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Japan For Sustainability Charity In Kawasaki Japan

Japan For Sustainability

 Kawasaki     Japan

http://www.japanfs.org     << Visit Website

Coverage:  International

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Japan For Sustainability Charity Profile

We share information on developments and activities originating in Japan that lead toward sustainability, with the aim of building momentum toward a sustainable path for the world.

Japan for Sustainability does the following activities:

Provides a variety of information on the environment and sustainability, from Japan to the world, via our web site and e-mail magazines.
Covers not only current developments but also traditional wisdom, craftsmanship and practices of day-to-day life, as well as local activities.
Works to develop special partnerships with people in Asia, in order to cooperate to find paths toward sustainability in this region.
Welcomes feedback and comments from overseas and shares them in Japan and with partners in Asia, so that we can improve efforts and activities in this region by learning from each other.
Creates a vision for a sustainable Japan through discussion among various stakeholders.
After the Kyoto Conference on climate change in 1997, activities to address global environmental problems gained momentum in Japan and expanded across many sectors. Today one can see many initiatives by the central and local governments, industry, research institutes, universities, non-governmental organizations and individual citizens. We feel that every country has something positive to contribute, and that people in other parts of the world may find useful ideas from Japan, in some of its advanced technologies, systems and partnerships, approaches to information disclosure, and other developments.

There may also be lessons from the past before the modern day Japan had a tradition of sustainability. The Edo Period, lasting about 300 years, from the early 17th to late 19th century, appears from today's perspective to have been one model of a sustainable society. During that period Japan was self-sufficient in food and energy, had low population growth and recycled almost all materials. One may find clues for a new type of sustainability in the wisdom, craftsmanship and lifestyles of the past.

Only limited information on Japan's new developments, technologies or even traditional approaches actually arrives overseas. Only a small portion of information on the environment and sustainability gets translated from Japanese into English and even then its distribution overseas is often limited to a small audience.

This context sets the scene for the creation of Japan for Sustainability, a non-profit platform for environmental communication. By sharing the latest developments and visions from Japan to the world in English, we aim to accelerate the movement toward sustainable society in developed and developing countries.

Japan For Sustainability Donation Information

Japan for Sustainability is a non-profit organization working to build momentum toward a sustainable path for the world.

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