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Mendenhall Ministries Charity In Mendenhall Mississippi

Mendenhall Ministries

 Mendenhall     Mississippi

http://www.mendenhallministries.org     << Visit Website

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Mendenhall Ministries Charity Profile

The Mendenhall Ministries, (TMM), is the social outreach arm of the Mendenhall Bible Church, (MBC), a non-denominational, predominantly black church located in Mendenhall Mississippi. Though a ministry of MBC, TMM was separately incorporated as a non-profit 501(C)(3) tax-exempt corporation in 1981, and is governed by a national board of directors.

The Mendenhall Ministries exists to demonstrate the love of Christ to at-risk individuals and families through meeting and/or addressing their spiritual, social, intellectual, economic and physical needs and to facilitate reconciliation in the body of Christ.

Beginning in the 1960ís, under the name of Voice of Calvary Ministries, (VOC), the ministry was started out of a concern about the appalling conditions faced by the poor black community in this rural Mississippi area. The vision attracted other concerned people, and grew into a ministry known for providing progressive local leadership within the community to address problems of poor housing, segregated and unequal education, lack of employment opportunities, and lack of capital-trapping institutions within the black community. In recognition of a job well done, former President George W. Bush presented TMM with the number 541 Daily Point of Light Aware in 1991.

Over the past 48 years TMM has facilitated the development of a 120-acre farm, a Christian school-GOCS, the first Head Start program in the county, the Simpson County Land Fund, a recreation center, a thrift store, a law office, a health center, low-income housing, and elderly housing. TMM also developed and operated the Pastors Development Ministry and a youth leadership development program. These community institutions and programs not only provide services to the local population in Simpson and surrounding Counties, but also serve as models for other communities to learn from. Through its volunteer ministry, over 1,000 individuals representing over 30 organizations, nation-wide, are exposed to Christian community development annually. Many of these individuals return to their communities and replicate what they see and learn at TMM. The following ministries are among those that were developed using TMM as their model:

Lawndale Community Church Ministry, Chicago, IL
Voice of Hope Ministries, Dallas, TX
Emerald City Outreach Ministries, Seattle WA
Neighborhood Ministries, Denver CO
Mt. Olive Ministries, Mt. Olive, MS
Alfa & Omega Academy, Morton, MS

Mendenhall Ministries Volunteer Information

The Volunteer Ministry has a two-fold mission:

To promote reconciliation across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds; and
To provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in ministry in rural Mississippi.
TMM averages 700 volunteers annually. Volunteers usually come in groups.

Volunteers typically come from sponsored churches, schools, or colleges and work for one week. They provide critical service in the following areas:

Genesis One Christian School
The Farm
Home Repairs & Renovations
Campus Facilities

Volunteers are accommodated in TMMís Volunteer Center which has a fully equipped kitchen; a dinning/sitting area, and a screened deck. The sleeping area is composed of six (gender specific baths and toilets), barrack-styled rooms with double-decked beds. The Center can accommodate up to 100 volunteers.

Mendenhall Ministries Donation Information

There are two ways to give to The Mendenhall Ministries

* By Mail
* Online Donations: Paypal or MC, VI, AMEX, DC

By Mail
You may mail your contribution (Check or Money Order) to:

The Mendenhall Ministries
P. O. Box 368
Mendenhall, MS 39114

To send donations via the secure Paypal just click on the Donate button on our website. You will be able to enter the amount of your donation.

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