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Galilee Foundation For Value Education Charity In Misgav Israel

Galilee Foundation For Value Education

 Misgav     Israel

http://www.makom-bagalil.org.il     << Visit Website

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Galilee Foundation For Value Education Charity Profile

The Galilee Foundation for Value Education - Shorashim has engaged in education for intergroup understanding since 1992. The foundation's central mission is to use informal education to build the Galilee as a model of civil society. The activities of the Foundation deal with bridging three major fault lines in Israeli society and the Jewish world: Jewish - Arab, Jewish - Jewish (primarily orthodox/non-orthodox), and Israel - Diaspora. The foundation's work is rooted in a vision of Zionism that integrates rootedness in the Land of Israel and the unity of the Jewish people, together with the values of equality, freedom of conscience, and religious and ethnic pluralism.

Moshav Shorashim was founded by a group of young immigrants from North America in 1981.Originally organized as a communal moshav, Shorashim set up several collective enterprises, including a seminar center that opened in 1987.This center, "Makom ba-Galil" ("A place in the Galilee") offered educational programs on aspects of history and modern life in the Galilee, to tourists and to Israeli visitors. The community's members included some talented informal educators, and within a few years the center had developed an outstanding reputation, especially for Jewish-Arab encounters, and for creative Jewish identity programs at historical sites in the area. The center has received funding from a variety of sources to support the development of new programming and training of professional manpower, and has continued to expand its repertoire and its reach. In recent years, Makom ba-Galil has operated programs for several Partnership 2000 regions in the north. Today, the center is a non-profit foundation, the Galilee Foundation for ValueEducation - Shorashim.

Educational Vision
We believe in a vision of Zionism as an effort to create a Jewish state that is a "light unto the nations," a society that "knows the heart of the stranger," and therefore enables persons and groups representing a wide range of ethnic and national identities and religious and ideological commitments to live together in harmony.
We believe that educational activities are not only a reflection and perpetuation of existing social realities, but can be a formative influence, playing a role in changing individuals and thereby in"changing the social order.
We believe that self-knowledge and self-awareness - in individuals and in groups - are crucial for generating the security in one's own identity that is the basis for openness to and respect for the identities of others.
We believe that there cannot be harmony without knowledge of the "other,"not only knowledge on the factual level of history and culture, but also on the human level of familiarity with his/her hopes and fears,aspirations and disappointments. This implies the need both for study and for direct personal encounter.
We believe that it is important to learn to live with complexity: reality is rich and often confusing. Intergroup understanding is furthered when we face that richness with humility - and not when we seek to simplify it into slogans.
We believe that the Galilee as a region, with its unique combination of human and natural resources, can serve as a laboratory and demonstration site for realizing a vision of a society based on intergroup harmony and cooperation.

Galilee Foundation For Value Education Donation Information

Contributions may be designated for the support of specific programs, as well as for general operating expenses. We will be happy to acknowledge support in our publications, as well as to send notification in the case of donations made "in honor of..." or "in memory of...".

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