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Saba Conservation Foundation Charity In The Bottom Netherlands Antilles

Saba Conservation Foundation

 The Bottom     Netherlands Antilles

http://www.sabapark.org/     << Visit Website

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Saba Conservation Foundation Charity Profile

Institutionalized forms of nature conservation in Saba date back to 1987, when the first protected area, the Saba Marine Park, was established and when the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) was incorporated. In developing policy and legislation for nature conservation and management, the Island Government works closely with the Saba Conservation Foundation, a private non-profit foundation. Furthermore, the SCF fulfills an important role as advisory body for Government and as management agency for protected areas.

The SCF has also been designated by Government as the management agency for the extensive trail system on the island. Although this is not a conservation activity per se, it is important to conservation in that a well-managed trail system promotes eco-tourism and stimulates conservation awareness.

At present the only conservation legislation in place on Saba is the Marine Environment Ordinance (1987), which designated the Saba Marine Park, its zoning and regulations. However, once the Federal Ordinance Nature Conservation comes into force, the Island Government should be able to respond fairly quickly with its corresponding Island Ordinance Nature Conservation. The template for such an Island Ordinance is available, there is a clear idea about species that need to be protected through this ordinance, and there is reasonable agreement about the areas to be designated as protected areas.

Saba Conservation Foundation Volunteer Information

The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) is a well-established and recognized organisation not only on the island of Saba, but throughout the Caribbean and abroad. Work experience gained as a volunteer here will be useful in many areas, which may include; preparation for study in biology, marine biology or environmental science, teaching, adult education, early childhood education, social program planning, project management and more.

The SCF manages two major programs, on land and in the sea. As a motivated volunteer, you can assist with developing and furthering these areas of environmental protection.

The land program gives you the opportunity to carry out various tasks, like maintain hiking trails, build foot paths, upkeep and assist staff of the trail shop, which provides tourist information on local flora, fauna and the network of trails. Your suggestions and creativity to develop our environmental education programs in the form of lectures, workshops, games and special events, at schools and in the community, would be much appreciated.

The marine program offers activities in and around the ocean. Volunteers may help out with maintenance of the moorings, monitoring the status of the reefs, conducting environmental education sessions for the local schools, the community and the Saba Sea Scouts program.

Volunteer projects run for 2 to maximum 3 months.

Saba Conservation Foundation Donation Information

The Saba Conservation Foundation gratefully acknowledges the help of all its supporters. Individuals and companies assist us by lending a hand or through donations. We would like to thank all our previous and current supporters.

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Checks, Money Order

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