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Streisand Foundation Charity In Bangalore India

Streisand Foundation

 Bangalore      India

http://streisands.com     << Visit Website

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Streisand Foundation Charity Profile

Streisands was established in 1997 by Mr. V. Isaiah Streisand with the objective to provide world class products and services to clients across the globe. At the core of Streisands strive for perfection in business is its motivation and noble ideal of utilizing the finances raised, for the uplift of human society and well being of the planet.

Under the Streisand Foundation, a charitable trust started by Mr. Streisand in 1996, Streisands gives shape to its noble ideals and works to turn them into reality.

Being a founding member of Natures Guardian; a US based Non-Profit and Non Governmental Organization for environmental preservation (est.1993), Mr. Streisand and Group have brought knowledge, experience and down-to-earth solutions to the much needed environmental issues of the third world.

In 1990, after several trips to the East and being inspired by the Orients culture and spiritual heritage, Mr. Streisand dedicated himself to the study of its ancient literature under the tutelage of the renowned monk, author and philosopher Bhakti Gaurava Narasingha Maharaja. In 1994, along with a group of like-hearted and like-minded individuals, Mr. Streisand started a retreat (ashram) for well being of mind, body and soul on the beautiful banks of the Kaveri River near the ancient city of Mysore in South India.

Having grown up in Hawaii and been very active in sports (trekking, biking, surfing, etc) that involved being immersed in Mother Nature, Mr. Streisand and Group began the novel Mantra Surf Club in 2003, at their second retreat on the Arabian Sea near Mangalore, India. There, surfing, vegetarian cooking and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle are practiced and taught to guests along with Yoga, Ayurveda and other fascinating aspects of India’s culture. For more details please visit: www.surfingindia.net.

In 1998, Streisands started a “cottage industry” producing fine quality natural herbal incense and providing employment to hundreds of villagers in South India. Today, its brands: Kamala, Bodhi Sattva and Kaviraja Ayurvedic Herbal Incense are considered to be of the very best in the world and are sold to aroma connoisseurs and health enthusiasts internationally. For details please visit: www.incense-wholesale.com.

In 1999, being conscious of the potential power-grid failure of the upcoming New Year (1999/2000) Streisands organized the production and export of superb quality handcrafted brass oil lanterns as alternative lighting. The products were made and exported from North India and had immediate success worldwide, despite the false alarm of Y2K. Today, the range of brass lanterns has increased manifold and continue to be promoted and sold by the Streisand Group. For more details please visit: www.vermontlanterns.com.

Gosai Publishers, the ashrams book publishing unit began 1998. One of its first publications “Follow the Angels” by Swami B.R. Sridhar won awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1999. Many more titles as “In Search of the Ultimate Goal of Life” and “Evolution of Theism” have received acclaim and become favorites amongst the philosophically inclined.

As a board member of Mandala Publishing - a California based, cutting edge publisher on “Eastern Wisdom” - Mr. Streisand helped bring forward many wonderful books that are adored by readers worldwide, fascinated with the Spirituality and Mysticism of the East. Mandala is a highly reputed publisher with many awards to its credit. For more details please visit: www.mandala.org.

Due to the extensive amount of freelance photography done by Streisands over a period of 30 years, Indica and the Gosai Photo Club, an online resource for stock photography on India and other destinations across the globe was started in 2006. Please visit www.indiastockphotography.com for more details.

With all the talent at hand, Streisands began its print and web design groups in 2001. Today The Book Designers (for all matters in print) and Graviteklabs; the groups drupal based web-design company are on the cutting edge - taking on design for some of the biggest and best companies in the retail and entertainment industry. Please visit www.thebookdesigners.com and www.graviteklabs.com for more details.

Using multimedia to educate and entertain had always been a dream of Streisands and in 2002, Devavision Productions was created. Releasing its first films “Kumba Mela” and “Himalayan Pilgrimage” brought much appreciation from its audiences and today Devavision is setting greater goals for itself. For more details please visit: www.devavison.org.

In 2000 Streisands expanded into the field of fine and decorative Art. Its flagship gallery and corporate office is located in Bangalore, India and is spread across 4000 sq. ft., displaying over 10,000 unique pieces of art, contributed by hundreds of artists from across the globe. These excellent works of art are priced very affordably making them accessible to all art lovers – from art collectors to first time buyers of art. Today Streisand Art prides itself as one of the biggest suppliers of art for corporate, homes, hotels and service apartments in India and to galleries in the Americas and across Europe. For details please visit www.streisand-art.com.

In 2003 Streisands added the trade of eco friendly construction materials to its list. Beginning with Natural roofing slate from the Himalayas and stone flooring from other parts of India, Streisand later added solid bamboo flooring and recycled rubber wood ply board to it product list. The roofing slate has since been tested by the best labs in the world and due to its high marks has claimed its position as one of the best roofing slates. For further details, please visit www.polysemyimpex.com.

In 2005, Streisands began the bottling and distribution of purified dirking water from its artesian well in South India. Lab tests proved this superb tasting water to be of an excellent PH value. Its brand - AquaOasis - is the most distributed purified water in the Mysore, Karnataka region.

The India Street Children Help Trust (ISCHT) was started in 2007 as a project to bring people together who have experienced the overwhelming number of children living on the streets in India. The project is a platform for those who want to join hands and really do something about it. Please visit: www.indiastreetchildren.org for more details.

Due to its extensive network worldwide, in 2007 Streisands began Streisand Inc, under which the Group provides international corporate consultancy and event management services to corporate clientele, chambers of commerce and individuals. Based in Bangalore, India Streisand Inc has representatives across Asia (China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan) North & Central America (USA, Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Equador) Europe (Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Romania) and is growing rapidly. With a multitude of high level international connections in dozens of countries, Streisand Inc has come to be known as an expert in bringing people together with common goals. With an International team of dedicated professionals, bringing with them 20-50 years of experience working with MNC’s at senior positions, Streisand Inc is making leaps and bounds to serve its clientele to their utmost satisfaction.

Our business is “doing good.”

As many qualified professionals join Streisands dream of making the world a better place, the Streisand Foundation and Natures Guardian are reaching its goals of helping society and setting newer and larger goals for itself.

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