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Garnet Preservation Association Charity In Missoula Montana

Garnet Preservation Association

 Missoula     Montana

http://www.garnetghosttown.net     << Visit Website

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Garnet Preservation Association Charity Profile

The mission of the Garnet Preservation Association is to promote public awareness and appreciation of Montana history through the interpretation, preservation, and stabilization of the Garnet Historic District.

The Garnet Preservation Association is a non-profit organization of concerned Montana citizens dedicated to protect and preserve Garnet Ghost Town for all with the partnership of the Bureau of Land Management
Garnet is quite different from the rip-roaring frontier gold-mining towns in Montana such as Bannack and Virginia City with their lawlessness, vigilantes, and extra-legal hangings. The ghosts of Garnet sleep well. For one thing, Garnet was settled three decades after these early placer-mining towns. The gold mines that gave rise to the town of Garnet were hard-rock mines that demanded entrepreneurs with access to industrial equipment. Hundreds of miners brought their families to live at the top of the long, steep grade from the Northern Pacific Railroad stop at Bearmouth. Many businesses thrived on Main Street. More than 50 children attended the school.

The men worked hard, without electricity, with only steam engines and hand tools, removing more than 60,000 ounces of gold, 50,000 ounces of silver, and 60,000 ounces of copper before the rich veins of minerals were tapped out. Garnet was mostly left to the memories and the ghosts when the town's remaining merchant, Frank Davey, died in 1947.

The Bureau of Land Management and the Garnet Preservation Association work together to preserve many original buildings, including the stately Wells Hotel, for posterity. Behind the scenes at Garnet, workers stabilize the old buildings to keep them from falling down. The goal is to retain the ghostly nature of the abandoned buildings while preserving the roofs from caving in and the walls from giving away.

This summer brought visitors from every region of the United States, plus tourists from France, Holland, Germany, Japan, the UK, and other countries.

Improving Garnet's infrastructure -- building a new visitors' center -- will make the town an even more attractive destination. We hope you will join with us, become a member of the Garnet Preservation Association or a donor to this great cause, keeping history alive

Garnet Preservation Association Volunteer Information

The Bureau of Land Management is offering persons interested in the management of Garnet Ghost Town an opportunity to participate in its volunteer program during the summer.

Volunteers can assist the professional recreation staff with any or all of the following management activities:

Provide visitor information
Maintenance and Stabilization of historic structures.
Lead tours of the ghost town.
Merchandise sales at visitor center.
Assist with the development of interpretive signs and exhibits.
Assist with brushing and cutting trails.
The BLM will provide lodging in town and a small stipend. Lodging is in a primitive log cabin with a propane refrigerator, cook stoves, and lights but no electricity or running water.

Volunteers will be insured against injuries sustained while on the job through federal workman's compensation and will be covered under laws related to the Tort Claims Act.

Volunteer positions are available from June 1 to September 30. The BLM requests a minimum of one month's commitment

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