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Friends Of The Earth Finland Charity In Turku Finland

Friends Of The Earth Finland

 Turku     Finland

http://www.maanystavat.fi     << Visit Website

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Friends Of The Earth Finland Charity Profile

Climate changes, forests are disappearing, the world is controlled by the rich minority, and the poor are becoming more impoverished. Everything's getting worse and no one is taking action? We are.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) organizes actions, protests, debates, and lectures. We produce books, leaflets and press releases, and lobby politicians. You come across us in the streets as well as in the media. We try to create viable alternatives, such as organic food circles and exchange circles.

Our mission is to create a more just, equal and ecologically sustainable world. We want more local economies; to nurture the earth's ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity; to act against militaristic structures; to halt and reverse environmental degradation; and to promote human and animal rights.

FoE has many objectives but one goal: a just, democratic and sustainable world, where economy and governance serve the people and environment and not the other way around. The struggle to protect the environment, promoting peoples rights and wellbeing as well as democracy pervade all our activities.

Friends of the Earth Finland, established in 1996, is an environmental NGO with a social perspective. We belong to the Friends of the Earth International network, which has more than a million members in 70 countries from all over the world. Friends of the Earth from Brazil to United States, and Sierra Leone to Finland share a common vision of a more just and sustainable world.

Our scale of activities vary from grassroot level to international environmental meetings, from the streets to the cabinets. We work to halt climate change, to transform the unequal globalization process, and to promote human rights and democracy. We are also involved in development, international forest and water, as well as GMO and consumption issues. We organize snowman actions and participate in Car Free Day and Buy Nothing Day. In addition Friends of the Earth hosts a peer group for families (Children of Friends of the Earth); cultural group (Friends of the Arts), and a group of people interested in community living in the countryside. Our website is in Finnish but you can find out more from the FoE International pages.

Friends of the Earth Finland has a dozen local groups from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. You can participate by becoming a member, joining a campaign or a local group, establishing a new local group or joining our email lists.

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