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Nepal For Volunteer Charity In Pokhara Nepal

Nepal For Volunteer

 Pokhara     Nepal

http://www.volunteernepal.com/     << Visit Website

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Nepal For Volunteer Charity Profile

Volunteer Nepal was formed in 2004 to better serve and enhance the relationship between the Nepalese people and volunteers who seek a heartfelt, profound, and life-changing experience.

The organization is headed by Michael Hess, an American living out his dream of helping those less fortunate.

Volunteer Nepal came to being after Michael Hess celebrated turning 50 with a month's stay in a small village in Nepal. The village Trisoli awakened in him the never completely dormant desire to travel to a Himalayan country and volunteer his time.

While in Trisoli Michael met two lovely young children, Sangita and Saroj. The sister and brother formed an immediate bond with Michael and accompanied him at the end of his stay to Kathmandu, where he placed them in a boarding school. Michael then returned to the States, where he put his affairs in order, placed his property on the market and made a mad dash back to Nepal and his two new children.

It wasn’t long after his return when Michael discovered an orphanage in Dhapasi, which he raised from despair to one of the nicest homes in all of Kathmandu. Please visit www.nepalorphanshome.org for more information about it.

At Volunteer Nepal we are dedicated and well equipped to arrange for volunteers to come to Nepal and be completely immersed in the culture. Through our placement of the volunteers in the homes of Nepalese families, where they share the daily life experience of the average Nepalese while working in their particular community, side by side, the volunteer will be rewarded with learning quite a bit about themselves and their role on this planet. Most leave with their life's compass pointing clear and strong to a new direction in their lives.

Nepal is beautiful, diverse, and exotic, and the people are unforgettable. Your time here will be spent safely, surrounded by a community grateful for your presence.

Nepal For Volunteer Volunteer Information

Volunteer programs are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas. Below are some of the assignments:

Teach at a School
Assist at an Orphanage

Improve Community Health and Environmental Awareness

Work at a Homeless Shelter

School and Community Maintenance

Village Planting and Harvesting

Audit with Journalists and Reporters in Kathmandu

Cultural Exchange

Record Oral Histories, Legends, and Myths in Village Life

Assist in Rural Village Medical Centers

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your interest to a specific plan. If your interest or expertise should fall outside the scope of the above listings, then we would request that you inform us of that 6 weeks in advance of when you want to serve, so that we can design a specific program for you.

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