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E-activists.org Charity In Niigata Japan


 Niigata     Japan

http://www.e-activists.org/     << Visit Website

Categories:  Community ServiceHuman Rights, [ View All ]

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E-activists.org Charity Profile

We fight for human security with the support of people all over the world. Our aim is to assist local community groups by bringing their concerns onto the agenda of the international community and call for timely action by responsible actors such as governments. This is done through regular petitions that are presented to responsible authorities to further the well-being of people through human security.

e-activists.org was first founded by concerned individuals in Japan. Local activists from more than thirty countries have since joined our efforts for human security regardless of their own private political and religious beliefs.
Our objectives
We work with community groups to ensure governments comply with their obligations to: a. prevent violations of international humanitarian law during armed conflict;
b. ensure internationally recognised human rights are implemented, upheld
and promoted;
c. further the well-being of people by the eradication of poverty in all its forms.

Our campaigns
We work with community groups to unite common efforts for human security. This is done through joint campaigns to bring local concerns onto the international agenda. Our campaigns reflect the immediacy of threats faced by people on the ground and calls for timely action by the international community. We aim to achieve the highest possible impact by focusing on one theme at a time. This enables us to continue to sustain pressure on governments, while also keeping our supporters informed about latest developments.

Our methods
We lobby governments by gathering support from people all over the world, regardless of their own private political and religious beliefs. This is done through regular online petitions to collect signatures in order to enhance the compliance of responsible institutions to further the human security of ordinary people. Experience shows that this method is highly effective in preventing both direct and indirect violations of human security

E-activists.org Volunteer Information

e-activists.org is looking for volunteers to assist our campaign work on human security.

We currently have four opportunities for qualified candidates to join our team . Candidates are expected to have previous experience in working for a non-profit organisation with the exception of candidates for our Online Ambassador programme, who must nevertheless share our concern for human security.

Successful candidates can participate in our projects from anywhere in the world, as our work is coor-dinated through the Internet. We are unfortunately unable to offer any reimbursement for volunteers due to the nature of the non-profit sector, but instead we can offer valuable experience in the field human security, campaigning and NGO advocacy.

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