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Children's Welfare Home Of Nepal Charity In Lalitpur Nepal

Children's Welfare Home Of Nepal

 Lalitpur     Nepal

http://www.childwh.org     << Visit Website

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Children's Welfare Home Of Nepal Charity Profile

Children Welfare Home ( C W H ) was established in 1995 to support abandoned, orphan, destitute and other helpless children children by providing shelter, education, medical care and vocational training so that they can be good and independent citizens of Nepal.
It is a Non-Governmental, non-political and equal opportunity organization registered in Lalitpur District office. The CWH is affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC). Our objective is to provide a family environment, health-care and other facilities to children from poverty-stricken families, children abandoned by their parents, and orphans. We also ensure that they are provided proper education in government or private schools.
Financially it relies solely on private donations, occasional assistance from the private NGOs, INGOs and its own fund raising activities.

Our objectives

- To provide shelter to helpless and orphan children.

- To provide financial assistance to children to enable them to live in their homes and receive proper education,

- To provide for the costs of education and support children`s vocational education so as to make them self-reliant in their future life,

- To provide health-care and other facilities for the children living in our Home,

- To ensure that the children at CWH receive a quality education.

Children's Welfare Home Of Nepal Volunteer Information

Over the years we have had a number of volunteers working with us and our children. On our part, we can say that working with volunteers has proved to be a culturally and spiritually rewarding experience for us. They have helped us in many ways, by teaching our children English, talking about their culture, teaching our children new games, or helping the management with administration and planning for the CWH. There have been some cases, when our volunteer helped finding the best doctor for our ill children or bought medicines not affordable by our Home.

All volunteers are welcome to teach the children (English or other subjects), help with exam preparation, or engage them in extracurricular activities. The times of these sessions and activities has to be adjusted to the school routine of the children. Our children usually get up at 6 a.m. and start getting prepared for school that starts between 9-9.30 a.m. depending on the school they attend. There is an opportunity to give morning lessons in our classroom.

The cost and payment of the Volunteer placement are detailed in the downloadable Volunteer Agreement. We offer airport pick-up, orientation in Kathmandu, accommodation, free meals, and of course guidance and help for the Volunteer for the duration of his/her placement at the CWH.

Children's Welfare Home Of Nepal Donation Information

Individual sponsorship for a child: Our children need proper accommodation and food to be able to study at school.Education sponsorship: You can also choose to support only the education of the child. If you do not wish to sponsor a particular child, you can decide to help us by contributing to the operational costs of the CWH.

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