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People of Peru Project Charity In Caldwell Idaho

People Of Peru Project

 Caldwell     Idaho

http://www.Peopleofperu.org     << Visit Website

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People of Peru Project Charity Profile

People of Peru Project

Relief of human suffering, caring for children, education for self help and planting the seeds of hope.

The People of Peru Project is providing aid to the region of Peru at the headwaters of the Amazon River. Iquitos is a city of 600,000 people surrounded by thousands of square miles of jungle. This city is plagued by poverty and all that comes with it. Disease, parasites, malnutrition, rampant tooth decay and premature death are but a few. In any developing country, in conditions like this, the children suffer most. Many are left alone to survive on the streets or in the surrounding jungle with no parent or family unit to provide care.

Our crisis foster care facility provides short term care for children who need a safe place to go during turbulent times. We have also made life long commitments to a growing number of young mothers, who for reasons beyond their control, need a safe place to raise their babies and call home. We are providing education and vocational training, when the time comes, for these precious girls so they will be well equipped to face the challenges of adult life. Currently our only girl who is of age has finished high school and is enrolled in a local University, working on her degree in Obstetrics. We have had computer classes, sewing, handicraft and English lessons as time permits and teachers are available.

People of Peru Project also sponsors dozens of students in and round Iquitos. We have university students currently studying law, medicine, psychology, mechanical engineering, dentistry, obstetrics, business and tourism. This does not include the financial assistance to others, so that they can simply finish elementary and secondary school.

We have provided medical assistance to over 20,000 people in the Iquitos region over the last seven years. The clinic and dental facility are open when volunteers bring their expertise and passion. This place is the hope and answered prayer for thousands who have no alternatives now.

People of Peru Project has a Jungle facility that is bringing medical assistance, education, economic relief and ministry to a region 5 hours up the Amazon River from Iquitos. What a blessing to see the impact of our volunteers on the lives of these humble jungle villages.

Planting the seeds of spiritual growth is a foundational part of all we do. Healing, teaching, feeding and loving these dear people is the fertilizer for the seeds of spiritual growth that are planted. All of the help we give may make a difference for a lifetime. We may impact thousands on a humanitarian level, but the power of God makes a difference that will reach into eternity.

If you are compelled to be a part of this project, please contact me at the address above. I will be happy to send you a free award winning documentary of the work that has been done in the last seven years through volunteers like you. We have impacted thousands, and it is just the beginning. Be a part of it my friend!

Paul Opp

People of Peru Project Volunteer Information

People of Peru Project has hosted over 2,000 volunteers in the last 7 years. These are individuals and groups from schools, churches, medical organizations, family groups and construction companies. We have so much work to do in EVERY area that what we want is to utilize your specific abilities.
In other words, What do you want to do? In some cases people have said, I am just a common ordinary working guy or stay at home mom, what can I do? We have jobs for you too! Contact us at U4Peru@aol.com and we can talk about the possibilities.
We are a turnkey host organization. We have guest housing on campus, even for large groups. We provide transportation, translators, food and excursions. You just show up ready to experience the Amazon Jungle.

People of Peru Project Donation Information

We are a donation based organization. If it were not for the faithful supporters or the one time surprise gifts, we would not be able to do the work we are here to do.

Yes, of course your gifts are tax deductible, we are a 501 (c3) organization.

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