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Center For Ecological Technology Charity In Pittsfield Massachusetts

Center For Ecological Technology

 Pittsfield     Massachusetts

http://www.cetonline.org     << Visit Website

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Center For Ecological Technology Charity Profile

Since 1976, the Center for Ecological Technology (CET), a non-profit (501c3) organization, engages in work that demonstrates and promotes practical, affordable solutions to the environmental challenges encountered in our daily activities. CET's mission is "to research, develop, demonstrate and promote those technologies which have the least disruptive impact on the natural ecology of the Earth." From offices in Pittsfield, Northampton and Springfield, CET finds sustainable solutions to complex issues in order to benefit our environment, health, economy, and community. CET helps private business and farms contribute to their communities by becoming more environmentally and economically sustainable. We offer many programs, tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and farms in Western Massachusetts. At CET, we believe that today's inquisitive child is tomorrow's environmentally sensitive citizen. At CET, we believe communities that care have the power to lead us all toward a clean and vibrant tomorrow.
We have a number of free services available for towns, schools and community groups in rural areas of western Massachusetts. Some of the ways we can help include setting up recycling and helping institute waste reduction programs. When the town of Great Barrington set out some funky "art bins" that were really recycling centers for bottles and cans, their trash volume went down by nearly 60%!

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Center For Ecological Technology Volunteer Information

Volunteer would first develop a list of businesses/bulletin boards in and around the Berkshires where information and flyers can be posted. Volunteer would post CET flyers about upcoming events in these locations. This would be a very flexible assignment, the only duties being to put flyers up and take them down in a timely manner. Volunteer may also help prepare for events by making copies, signs and packets.

Volunteers are always needed for events like our Junior Solar Sprint, Hazardous Waste Collections, Textile Drive, and other community-oriented offerings. Volunteers will assist at CET events like the textile drives, solar workshops, Junior Solar Sprint, wind farm tours, and green building tour. Volunteers will help with set-up, registration, distributing information, and collecting surveys. A brief training will be provided.

Volunteers will attend area events and speak with members of the public about CET programs such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and recycling. This may include educating the public about items that can and cannot be recycled; and spreading information about home, business and public recycling initiatives. Prior to the event, volunteers may help prepare by making copies and gathering needed materials. At the event, volunteers will distribute informational handouts and fliers, as well as sign people up to receive the quarterly electronic newsletter and other CET information. Orientation and training will be provided.

Event recycling
Volunteers will assist with recycling at various community events. Volunteers will work directly with the organization planning the event. Volunteers may be expected to attend pre-event meetings to coordinate the work team. Before the event, tasks may include setting out recycling containers. During the event, volunteers may help monitor the containers for contamination, empty the containers if necessary, create awareness of the recycling initiative, and encourage attendees to recycle. After the event, volunteers may help collect, separate, and return the recyclables to a recycling facility. Volunteers may choose to participate in any or all of these areas.

Center For Ecological Technology Donation Information

Your tax-deductible gift to CET is an investment in our shared vision of a healthy local environment, strong communities and a vibrant local economy.

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