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Cofradia's Bilingual School Charity In San Pedro Sula Honduras

Cofradia's Bilingual School

 San Pedro Sula     Honduras

http://www.cofradiaschool.com     << Visit Website

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Cofradia's Bilingual School Charity Profile

We are a nonprofit bilingual school and have been serving the community of Cofradia since 1997. Cofradia (or "brotherhood") is both a small town and a reasonably large general area just west of San Pedro Sula in Honduras. CBS actively seeks disadvantaged children in the area and provides them with a quality bilingual education, hence a much brighter future. This year we have almost 300 students enrolled and over 1/3 of them are receiving scholarship assistance.

Our "Volunteer" teachers, recruited from all over the world, get a chance to live the adventure of a real immersion experience in Central American life and culture while providing a quality Global Education to the students at the school and a culturally broadening experience to the rest of the local community. The international make-up of the team means we always maintain a real multi-cultural perspective in everything we do. Cofradia's Bilingual School strives to open borders and minds: We introduce our children to global possibilities through the presence of foreign teachers.

Cofradia's Bilingual School strives to give the gift of language: We are creating a bilingual curriculum that incorporates Honduran educational requirements with innovative approaches to educating children.

Cofradia's Bilingual School strives to instill a love of learning: In a country where education is not required beyond sixth grade, we are committed to instilling a lasting appreciation of education's importance and enjoyment of the process.

Our mission is to give students a good command of the English language as well as a better foundation in academic subjects than is available in the Honduran public school system. For many this can be a real path out of poverty. Good English skills guarantee anyone in Honduras much better paying jobs. In addition a solid academic education, the practical life skills covered in some of our vocational workshops and agricultural programs will open many more doors for these young people as they continue with their life after school.
It is our vision to educate the most disadvantaged students along with those who have more money and would traditionally have very little interaction with the needy in their community. We strive to teach tolerance, understanding and true community spirit. We believe this to be the best possible way to promote real community development and thereby help all young Hondurans determine their own future together.

Cofradia's Bilingual School Volunteer Information

At Cofradia's Bilingual School, we depend on our international volunteer teacher team to bring our vision of multi-cultural education to life.
We carefully select teachers from all over the world who have a wide array of skills and experience, and the resulting cultural mix is always as equally rewarding for the teachers as it is for the students. Our team this year consists of 12 teachers from Canada, Scotland, Austria, USA and Australia. In previous years we have also been fortunate to welcome volunteers from Italy, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Latvia.

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