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Missouri Association for Social Welfare MASW Charity In Jefferson City Missouri

Missouri Association For Social Welfare Masw

 Jefferson City     Missouri

http://www.masw.org     << Visit Website

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Missouri Association for Social Welfare MASW Charity Profile

It is the mission of MASW to provide the leadership, research, education and advocacy to improve public policies and programs impacting the health and welfare of all people in Missouri.

MASW envisions Missouri becoming a more just, equitable and democratic society that assures every person’s health, safety, security, independence, human rights, dignity and the opportunity to reach full potential.

MASW is a citizen membership organization founded in 1901. Organized in the Progressive Era, it started in St. Louis as the Missouri Conference on Corrections and Charities. It was mostly a statewide professional forum for philanthropists, government employees of human services agencies, and private charity professionals. For the first decade its activities consisted mostly of meeting once a year to discuss social problems and read papers.

In 1910, the first legislative committee under the of leadership of Roger Baldwin, subsequent founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, MASW became a more activist organization. It began advocating for changes in public policy to improve social conditions. Among its first major successes was the creation of the Widow's Pension Program, a pilot project in Jackson County, Missouri, which spread around the country and became the model for the national Aid to Dependent Children Program passed in the Social Security Act of 1935. MASW has remained a vigorous advocate throughout this century. Indeed not a year has passed in this century when some social policy change did not bear the mark of MASW advocacy.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare MASW Volunteer Information

We have volunteer opportunities available. Please visit our website for more information.

Missouri Association for Social Welfare MASW Donation Information

By supporting MASW with a financial contribution, you actively encourage policymakers to adhere to Missouri’s state motto: “The Welfare of the People Shall be the Supreme Law.” We believe whole-heartedly in that motto and work very hard to ensure that a strong voice for social justice is heard in the capitol and across the state.

In addition, by making a financial contribution to MASW you will enable us to continue producing forums and events hosted by local MASW chapters, updates and reports from MASW task forces, research publications, up-to-date Legislative Updates when the Missouri General Assembly is in session, as well as our highly popular Annual Conference.

Donation Options:   

Credit Card, Recurring, Online

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