals from unsuitable and unsafe situations. We are also involved in prosecuting extreme cases of animal neglect or abuse; adding legal expenses to our list of costs.

Animal Haven Services
Our Animal Haven at 219 Ellis Street in Hamilton is where the inspectors and the public bring injured, neglected, and abandoned animals from across the region to receive treatment, be nursed back to health, and hopefully find them new forever homes. During their time at the Haven, they all need feeding & exercising, warmth & shelter, grooming & enrichment, and training & rehabilitation to ready them for re-homing. The number of animals being surrendered by owners who can no longer afford to feed and provide medical care for their beloved pets has risen dramatically during the recession, putting further strain on our resources over the last 18 months. We also work with Councils' Animal Control centers to take animals waiting for re-homing when they can no longer have space for them.

Vet Care & Medical Costs
Many, if not most of the animals we see are brought in suffering from ill health or injury of some description. Abandoned kittens & puppies suffering from malnutrition, worms, fleas, or parvo virus; neglected dogs with mange; victims of car accidents with broken bones or internal injuries; farm animals with overgrown hooves and diseases; As well as some tender loving care from our staff & fosterers, these animals need pain medication, require scans, x-rays & tests, anaesthetic & surgery, medicine & dressings, and vaccinations.

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