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Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program Charity In Carate Costa Rica

Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program

 Carate     Costa Rica

http://www.osaseaturtles.org     << Visit Website

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Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program Charity Profile

The Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program was created to improve and unify the current conservation efforts on the Osa Peninsula's most important nesting beaches.


The Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program’s mission is to guarantee improvement in the overall health of endangered populations of Olive Ridley, Pacific Green, and Leatherback sea turtles by integrating conservation, research, and educational outreach.

Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program Volunteer Information

Our volunteer program affords anyone interested in sea turtles the opportunity to play an essential part in our project here on the Osa. By giving their time and energy to do hands-on work with local turtle populations, volunteers make a crucial difference in the conservation effort, while personally gaining an extraordinary experience in the tropics.Without the efforts of volunteers, this program would not be as successful as it is. Their work helps us obtain crucial data while protecting sea turtles and their nests. Thanks to their help, in the last three years we have released more than 45,000 hatchlings from our beaches.Aside from their conservation duties, program volunteers have plenty of free time to explore and enjoy the beauty, serenity, and unmatched biodiversity of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula! Corcovado National Park, the Golfo Dulce, and the many wildlife refugees and biological corridors that adjoin our site are all places to view the many mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians that call home to the area that National Geographic has called "one of the most biologically intense places on Earth". Each night, pairs of volunteers walk the beach with field assistants in two different shifts: 8pm-midnight and midnight-4am. During this time, the volunteers take data from turtle nests and eggs, assist in measuring and tagging turtles, remove and replace nests into our protective hatchery or elsewhere on the beach, and release baby hatchlings into the ocean. The next morning, one volunteer patrols the beach once again to collect information on any nests laid after the completion of the night patrols. All of the information that we collect from the beach will be recorded in the data sheets and ultimately transferred to a computer database. Because following temperature fluctuations is an essential part of the study, during the afternoon scheduled volunteers are in charge of taking and recording the temperatures of all the nests on the beach and in the hatchery. Once the nests start to hatch, the volunteers focus attention on the hatchery by checking in each afternoon to weigh and measure any hatchlings found, and then to release them. One volunteer each day is also assigned to excavate any nests that hatched three days prior, by digging, counting, studying, and recording the results.

Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program Donation Information

Every year the Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program records datafrom more than 4000 female nesting attempts, which are threatened by poachers, domestic and native animals and habitat disturbance, and releases at least 15,000 turtle hatchlings into the sea. Your donation will support:

• Protection of critical habitats for nesting by endangered sea turtles , including Olive ridley, Pacific Green and Leatherback.
• Reduced nest poaching by humans and domestic animals, as well as protection of nests from natural erosion and inundation.
• Educational outreach in the local community: why and how to protect sea turtle populations
• Increased understanding of the current status of sea turtle populations in this geographic region and the best protection methodologies

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